How to crack IBPS Clerk prelims 2018

How to crack ibps clerk prelims 2017
How to crack ibps clerk prelims 2017

IBPS Clerk prelims exam is of qualifying nature. Aspirants who just manage to scrape through the prelims still have a chance to bag the posts. Therefore, even if your preparation is not up to the mark till now, it is important to try to maximise your performance in the exam to give yourself a chance. In this blog, let us see how to crack IBPS Clerk prelims 2018.

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How to crack IBPS Clerk prelims 2018?

How to crack IBPS Clerk prelims 2018 is the question that bothers most of the students irrespective of their preparation level. Exams are as much  about temperament as they are about preparation. Therefore, it is essential to go in with the right attitude.

In every section, certain questions are considerably easier than the rest. Start by picking out such questions. Let us see how to pick such questions in each section.

English language section:

In this section, the inherent level of the candidate matters a lot. Start by doing easier ones such as Cloze test and spotting errors. If you are weak in the section, make sure you solve these questions so that you clear the sectional cut offs. Then, move on to the RCs if you are comfortable with the topic.

The total time allotted for this section should not exceed 15 minutes in any case. Avoid spending too much time initially. You can always return to the section if you have some spare time left but the initial few minutes are important.

IBPS Clerk Questions & Answers PDF

Reasoning section:

Puzzles usually dominate this section. Glance the 4 puzzles and choose the ones you are comfortable with. Also, have a look at the options for the questions.
Questions without options such as either a or b, none of the above are likely to yield unique combinations. Pick such sets first.

After completing 2 puzzles, solve 5-10 individual questions. By doing so, you can be sure of clearing the sectional cut offs for this section. The sectional cut off for this section is usually high and can go as high as 13. Therefore, make sure that you solve at least 15 questions correct to clear the cut offs.

Numerical ability section:

Start by doing the approximation questions. Then pick one easy DI set and solve it. Doing so, you would have completed 15 questions within 15 minutes. This is acceptable from cut off point of view.

Once you are confident of clearing the cut offs in the individual sections, it is time to maximise the score. You might have read some easy questions while skimming initially. Go on a second round and solve such questions.

If you are inherently strong in one section, return to the section and try to attempt as much as possible. The overall cut off will be the greatest barrier to cracking IBPS Clerk prelims exam. For some states, the overall cut offs can go past 70 too. Therefore, once you steer clear of the sectional targets, maximise your attempts.

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Test-taking tips:

You might encounter a bad patch during the test. If you are unable to grasp a question after trying twice, skip it and move on to the next one. Sometimes, you might go blank, and a fresh perspective can help to solve the question. Therefore, skip the question then and visit it back if you have surplus time.

Do not get too much invested in a question. Know when to move on. Have a cut off time beyond which you must dump the question. In most cases, the probability of getting a question wrong is correlated to the time spent on it. Therefore, avoid such time traps.

Do not throw up your hands till the exam is over. Even if a section did not go well, put up a fight till the end. Chances are there that the section might have been tough for everyone. The exam lasts just an hour and hence, don’t lose momentum until the end of the hour.

We hope that this article on how to crack IBPS Clerk prelims 2018 would have given you some idea about tackling the exam. Read our other useful blogs on how to crack IBPS Clerk in first attempt and IBPS Clerk expected cut off 2018 – state wise.

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