IBPS Clerk Expected Questions 2017

IBPS Clerk expected questions 2017
IBPS Clerk expected questions 2017

IBPS Clerk prelims exam is just around the corner. In this article, we try to provide some IBPS Clerk expected questions 2017 so that aspirants can have some idea about the exam and its pattern.

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In this blog on IBPS Clerk expected questions 2017, we try to classify the topics that have a high likelihood of appearing in this year’s exam.

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IBPS Clerk expected questions 2017:

Verbal Ability:

RC is the most important topic in this section. One can say with certainty that the question paper will have at least one set on RC.

Other topics in this section may or may not appear. IBPS sometimes does not ask any question from para jumbles and sentence correction. Therefore, avoid banking too much on these topics. Also, one cannot be certain about cloze test too.

We can expect at least 2 topics among cloze test, para jumbles and spotting errors to appear.

In recent years, IBPS has started asking questions from odd one out and para completion. Most of the aspirants will not be familiar with such questions. However, these questions are similar to para jumbles and hence, spending a day or two can help aspirants score well on these topics.

Reasoning Ability:

Puzzles have been dominating this section for long. Therefore, expecting at least 3 puzzle sets is reasonable. Practise questions from topics that frequently appear. Especially, practise seating arrangement and Einstein puzzles. These 2 puzzle formats have become so common that it has become nearly impossible to see a question paper without them.

One can expect questions from topics like blood relations and directions too. These questions are usually simple and hence, are low hanging fruits. Therefore, aspirants must attempt these questions.

Series questions may or may not appear in the question paper. These topics can be replaced with some tricky questions and hence, avoid banking too much on these topics. Also, the appearance of I/O questions has also been erratic in the past years. Therefore, practise these questions but don’t get disheartened if you don’t get to see these questions on the D-day.

IBPS has been skipping syllogism questions from time to time. Therefore, avoid expecting some questions from this topic.

In the mains exam, aspirants can expect tricky questions. Therefore, include such questions while preparing so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Let us have a look at IBPS Clerk expected questions 2017 based on past papers.

Question 1:

Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the given questions.
W 2 X T 3 * Z b U 4 O P 9 $ Q G D 5 # W E J 6 & 8 K @ 7 +

  1. If all the symbols are dropped from the arrangement, then which will be the eleventh element from the right end of the given arrangement?

If all the symbols are dropped from the arrangement, arrangement becomes-
W 2 X T 3 Z b U 4 0 P 9 Q G D 5 W E J 6 8 K 7
Eleventh letter from the right end is Q.

2. How many such symbols are there in the given arrangement each of which is immediately followed by a letter and also immediately preceded by a number?

There are three such pattern in which symbol is immediately followed by number and preceeded by a letter.
They are – 3*2, 5#W, 9$Q

Numerical Ability:

One can expect questions on DI and word problems for sure. Apart from these topics, IBPS will select questions based on the intended level of toughness. For example, IBPS has avoided asking questions on quadratic equations sometimes. Therefore, aspirants must not depend solely on such questions.

The same holds true for questions on number series as well. Avoid relying on such topics and be comfortable in attempting questions from all topics. Also, avoid preferring one topic to another.

Let us have a look at some IBPS Clerk expected questions 2017 based on previous papers.

Question 1:

In an examination, a student scores 6 marks for every correct answer and loses 4 marks for every wrong answer. If he attempted 80 questions and obtained 310 marks, how many questions did he attempt correctly?
a) 59             b) 67              c) 63             d) 65            e) 61

We can get the equation for marks as,
Marks = 6x – 4y where x= correct answer and y= wrong answer
We have to try for each and individual option.

59:   6*59 – 21*4 = 270
67:   6*67 – 4*13 = 350
65:   6*65 – 4*15 = 330
61:   6*61 – 4*19 = 290
63:   6*63 – 4*17 = 310
Therefore, he must have attempted 63 questions.

Question 2:

The diameter of a wheel is 49 m. How many revolutions will it make to cover a distance of 3200 m?

Circumference of th wheel = pi * Diameter = (22/7) * 49 = 154
Number of revolutions of the wheel = 3200/154 = 20.77~21
The wheel will make around 21 revolutions.

Question 3:

Mr. Shah’s monthly income is Rs. 54550. In an entire year, he spends 32% of his annual salaries on groceries, he spends 12% on repairs and 10% he pays to his servant. If he invests half of the remaining amount in fixed deposits, what is the amount invested by him in fixed deposits?

Remaining amount of amount in percent = 100 – 10 – 12 -32 = 46
The amount remaining with him = 46% of (54550*12)
= 3,01,116
The amount of invested in fixed deposit = 0.5*30116 = 1,50,558.

General awareness and Computer awareness:

Historically, more than 25 questions have been from current affairs. Therefore, it is imperative to revise the current affairs of past 6 months. One can expect around 10 questions from banking awareness and another 5 questions from Static GK.

Most of the questions will either be related to the banking industry or the GOI. Therefore, aspirants must pay particular attention to such news.

Recent visits, loans, recent schemes and other such news of national importance are crucial. Also, one can expect one question on bank chairpersons and one question on HQ of banks. Therefore, do not forget to revise these topics before the mains exam.

In the recent years, the number of fact-based questions in computer awareness section has been reducing. Therefore, aspirants must concentrate more on logical questions.

Aspirants can check out pattern based question paper of IBPS Clerk 2016 to know more about the topics and questions.

We hope that this blog on IBPS Clerk expected questions 2017 would have helped you to develop some idea about how to prepare for the exam. Try reading our other useful blogs on IBPS Clerk expected cut off 2017 and IBPS Clerk 2017 vacancy state wise.




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