How to crack SSC CGL 2018 in first attempt

How to crack SSC CGL 2018 in first attempt
A detailed blog on how to crack SSC CGL 2018 in first attempt

How to Crack SSC CGL 2018:

SSC CGL exam is around the corner. The tier 1 exam is scheduled to start on the 25th of July. With just 2 months to go, SSC CGL online preparation can be of immense help to aspirants to accelerate the pace of their preparation. The question that nags most first timers is how to crack SSC CGL 2018 in first attempt. In this article, let us have a look at the strategy that one must adopt to crack the exam in the first attempt.

First timers are not at a great disadvantage as compared to the veterans. The major advantage that a veteran will have is the knowledge of the pattern and nature of the exam. Taking SSC CGL online mock tests can help the first timers to bridge that gap. Also, going through the previous year papers of SSC CGL will be of great help to know how the exam has evolved over the years.

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How to crack SSC CGL 2018 in first attempt ?

Knowing the pattern of the exam is more or less a prerequisite for cracking it. Therefore, before moving on to how to crack SSC CGL 2018 in first attempt, let us have a brief overview of the pattern of the exam.

SSC conducts the exam in 4 tiers. The tier 1 exam consists of 4 sections – English language, Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and General Knowledge. Each section carries 25 questions of 2 marks each. There are no sectional time limits or sectional cut-offs. The scores of the tier 1 exam are used till final selection.

The tier 2 exam consists of a quantitative aptitude paper (100 questions of 2 marks each) and English language paper (200 questions of 1 mark each). Apart from these 2 papers, aspirants opting for AAO and AO posts must take paper 4 (general studies -finance and economics) and aspirants opting for JSO posts must take paper 3 (Statistics).

The tier 3 exam is a descriptive test and the tier 4 exam is a skill test. Aspirants can read how to prepare for SSC CGL 2018 exam to know about each of the exams in detail. The tier 1 and tier 2 scores of the candidate have a major say in the final selection. Therefore, aspirants must try to score well in each of these exams.

A customary glance at the pattern reveals that the English language and quantitative aptitude sections carry a huge weightage (500 of the total 600 marks in tier 1 and tier 2 exams). Therefore, aspirants must make sure that they devote as much time as possible to master these 2 sections. To know about the topics under each section in detail, go through SSC CGL 2018 syllabus.

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Common mistakes that a first timer must avoid:

Most of the aspirants take the tier 1 exam lightly with the belief that they can claw back the marks in the tier 2 exam. However, it puts enormous pressure to do well in the tier 2 exam. More often than not, this pressure can be crippling. Also, having some buffer will put a candidate at ease while attempting the tier 2 exam. Therefore, aspirants should give tier 1 exam the attention it deserves.

Though the weightage for the reasoning and GK sections is low, aspirants must not avoid ignoring them completely. Aspirants must dedicate at least an hour a day to prepare for each of these sections. Preparing for GK will ensure that the aspirants manage to reap at least the low hanging fruits in the exam.

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Taking Mock tests:

Also, most of the first timers fail to take an adequate number of CGL mock tests. Aspirants must dedicate the month before the exam entirely to take mocks. After taking a mock test, aspirants must analyze them thoroughly. Aspirants must try to learn from the mistakes and must take the pain to ensure that their oft-repeated mistakes do not find a place on the D-day.

Aspirants must try to maintain a repository of the commonly used formulas and the common mistakes they tend to make in the exam. This can come in handy during the final phases of preparation to revise things in a short while.

On the D-day, if the paper turns out to be tough, aspirants must avoid panicking. Also, if the paper turns out to be easy, aspirants should avoid getting complacent. By the end of the day, it is the relative performance that matters. Therefore, aspirants must try to perform to the best of their abilities on the D-day without letting the vagaries of the paper affect them.

We hope that this article would have helped to know how to crack SSC CGL 2018 in first attempt. For more helpful articles, try reading study plan for SSC CGL 2018 exam and General Science for SSC CGL exam.


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