How To Improve Reading Comprehension For IBPS PO Exam 2019

How To Improve Reading Comprehension For IBPS PO Exam 2019
How To Improve Reading Comprehension For IBPS PO Exam 2019

How To Improve Reading Comprehension For IBPS PO Exam 2019

In this blog We are going to explain how to solve reading comprehension in IBPS PO Exam 2019. This year IBPS has released a notification to fill the vacancies for the post of Probationary Officers. Prelims exam for Probationary Officer is going to be held on 12th, 13th, 19th & 20th October 2019 for a total 4336 jobs in 17 Public Sector Banks (PSBs) across India. If you have started your IBPS PO  preparation, please keep in mind the following suggestions that gives you complete guide about how to solve the reading  comprehension, it helps you to score more in Reading comprehension Section In IBPS PO 2019  Examination.

Reading comprehension (RC) forms a Immense chunk of the English language section in IBPS PO examination 2019. Preparing reading comprehension will also indirectly help in other questions such as Para jumbles and Cloze test.

Going by the previous year papers of IBPS PO, we can expect around 8 to 10 questions appear from this topic every year. Just solving reading comprehension questions correct will sail aspirants past not just the sectional cutoff but also helps you to improve overall score. Aspirants can try IBPS PO online preparation to have a structured way of preparation.

IBPS PO mock tests can help candidates estimate where they stand. In this blog post, let us see how to tackle reading comprehension for IBPS PO exam 2019. This is one section where the past deeds of aspirants profoundly influence the scores. Someone with a regular reading habit has a high chance of scoring well in this section.

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Tips and Tricks For Reading Comprehension

  1. In the exam while solving RC don’t try to read whole the passage at first, it will consume precious time. Try to understand the questions first, if you feel the question is critical try to leave it and move to another one. While understanding the questions try to remember the key points. This key points helps you to find the answer easily from the passage. This reverse approach helps you a lot and also saves your time.
  2. Having a good vocabulary, makes your understanding of the Reading Comprehension  much easier. Vocabulary place a vital role while solving the RC passage in Bank exams. This vocabulary questions gives you more marks in a short period of time.

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Tips for improving the vocabulary:

  • Read the news paper regularly and write down a new/critical words while reading, and revise in your free time.
  • Watch English movies, news channels, etc..

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3. One of the important issue that candidate face is that they are not understand the theme of the passage, it means summary of the passage. For solving this type of the questions, Try to read starting and ending of the passage thoroughly. This will helps you to understand the summary of the passage

4. In Reading comprehension all the questions are not difficult.Try to solve easy questions first. Because leaving the difficult questions and solving the easier ones is the good strategy to save time.

5. Try to improve reading speed it will helps you solve the RC as quick as possible, to increasing the reading speed try to solve more reading comprehension questions as possible, Practise previous English question paper, try to read the news paper regularly etc.. this all will help you to increase your speed. While reading try to read with your eyes without moving your lips, it slows your reading speed.

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6. Allocate specific time for solving reading comprehension it is important. Do not read the passage with a time limit in mind. The main objective must be to read the passage so that you can answer all the questions. Do not skip important information to complete the passage within the time you have allotted.

As Reading comprehension for IBPS PO comes in sets of 8 or 10, skipping information can demonstrate to be a costly affair. Skimming through the passage will work only if the passage is simple and direct. With the rise of the difficulty level in banking exams in the recent years, it is a bit more optimistic to expect straight forward sets.

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