How To Prepare Cloze Test For IBPS PO Exam 2019

How To Prepare Cloze Test For IBPS PO Exam 2019
How To Prepare Cloze Test For IBPS PO Exam 2019

How To Prepare Cloze Test For IBPS PO Exam 2019

In this article we are going to explain how to answer close test questions in IBPS PO prelims and mains Exam. Students generally ask us questions like how to solve close test for IBPS PO 2019? Tips and tricks to solve new pattern close test? Tips to handle the close test? How to became master in close test? This article will give you the complete information about these type of questions and also provides important tips and tricks while solving a close test in IBPS PO exam 2019.

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Important Tips And Tricks For Cloze Test:

  1. First read the whole cloze test passage thoroughly and get rough idea about the close test. Once you can get an idea about the cloze test you can easily get the fill the blanks.
  2. Try to make linking a sentence, it is the important key while solving the close test. Remember, cloze test is also a passage, so the sentences are linked to each other. Don’t make a mistake of treating every sentence as an individual one.
  3. While reading the cloze test try to eliminate the out of context words. But they should be always implemented only after 2 & 3 steps.
  4. Complete knowledge on Preposition is very beneficial to you while solving the close test passage. The knowledge of how prepositions are used will definetly useful to you. There are times when looking at prepositions alone can get you a good mark from the cloze test section.
  5. Cloze test passage basically comprising of sentence that are logically connected together with parts of speech, combination of article. So read the colze test passage properly and try to identify the most suitable word.
  6.  While reading the close test try to identify the clues in the sentences before and after the given blank.
  7. If some times you are confused by the given options. In such a situation try to see the options once again. If you see any more repeated word (or) phrase which is more frequently use then others, then you may move with the option. It could be a noun, pronoun, an article, a preposition etc..

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