Last minute tips for IBPS PO prelims 2018

last minute tips for IBPS PO Prelims
An elaborate blog on last minute tips for IBPS PO prelims to be followed to maximize your scores

IBPS PO prelims examination is just few days away. Ideally, most of your preparation must have been completed by now. Take an IBPS PO mock test to complete your preparation. Also, solve some previous year papers of IBPS PO to gain some confidence. In this blog, we try to provide some last minute tips for IBPS PO prelims.

As the time between the prelims and the mains exam is limited, try IBPS PO online preparation to speed up the process. The purpose of this article on last minute tips for IBPS PO prelims is not to tell you what to study and what not to. Rather, we try to provide you with some broad guidelines so that you can perform to the best of your abilities on the D-day.

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Last minute tips for IBPS PO prelims:

First things first:

Looking out for a photocopy shop with half an hour to the exam is no fun. Download your IBPS PO preliminary admit card. Paste your photo. Carry an original ID proof and its photocopy. For safety, carry two additional photos and additional photocopies of your ID proof. Do these things first even before starting your revision. Do not let any last minute problems affect you. Make these documents ready well in advance, probably by today or tomorrow.

If possible, pay a visit to your exam centre. Know how to reach the venue and the time required to reach it. Plan accordingly on the D-day.

Do not eat heavy:

It is important to be in the pink of your health during the exam. Prefer having light food for the next two days. Make sure that you do not run into health issues in the few days to the exam. Avoid eating heavy food. Take foods that are easy to digest. Do not let your preparation go in vain by succumbing to temptations.

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Before and during the exam:

Avoid revising at the last minute. Do not revise what you have studied till you get into the exam hall. Complete your revision a day before the exam. On the last day, avoid studying. Keep your mind calm.

While taking the exam, start with your strong suit. A few right questions within the first few minutes will give you the necessary impetus. Do not go in with a rigid strategy. On seeing the first few questions, you will get a decent idea about the level of difficulty of the exam. Tweak your strategy accordingly.

Things to do in the exam:

Be wise with question selection. Do not walk into traps. Pick out the easy ones and solve them first. Make sure that you devote time proportionately to the sections. Do not miss your dream job by missing out on sectional cut off.

If the questions seem to be tough, do not panic. Gather yourself and attempt a few questions. Make sure that your accuracy is high even if the attempt rate is not up to the mark. If it is tough for you, it must be tough for everyone else. Hence, avoid panicking and be wise with question selection.

A bit of adrenalin is good for the exam. Know the difference between haste and speed. Be fast with questions, but do not solve them under haste. Being hasty will ensure that silly mistakes creep in while solving the questions. Hence, avoid haste but be fast.

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Strategy to attempt questions:

Avoid spending too much time on a single question. If you cannot make a headway even after spending a considerable amount of time, skip the question. Do not get into a tussle with the question. Such questions can prove to be time sinks. You have a plethora of choices to choose from and hence, move on.

Ensure that you attempt enough questions to clear the sectional cut-offs of all sections. Then maximise your scores using the section of your choice. Do not leave the exam hall with a feeling that you could have done better. Irrespective of your level of preparation, make sure that you do justice to the amount of effort you have put in so far.

After the exam, avoid discussing the solutions. Give yourself a short break and then start preparing for the mains examination. Avoid fretting about the cutoff. After the prelims result, there will hardly be 20 days to prepare for the mains examination. Hence, start preparing early for the mains exam and leave it to IBPS to decide the cutoff.

We hope that this article on last minute tips for IBPS PO prelims would have helped to calm your nerves a bit. All the best for the prelims examination.

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