Idioms and Phrases For CAT PDF Set-2

Idioms and Phrases For CAT PDF Set-2
Idioms and Phrases For CAT PDF Set-2

Idioms and Phrases For CAT PDF Set-2:

Download Idioms & Phrases important Questions and Answers for CAT exam PDF based on previous year actual exam asked questions.

Download Idioms and Phrases For CAT PDF Set-2

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Directions: In the following Questions, four alternative for the given idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase.

Question 1: A damp squib

a) rainy weather
b) a disappointing result
c) a skirt in a laundry
d) None of the above

Question 2: In cold blood

a) angrily
b) deliberately
c) excitedly
d) slowly

Question 3: To take someone for a ride

a) to give a ride to someone
b) to deceive someone
c) to be indifferent
d) to disclose a secret

Question 4: To move heaven and earth

a) to cause an earthquake
b) to try everything possible
c) to pray to all Gods
d) to travel in a rocket

Question 5: To smell a rat

a) to smell foul
b) to see a rat
c) to chase a rat
d) to be suspicious

Instructions: Directions : In the following questions’, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase and bold italicised in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase as your answer. –

Question 6: Once the case reached the court, the police washed their hands off it.

a) waited for a response to
b) claimed credit for
c) disassociated themselves from
d) seemed eager to continue

Question 7: She wanted to go hitch-hiking but her mother put her foot down and now she’s ‘going by bus.

a) took a firm stand
b) expressed her displeasure
c) scolded her badly
d) got irritated

Question 8: Adolescence is a period of halo cyan days.

a) hard days
b) of mental pressure
c) happy days
d) days of preparation

Question 9: My sincere advice to my maid-servant fell on stony ground.

a) was counter productive
b) had a strong impact
c) made one stubborn
d) had little success

Question 10: He has all his ducks in a row, he is complacent.

a) has everything ready
b) is wall organised
c) always scores a zero
d) never gets confused

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

2) Answer (A)

In cold blood means doing something wrong after giving it some thought. Hence, the appropriate answer is “deliberately”.

3) Answer (B)

To take someone for a ride means to fool someone. Hence, the right answer is option B – to deceive someone.

4) Answer (B)

5) Answer (D)

6) Answer (C)

7) Answer (A)

8) Answer (A)

9) Answer (D)

10) Answer (B)


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