Most Important IIFT General Knowlege (Static) PDF

IIFT 2022 GK Q & A
IIFT 2022 GK Q & A

Most Important IIFT General Knowlege (Static) PDF:

Download Static GK Questions for IIFT.  Top 50 very important Static GK Questions for IIFT based on asked questions in previous exam papers.

Download IIFT Static GK PDF

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Question 1: Which company among the Indian Corporates has topped the world’s best employer 2021 rankings by Forbes .

a) HCL Technologies

b) Reliance Industries Ltd

c) Infosys Ltd.

d) ICICI Bank

e) HDFC Bank

Question 2: Sandeep Bakhshi was reappointed as MD & CEO of which bank?

a) Kotak Mahindra Bank

b) ICICI Bank

c) HDFC Bank

d) Bank of Baroda

e) Indusind Bank

Question 3: Name the initiative launched by Delhi government in August 2021 to increase Delhi’s per capita income equivalent to Singapore.

a) Delhi@2025

b) Delhi@2030

c) Delhi@2036

d) Delhi@2040

e) DElhi@2047

Question 4: Which among the following companies was the first to reach $1 Trillion market capitalization.

a) Amazon

b) Google

c) Microsoft

d) Apple

e) Facebook

Question 5: Who has been recently appointed as the global brand Ambassador for Adidas women sports ?

a) Anushka Sharma

b) Alia Bhatt

c) Tapsee Pannu

d) Deepika Padukone

e) Priyanka Chopra

Question 6: Who among the following is the CEO of beauty and e-commerce chain Nykaa.

a) Mrs Malika Srinivasan

b) Mrs Falguni Nayar

c) Mrs Soma Mondal

d) Mrs Avani Davda

e) Mrs Roshni Nadar

Question 7: Which company among the following launched an automated fuelling technology called UFill ?






Question 8: 

Who was recently appointed as Chairman to the Board of ‘BharatPe’?

a) Chanda Kochhar

b) Dinesh Kumar Khara

c) Rajnish Kumar

d) Arundhati Bhattacharya

e) Sameer Nigam

Question 9: Which Company among the following acquired 40% stake in designer Manish Malhotra’s MM styles ?

a) Tata Industries LTD

b) Reliance Industries Ltd

c) Adani Enterprises Ltd

d) Trent Ltd

e) Future Enterprises Ltd

Question 10: Who among the following won the 2021 CK Prahlad award for Global Business Sustainability Leadership ?

a) Apple Team

b) Facebook Team

c) Google Team

d) Microsoft Team

e) Twitter Team

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Question 11: Which app has got a green signal from National payments corp of india to launch its upi payments systems of Indian users?

a) Twitter

b) Instagram

c) Facebook

d) Whatsapp

Question 12: Which of the following states government has launched the app called “self-scan” which is an alternative of “Camscanner”

a) Maharashtra

b) Meghalaya

c) West Bengal

d) Andhra pradesh

Question 13: e-Kissan Dhan application has been launched by which of the following banks?

a) KVB



d) Bank of baroda

Question 14: Which bank has recently got approval to set up a non financial subsidiary ?

a) Bank of baroda

b) Lakshmi vilas bank

c) South Indian bank

d) KVB

Question 15: Who among the following is the world entrepreneur of the year 2020?

a) Brad Keywell

b) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

c) Rubens Menin

d) Manny Stul

Question 16: Kerala has been in which position in the country to successfully undertake “Ease of Doing Business” reform stipulated by the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance?

a) 1st

b) 2nd

c) 6th

d) 8th

Question 17: The ‘Neticket’ scheme, which allows a passenger to fly without ever visiting a reservation counter has been introduced by :

a) Jet airways

b) Spicejet

c) Sahara air

d) Indian air lines

Question 18: Name the new Business Area which Sahara India Pariwar has entered into?

a) Cement

b) Steel

c) Gold

d) Tourism

Question 19: Which Company has launched the ‘Citizen First’ advertisement campaign?

a) Reliance

b) Infosys

c) ITC

d) NGC

Question 20: Name the first Indian businessman who found place in the cover story of Forbes magazine?

