Indian rivers origin and destination pdf

indian rivers origin and destination pdf
indian rivers origin and destination pdf

Indian rivers origin and destination pdf download consists of the list of important rivers in India, their origins, destination, tributaries state wise. This pdf also covers the other important details like countries and cities through which this rivers flows. Important cities and locations on these river banks.

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Download Indian rivers origin and destination PDF

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List of important Rivers in India their Origins and Destination pdf:

# River Origin End-point (Destination) Comments
1. Ganga Gangotri in the Himalayas Ganges Delta, Bay of Bengal Ganges is the 3rd largest river in the world. It flows through India & Bangladesh. Patna, Allahabad, Kolkata are important cities on its banks. The Ganges Delta or Sunderbans Delta in West Bengal is the largest delta in the world.Yamuna, Son River, Chambal, Bagmati, Gomati are important tributaries.
2. Yamuna Yamunotri glacier in the Himalayas Merges with River Ganga at at Triveni Sangam, Allahabad(U.P) Taj Mahal is Situated on the banks of Yamuna. Delhi gets 70% of its water supply from Yamuna. Delhi, Yamuna Nagar, Agra, Mathura, Allahabad are important cities on its banks.
3. Brahmaputra Angsi Glacier in the Himalayas Ganges Delta, Bay of Bengal It is the only male river in India. It flows through India, China & Bangladesh.
5. Indus River


Sindu River

Tibetan Plateau, Tibet Thatta(Sindh),


Arabian Sea

Major portion of the river flows through Pakistan followed by India & China. Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, Sutlej, Beas are important tributaries.
6. Mahanadi Rising in the hills of southeastern Madhya Pradesh Kendrapada,


Bay of Bengal

It is a major river of Chhattisgarh & Odisha. It is also called the ruin of Orissa due to its devastating floods over the years but till Hirakud Dam constructed. Cuttack is the important city on the banks of Mahanadi.
7. Godavari Triambakeshwar, Maharashtra Antarvedi,

Andhra Pradesh,

Bay of Bengal

It is the second longest river in India after the river Ganges. Also known as DakshinGanga. Rajamahendravaram is the important city on the banks of Godavari. Manjira, Wainganga, Sileru, Pranhita, Sabari are important tributaries.
8. Krishna Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra Hamsaladeevi,

Andhra Pradesh,

Bay of Bengal

It is the third longest river in India. Vijayawada is the most important city along the bank of River Krishna. Musi, Tungabhadra are important tributaries.
9. Kaveri Talakaveri, Karnataka Poompuhar,

Tamil Nadu,

Bay of Bengal

The river has been bone of contention between Karnataka & Tamil Nadu Since 1892. Trichy is the important city on its bank.
10. Narmada Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh Gulf of Khambhat, Gujarat,

Arabian Sea

It is also known as “Life Line of Madhya Pradesh” for its huge contribution to the state of Madhya Pradesh in many ways. It forms the traditional boundary between North India and South India. Jabalpur is the important city on its bank. Burhner, Banjar, Sher are important tributaries.
11. Tapti River Multai in Betul district,

Madhya Pradesh

Gulf of Khambhat(Surat), Gujarat,

Arabian Sea

It flows in central India from east to west, between the Godavari and Narmada rivers. Surat is the important city on its bank.


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The above table has covered the list of important Indian rivers origin and destination, you can download the same in PDF format also.

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