How Can I Get 99 Percentile In CAT? | An Effective Strategy To Get 99 Percentile

How Can I Get 99 Percentile In CAT
How Can I Get 99 Percentile In CAT?

Common Admission Test, popularly known as CAT, is an entrance exam conducted every year for admission to various management programs in India’s premier business schools, such as the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). To get into these top b-schools, one must score atleast 99 percentile (If you Belong to the General Category). Not only IIMs but also some of the other top Non-IIMs such as FMS Delhi, JBIMS Mumbai, IMT Ghaziabad, MDI Gurgaon, SPJIMR Mumbai, etc., aspirants must score around 99 percentile in CAT. Scoring a 99 percentile in CAT is no mean feat, but it is not impossible either. In this blog, we will discuss some tips and strategies that can help you get 99 percentile in CAT.

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Understand the CAT Exam Pattern

Before starting your preparation, it is essential to understand the CAT exam pattern. CAT is a computer-based test with a duration of 2 hours. The test is divided into three sections, namely Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Quantitative Ability (QA). Each section has a time limit of 40 minutes, and there are 66 questions in total. Check out the below table for more details on CAT 2023 Exam Pattern.

SECTION DURATION Number of questions (Expected)
Verbal Ability 40 minutes 24
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning 40 minutes 20
Quantitative Ability 40 minutes 22
Total 120 minutes 66

Each correct answer is awarded 3 marks, and each wrong answer carries a penalty of -1 mark.

How To Score 99 Percentile in CAT?

Make A Preparation Schedule To Score 99 Percentile In CAT

Once you have understood the CAT exam pattern, the next step is to plan your preparation. It is crucial to have a well-structured study plan that covers all the topics and gives you enough time to revise before the exam. Make a timetable and allocate sufficient time for each section based on your strengths and weaknesses. Remember to take breaks and rest adequately to avoid burnout.

Not only the examination pattern but it is also advised to have a look at the CAT 2023 Syllabus to know which topics you need to cover to ace the examination. Actually, there is no exactly defined syllabus for CAT. Based on the previous CAT question papers, we have made CAT 2023 Syllabus PDF. Aspirants are advised to download and check out the syllabus and make their study plan.

If you are confused about preparing your study schedule, Cracku provides you with a comprehensive preparation schedule for CAT, which helps you to score 99 percentile in CAT. In This Schedule, you will be provided with daily tasks, including taking mock tests and daily topics to prepare. It is advised to just stick this study schedule to score 99 percentile in CAT, as this study plan was prepared by the CAT all-time toppers. Have a look at the below sample image of the preparation schedule for CAT.

Sample Image from CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF
Sample Image from CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF

Focus on basics

To excel in the CAT exam, you need to have a strong foundation in the basics. Focus on learning the concepts and formulas in each section thoroughly. Once you have a clear understanding of the basics, move on to advanced concepts.

Among the three sections, Quantitative Ability is the scoring section. This section needs a strong foundation of basics and formulas. Cracku provides you with a free CAT quant formulas PDF which consists of all the basics, formulas, tips & tricks and shortcuts to solve the tricky questions in Qunat section of the CAT exam.

If you are not interested to learn through PDF, you can purchase Cracku’s CAT Quant Formula Handbook for Just Rs.99/-. You can purchase this book online. The link to the CAT quant formula book is given below.

CAT quant formula Handbook

Buy it For Just Rs.99/-

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests play a vital role in CAT preparation. To score 99 percentile in CAT, one must understand the strengths and weaknesses in the CAT syllabus. You can not get this just by preparation. Taking mock tests will help you understand the exam pattern, how to improve your speed and accuracy, and identify your strengths and weaknesses. One of the main purposes of taking CAT mock tests is for applying various exam-taking strategies in every mock. You can choose the best exam-taking strategy to get 99 percentile in CAT. You can apply your own exam-taking strategy to the CAT examination.

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Do Not Neglect The Mock Analysis After Taking It

Analyze your performance to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you focus your study efforts and improve your performance in the areas where you are weak. Many aspirants make the common mistake of neglecting the mock analysis. It is not advisable for the aspirants as they cannot assess their strengths and weakness, which are very essential to focus on the particular areas while preparing.

Improve Your Speed and Accuracy

Balance your Speed and Accuracy

Try to balance your speed and accuracy. There is no point in attempting more questions quickly and inaccurately. And the same time taking too much time on solving questions is not advisable for CAT as the exam duration is just 2 hours. Both speed and accuracy are very important. Time management is crucial in CAT. You need to solve 66 questions in 2 hours, which means you have to be quick and accurate. Improve your speed by solving questions under time pressure. Work on your accuracy by double-checking your answers and avoiding silly mistakes.

How Many Questions To Attempt In CAT 2023 To Get 99 Percentile

As we know that there will be 66 overall questions in the CAT exam. At the same time, one can target a certain number of questions to attempt accurately to get the 99 percentile in CAT 2023. As we all know, VARC and LRDI are the sections which have 24 and 20 questions, respectively. As mentioned before, the targeted scores in these two sections are 24-30 marks. It is quite possible when you solve 2 sets accurately in both sections respectively, where you can score more than 24 marks in each section. It is very important to select the right sets that can be solved easily and accurately. The number of questions to be targeted in each section is given below.

Section Question to be attempted
VARC 2 RCs (to get 85+ %ile)
LRDI 2 Sets (to get 85+ %ile)
Quant around 17 (to get 99+ %ile)

This is one of the cases of getting 99%ile. If you are strong in quant, try to get 99+ percentile and target to get 85+ percentile in the other sections. There are also multiple cases of how to get the 99 percentile in CAT. This is one of the examples.

Scoring a 99 percentile in CAT requires hard work, dedication, and smart preparation. Understand the CAT exam pattern, plan your preparation, focus on basics, practice regularly, improve your speed and accuracy, read extensively, and stay motivated. With the right mindset and preparation, you can achieve your dream of getting a 99 percentile in the CAT.

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