a) Satya Nadella

b) Azim Hasham Premji

c) Dr. Reddy

d) Narayan Murthy

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Question 21: Which of the following is the name of the app launched by Life Insurance Corporation of India for the exclusive use of its development officers.





e) eGATI

Question 22: Name the bank which has launched India’s first warehouse commodity finance app?

a) KVB

b) Axis bank



Question 23: The parent company of the brand Tropicana is?

a) Nestle

b) Pepsico

c) Mondelez

d) Coca-cola

Question 24: Who chairs the session of the Rajya Sabha?

a) Prime Minister of India

b) President of India

c) Vice-President of India

d) Speaker of the Parliament

Question 25: Which of the following countries uses Ruble as their currency?

a) Romania

b) Rwanda

c) Russia

d) Reunion

Question 26: The Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel is located in which country?

a) United States

b) United Kingdom

c) Italy

d) None of these

Question 27: The wettest place on Earth, Cherrapunji, is in which state?

a) Manipur

b) Mizoram

c) Nagaland

d) Meghalaya

Question 28: Tropic of Cancer passes through which of the following states?

a) Bihar

b) Rajasthan

c) Orissa

d) Maharashtra

Question 29: Which state produces the maximum cotton in India?

a) Karnataka

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Maharashtra

d) Gujarat

Question 30: ”City of Joy” is the nickname of a city in which Indian state?

a) Gujarat

b) Punjab

c) Assam

d) West bengal

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Question 31: Which of the following Indian states has English as the only official language?

a) Tripura

b) Goa

c) Nagaland

d) Mizoram

Question 32: Which of the following city called as “City of Seven Islands”?

a) Mumbai

b) Pune

c) Nagpur

d) Kochi

Question 33: Shillong is often called the …. of the east.

a) Scotland

b) Ireland

c) Wales

d) Switzerland

Question 34: Which one of the following is the world’s longest dam?

a) Tehri

b) Bhakra

c) Hirakud

d) Nagarjunasagar

Question 35: Name of the first Indian author to get the Anderson award?

a) Kiran Desai

b) Anita Desai

c) Ruskin bond

d) Vikram Seth

Question 36: Which planet is known as morning and evening star?

a) Pluto

b) Mercury

c) Venus

d) Uranus

Question 37: What is the capital of Venezuela?

a) Caracus

b) George Town

c) Paramaribo

d) cayenne

Question 38: The largest Island country in the Indian Ocean is?

a) Mauritius

b) Maldives

c) Seychelles

d) Madagascar

Question 39: Heavy rains, a rise in the oceans water level, high winds are all effects of what natural hazard?

a) Landslide

b) Earthquake

c) Hurricane

d) Tsunami

Question 40: The atmospheric layer that reflects radio waves is?

a) Troposphere

b) Stratosphere

c) Ionosphere

d) Mesosphere

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Question 41: Which of the following is situated to the west of Duncan passage in the Indian ocean?

a) Little Andaman

b) Andaman sea

c) Arabian sea

d) Bay of Bengal

Question 42: Toda tribes belong to which state in India?

a) Karnataka

b) Kerala

c) Tamil nadu

d) Andhra Pradesh

Question 43: Which of the following states of India shares its boundaries with at least four neighboring states?
a) Sikkim b) Bihar c) Madhya Pradesh d) Karnataka e) Assam f)Meghalaya

a) (e), (d) and (c)

b) (b), (e), (a) and (c)

c) (c), (a) and (f)

d) (d), (b), (f) and (c)

Question 44: “Peace capital of the world” name is given to which of the following cities of the world?

a) Qubec

b) Zurich

c) Geneva

d) Sweden

Question 45: A newsletter platform ‘Bulletin’ was launched by _________.

a) Amazon

b) Yahoo

c) Facebook

d) Google

Question 46: IRCTC partnered with ___________ to reduce fraud in the railways during october.

a) Whatsapp

b) Phonepe

c) Truecaller

d) Paytm

e) Google

Question 47: What is the projection (during november) of RBI on CPI inflation for the year 2021-22?

a) 5.3%

b) 5.1%

c) 4.7%

d) 4.4%

e) 5.6%

Question 48: World’s first merchant shareholding programme was launched by ________.

