General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-3 PDF

General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-3 PDF
General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-3 PDF

General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-3 PDF

Download important IIFT  General Knowledge Questions PDF based on previously asked questions in IIFT and other MBA exams. Practice General Knowledge Questions and answers for IIFT and other  exams.

Download General Knowledge Questions for IIFT Set-3 PDF

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Question 1: ………. is an important copper ore mineral

a) Galena

b) Cassiterite

c) Cinnabar

d) Chacocite

Question 2: The mandible is part of the …………

a) hand

b) arm

c) skull

d) pelvic girdle

Question 3: Who did Mughal Emperor Babur defeat in the Battle of Ghagra in 1529?

a) Yusuf Adil Shah

b) Mahmud Lodi

c) Dilawar Khan Husain

d) Qasim Barid I

Question 4: In the 2018 Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, India beat which country 4-1 to comeat the fifth place?

a) Australia

b) Malaysia

c) Ireland

d) Pakistan

Question 5: The Union Budget 2018 allocated ……… for food processing, which was almost double of the allocation in the previous year’s budget.

a) ₹2,900 crore

b) ₹1,400 crore

c) ₹1,900 crore

d) ₹2,400 crore

Question 6: Who won the 2018 US Open Men’s Tennis?

a) Andy Murray

b) Rafael Nadal

c) Novak Djokovic

d) Roger Federer

Question 7: The Supreme Court was established at Fort William in …….. as the Apex Court in 1774.

a) Delhi

b) Shimla

c) Mumbai

d) Kolkata

Question 8: Which of the following is the longest river in Europe?

a) Mekong

b) Zambezi

c) Sepik

d) Volga

Question 9: In which year did the French traveller Francois Bernier arrive in India?

a) 1656

b) 1658

c) 1678

d) 1662

Question 10: What do we call the stock of food grains purchased by the Government of India from the farmers through the Food Corporation of India (FCI)?

a) Incentivized stock

b) Return stock

c) Subsidized stock

d) Buffer stock

Question 11: While trying to promote growth by tax cuts as the fiscal policy, which type of policy is the government trying to follow?

a) Expansionary

b) Contractionary

c) Easy money

d) Tight money

Question 12: The yolk of an egg contains more than 90% of which of the given vitamins?

a) Vitamin C

b) Vitamin B12

c) Vitamin K

d) Vitamin A

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Question 13: The Living Root Bridges are a rare ecological phenomenon seen in which state of India?

a) West Bengal

b) Meghalaya

c) Sikkim

d) Mizoram.

Question 14: What is the first age in the prehistoric period called?

a) Palaeolithic age

b) Metal age

c) Copper age

d) Neolithic age

Question 15: The Bretton Woods Agreementled to the creation of which one of the following institutions?

a) United Nations

b) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

c) International Monetary Fund

d) International Labour Organization

Question 16: ‘Hemis Festival’ is celebrated in which Indian state?

a) Jammu and Kashmir

b) Karnataka

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Punjab

Question 17: Which of the following is a nocturnal animal?

a) Hamster

b) Bat

c) Porcupine

d) Murids

Question 18: The famous ‘Ratnagiri Monastery’ is located in which Indian state?

a) Karnataka

b) Gujarat

c) Orissa

d) Jharkhand

Question 19: Neutral, expansionary, and contractionary strategies are related to which policy of the government?

a) Monetary policy

b) Banking policy

c) Budgetary policy

d) Fiscal policy

Question 20: What was the event that fundamentally changed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s life and drove him towards politics?

a) Bardoli Satyagraha (year 1928)

b) The Gandhi Irwin Pact (year 1931)

c) Meeting with Mahatma Gandhi in Godhra (year 1917)

d) Non-Cooperation Movement (year 1922)

Question 21: Who played a decisive role is the integration ofthe princely states of India?

a) Motilal Nehru

b) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

c) APJ Abdul Kalam

d) TT Krishnamurthy

Question 22: Robben Island, the world heritage site is associated to which of the following figures?

a) Nelson Mandela

b) Winston Churchill

c) Jimmy Carter

d) John F. Kennedy

Question 23: Which of the following soils is found in the northern plains of India?

a) Arid soil

b) Alluvial soil

c) Laterite soil

d) Black soil

Question 24: Where is the Konark Sun Temple situated?

a) Kedarnath

b) Odisha

c) Madurai

d) Tirupati

Question 25: Which of the following statements is NOT correct about the culture of Maharashtra?

a) Its popular danceis called ‘Gotipua’.

b) Ganesh Chaturthiis its main festival.

c) Its folk theatre is called Tamasha.

d) Its traditional saree is called Paithani.

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (D)

2) Answer (C)

3) Answer (B)

4) Answer (C)

5) Answer (B)

6) Answer (C)

7) Answer (D)

8) Answer (D)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (D)

11) Answer (A)

12) Answer (B)

13) Answer (B)

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14) Answer (A)

15) Answer (C)

16) Answer (A)

17) Answer (B)

18) Answer (C)

19) Answer (D)

20) Answer (C)

21) Answer (B)

22) Answer (A)

23) Answer (B)

24) Answer (B)

25) Answer (A)

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