How To Prepare Quantitative Aptitude For IBPS PO Exam

how to prepare quantitative aptitude for bank exam
how to prepare quantitative aptitude for bank exam

How To Prepare Quantitative Aptitude For IBPS PO Examination

In this blog am going to explain how to prepare quantitative aptitude for IBPS PO Exam. Quantitative aptitude in bank exams commonly deals with simplifications, inequalities, interests, profit, and loss, ratio and proportions, etc. In other words, it deals with basic mathematics concepts.

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This section basically tests your brainpower. In this Quantitative section, the basic necessity is how to identify the easy and tough questions and which one to attempt first. Questions selection place an important role in this section. Quantitative section consists of three different levels of questions
1. Easy questions
2. Moderate questions
3. Difficult questions

Quantitative aptitude section consist total 35 marks in prelims and total 45 marks in mains Exam

The candidate must complete this section with in 20 minutes in prelims exam and complete this section with in 45 minutes in mains exam.

This section consist of several questions. You need to follow a proper plan to more attempt max number of questions in the exam.

Important Quantitative Aptitude Topics For IBPS PO Exam

  1. Simplification
  2. Approximation
  3. Number series
  4. Data Interpretation
  5. Problems on ages
  6. Averages
  7. SI & CI problems
  8. Profit and loss
  9. Allegation and mixture
  10. Time and work
  11. Time and distance
  12. Probability, permutation and combination
  13. Surds and indices
  14. Pipe and cistern
  15. Partnership

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Important Tips To Prepare Quantitative Aptitude For Bank Exams

1.In quantitative section always start with approximation and simplification problems. While solving the simplification use short tricks, it will help you to save time in the exam.

2. After solving the simplification try to solve Inequality problems because this problems are not difficult and easily get the marks

3. Solve data interpretation problems regularly this is a strong zone in aptitude section. You can easily score more marks in these DI topics

4. While solving the aptitude section try to solve with shortcuts, this will save a lot of time in the examination

5. In miscellaneous part clear the concepts from each and every individual topic and try to give sectional mock test regularly regarding a particular topic

6. Learn cubes of the numbers up to 30 and squares up to 50

7. Learn tables up to 20

8.  If you feel difficult to understand the short cut trick, then understand the basics of the concept first and try to solve with tricks.

9. Solve previous year question paper aptitude section and observe what type of questions they are asked in the exam.

10. Attempt a lot of online mock test paper on quantitative aptitude. This online mocks will help you how to manage the time during the examination

11. Get the complete idea on each and every topic and write a separate test of that particular topic only. This will clear doubt regarding that particular topic

12. Give the online mock test regularly and analyse the exam. It will help you to find your strength and weakness. This is an important factor to crack the exam.

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