a) Amazon pay

b) Phonepe

c) Whatsapp pay

d) BharatPe

e) Google pay

Question 49: Bandhan Bank announced Zubeen Garg as the brand ambassador of the bank for which of the following states?

a) Tripura

b) Manipur

c) West Bengal

d) Meghalaya

e) Assam

Question 50: ‘MyParkings’ app was launched by which of the following person?

a) Kiren Rijiju

b) Amit Shah

c) Anurag Singh Thakur

d) Nitin Gadkari

e) Narendra Modi

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

Reliance Industries Ltd has topped the Forbes ranking among Indian Corporates, Globally it is 52nd and 1st position was secured by Samsung Electronics.

2) Answer (B)

Sandeep Bakhshi was reappointed as MD & CEO ICICI bank .The appointment is effective from October 15, 2021, to October 3, 2023

3) Answer (E)

Delhi government launched an initiative Delhi@2047 in August 2021 to increase Delhi’s per capita income equivalent to Singapore

4) Answer (D)

Apple was the first company to reach $ 1 trillion market capitalization in the August 2018.

5) Answer (D)

Deepika Padukone is appointed as the global brand Ambassador for Adidas women sports.

6) Answer (B)

Mrs Falguni Nayar is the founder and ceo of Nykaa.

7) Answer (D)

BPCL launched an automated fuelling technology called UFill.

8) Answer (C)

Rajnish Kumar who is a former SBI chaiman was appointed as chairman of Bharat Pe.

9) Answer (B)

Reliance Industries Ltd acquired 40 % stake designer Manish Malhotra’s MM styles.

10) Answer (D)

Microsoft Team won the CK Prahlad award for Global Business Sustainability Leadership.

11) Answer (D)

12) Answer (C)

13) Answer (C)

14) Answer (C)

15) Answer (B)

16) Answer (D)

17) Answer (D)

18) Answer (D)

19) Answer (C)

20) Answer (B)

21) Answer (A)

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has launched a new mobile app PRAGATI’ for the exclusive use of its Development Officers

22) Answer (D)

23) Answer (B)

24) Answer (C)

The Vice-President is the ex-officio chairman of the Rajya Sabha and he normally chairs a session of the Rajya Sabha

25) Answer (C)

The currency of Russia is Ruble

26) Answer (D)

It is located in Switzerland

27) Answer (D)

28) Answer (B)

29) Answer (D)

30) Answer (D)

31) Answer (C)

32) Answer (A)

33) Answer (A)

34) Answer (C)

35) Answer (C)

36) Answer (C)

37) Answer (A)

38) Answer (D)

39) Answer (C)

40) Answer (C)

41) Answer (D)

42) Answer (C)

43) Answer (A)

44) Answer (C)

Geneva the capital of peace and freedom is home to the headquarters of 34 international organisations, such as the World Health Organisation, the World Trade Organisation and the International Committee of the Red Cross.
Annually, Geneva is host to the largest number of international conferences and meetings (around 10,000) – 2,700 ahead of New York, welcoming 200,000 people. In addition, there are 3,000 professional and private visits by heads of state, government and ministers.
Geneva is a center for conflict resolution because of its reputation as a neutral place. People can focus on what is called as the “business of peace.”

45) Answer (C)

A newsletter platform ‘Bulletin’ was launched by Facebook.
Hence, option c is the correct answer.

46) Answer (C)

IRCTC partnered with Truecaller to reduce fraud in the railways during october.
Hence, option c is the correct answer.

47) Answer (A)

The projection (during november) of RBI on CPI inflation for the year 2021-22 is 5.3%.
Hence, option a is the correct answer.

48) Answer (D)

World’s first merchant shareholding programme was launched by BharatPe.
Hence, option d is the correct answer.

49) Answer (E)

Bandhan Bank announced Zubeen Garg as the brand ambassador of the bank for Assam.
Hence, option e is the correct answer.

50) Answer (C)

‘MyParkings’ app was launched by Anurag Singh Thakur. It was developed by BECIL(Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited) with SDMC(South Delhi Municipal Corporation).
Hence, option c is the correct answer.

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