How To Prepare For SRCC GBO 2023 in 1 Month?

How To Prepare For SRCC GBO 2023 in 1 Month?

How To Prepare For SRCC GBO 2023 in 1 Month? SRCC GBO Preparation Strategy For 30 Days

SRCC Global Business Operations (GBO) Exam is a popular management entrance exam for the 2-year Full-time Post Graduate Management Program offered by the Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Delhi University. The exam allows the candidates to pursue Post-Graduate Diploma in the Global Business Operations program at SRCC, Delhi University. The SRCC GBO 2023 has been scheduled for February 6, 2023, and the exam is one month away. The aspirants must need a preparation plan for this one month to crack SRCC GBO 2023. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for SRCC GBO 2023 in 1 month.

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Before that, let us have a look at the examination pattern of SRCC GBO 2023 in detail.

SRCC GBO Exam Pattern 2023

SRCC GBO Exam is an MCQ-based online exam with 160 questions. There is a Negative Marking of -1 for each wrong answer in the exam. The exam has 4 sections, and it will be held for a duration of 2 hours. 4 marks will be awarded for each correct answer.

Sections Number of questions
English Comprehension and Language Ability 40
Quantitative Ability 40
Logical Ability 40
Data Interpretation 40
Total 160

SRCC GBO Syllabus 2023

Before looking at the preparation plan, it is essential to understand the SRCC GBO Syllabus 2023. Have a look at the important topics that you have to prepare in this 1 month. Download the SRCC GBO Syllabus 2023 PDF by clicking on the link given below.

SRCC GBO Syllabus 2023 PDF

How To Prepare for SRCC GBO 2023 In 1 Month?

There is only one month left for the examination. So in this one month, you must be very careful and focus on your preparation. As mentioned earlier, please review the syllabus and check out all the sections and topics. Now let us see the section-wise preparation plan to crack SRCC GBO 2023 in 1 month.

Study Plan For SRCC GBO 2023 – English Comprehension & Language Ability

As compared to the other MBA entrance exams, English Comprehension and Language Ability are somewhat easier. There will be RC-type questions and verbal-type questions. Around 3 RCs will be given in this section with 4 questions each. The RCs are easier and smaller than the other MBA entrance exams. And coming to the verbal questions, there will be around 28 questions from verbal. The language ability question is a mixture of grammar-type questions. The important topics that one must focus on in this limited time are shown below.

  • RCs (Reading Comprehension)
  • Fill in the blanks (Grammar, Vocabulary)
  • Para Jumbles
  • Odd one out
  • Sentence/Error correction
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Para Completion

Study Plan For SRCC GBO 2023 – Quantitative Ability

The Quantitative Ability section in this exam is somewhat difficult compared to the other MBA entrance exams. It would benefit you if you have prepared for the CAT exam and are well versed in the quant basics. The topics are almost similar in this exam, but revising all the basics and practising the key concepts in this limited period is recommended. The topics one must have been focused on as shown below.

  • Arithmetics (Ratios, Averages, Time Speed Distance, Time & Work, Profit Loss Interest, etc.)
  • Algebra (Linear, Quadratic equations, inequalities, functions)
  • Geometry & Mensuration, Coordinate Geometry
  • Number Systems – Remainder Theorems
  • Number Series
  • Probability
  • Progressions, Logarithms

Almost 70% of the questions will appear from the key concepts such as Arithmetics, Algebra and Geometry, and only 30% of the question will appear from the rest of the topics. So, it is recommended to be versed in the basics and fundamentals of the key concepts and practice many problems from mock tests and the previous year’s papers of the SRCC GBO exam.

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Study Plan For SRCC GBO 2023 – Logical Ability

Generally, this section of the SRCC GBO question papers is the most difficult one. The Logical Ability section analyses the candidates’ critical, analytical and logical thinking. The section also analyses the candidates’ skills to comprehend and interpret a particular statement and arrive at a conclusion based on their understanding. Candidates should ideally focus on the topics which are shown below.

  • Critical Reasoning (Statements, Assumptions, COnclusions, Strengthen Weaken, Courses of Action)
  • Syllogisms, Venn Diagrams
  • Numeric Grid, Number Series
  • CLock & Calendars
  • Puzzles, Arrangements, Ranking, Truth lie
  • Blood Relations
  • Team Selections
  • Directions
  • Time Speed Distance, Time and Work

Study Plan For SRCC GBO 2023 – Data Interpretation

Here in this section, you will be given with 10 sets with 4 questions each, which are very easy compared to the other MBA entrance exams. You only have to solve a good number of mock tests to crack this section of the SRCC GBO exam. Some of the questions in the Data Interpretation section are difficult and consume a lot of time. Focus on improving the time taken to solve the questions and solving them accurately. Mocks play a very crucial role in cracking this section. The important topics you must focus on in this limited period are below.

  • Graphs
  • Clock and Calendars
  • Data Structures
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Tables
  • Caselets

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So the first thing you must remember is that there is only a limited time to prepare for the exam, i.e. only one month left. So in this one month, you must be very careful and focus on your preparation. So, by considering that, we have prepared a day-wise preparation schedule which includes the day-wise tasks to prepare for the exam. Day-wise tasks include watching concept videos, attempting mocks, attempting mock tests, daily targets, etc. So in this way, the day-wise schedule has covered the entire syllabus of SRCC GBO 2023. Follow the day-wise schedule. The link to download the SRCC GBO preparation schedule PDF is given below.

Download SRCC GBO 2023 Preparation Schedule PDF

It is advised to practice mock tests on weekends, as there will be enough time to take a mock and make an analysis. Many of the aspirants make the mistake of postponing their mock tests. Try to allot take atleast 4 to 5 mocks in these few days. It is always recommended to take a mock per week.

And finally, at the earlier stage of your preparation, try to solve the SRCC GBO previous papers in a mock format. The previous papers are the best sources for practising and acing the SRCC GBO 2023 examination.

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