Last minute tips for IBPS Clerk prelims 2017

IBPS Clerk 2017 prelims Last Minute Tips
IBPS Clerk 2017 Last Minute Tips

IBPS Clerk exam is just 2 days away. It is important to do justice to your preparation and abilities on the exam day. In this blog, let us see some last minute tips for IBPS Clerk prelims 2017 that aspirants must implement to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Last minute tips for IBPS Clerk prelims 2017:

Let us look at some of the most important last minute tips for IBPS Clerk prelims 2017 one by one.

First things first:

Take a print out of your admit card. Paste the photo. Do not forget to take an original id proof and its photocopy. Do not go in thinking that you can take a photocopy somewhere close to the centre.

Locate the exam centre. If possible, visit the centre a few days before the exam. Note down the ways to get there.

On the D-day, start early. Account for any unexpected delays that can happen like traffic snags. Reach the centre before the reporting time to avoid any last minute hassles.

Revise the basics:

In these last 2 days, revise all the formulas again. Take a mock or 2 during your slot timing to acclimatize yourself. Do not forget to revise the basics at any cost. You might have forgotten some formula as you might not have used them for a while. Ability to recollect what you know well is important to ace any competitive exam.

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Do not go in with a pre-conceived notion:

Do not go in expecting an easy or tough paper. Tweak your strategy based on the paper. Also, do not go in with a fixed number of attempts in mind. The section you are good at may turn out to be easy. Therefore, avoid going in envisioning a paper you want.

Do not panic:

This point is an extension of the previous one. If the exam turns out to be different than what you expected it to be, avoid panicking. It is your relative performance that will matter by the end of the day. Therefore, deliver the best you can within the time available.

Do not panic and fail to do well. Make sure you hold your nerves during the exam. Panic is a sure shot recipe for failure. Be fast and calm while solving the questions. Make sure that you get the question within the first try. Redoing a question can cost a few precious minutes in the exam.

Know when to move on:

Do not get attached to a question. Know when to let go of a difficult question. Selecting the right questions is the key to cracking the exam. If the answer nowhere in sight, make sure that you move on irrespective of the time invested. A 3 or 4 such questions can significantly hamper your overall performance. Therefore, learn to spot time traps and steer clear of them.

Try to solve the easier questions first. After exhausting all the easy ones, move on to the tougher ones. Do not show a penchant for particular topics in the exam hall and get fixated on solving all the questions from that topic. Irrespective of the topics, attempt the easier ones first.

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Accuracy over attempts:

A trade-off between accuracy and attempts does not exist. Do not compromise on accuracy at any cost. Never mark an answer you are unsure of. Negatives can hurt your chances by a great margin. Therefore, do all the problems until the end and then mark the answer. Avoid taking random guesses.

Do not lose momentum:

If a particular section turns out to be tough, do not let the effect spill over to other topics. Attempt enough questions to clear the cut off in the tougher section and attempt more questions from the easier ones.

Always start with the section you are comfortable with. It will help to keep your spirits up. Do not throw in the towel at any point in the exam. We wish you the best for the exam.

We hope that this article on Last minute tips for IBPS Clerk prelims 2017 was of some use to you. Try reading our other blogs on IBPS Clerk expected cut off state wise and How to crack IBPS Clerk in the first attempt.

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