General Intelligence Questions for RRB JE PDF

General Intelligence Questions for RRB JE PDF
General Intelligence Questions for RRB JE PDF

General Intelligence Questions for RRB JE PDF

Download Top 15 RRB JE General Intelligence Questions and Answers PDF. RRB JE General Intelligence  Questions based on asked questions in previous exam papers very important for the Railway JE exam.

Download General Intelligence Questions for RRB JE PDF

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Question 1: In a certain encryption “CARDIAC” is coded as “ACRDICA”. How is “READER” coded in the same encryotion?





Question 2: K is brother of T. M is mother of K. W is brother of M. How is W related to T ?

a) Maternal uncle

b) Paternal uncle

c) Grandfather

d) Data inadequate

e) None of these

Question 3: In a certain language, ‘VICTORY’ is coded as WHDSPQZ. How will ‘DEFEAT’ be coded in the same language?







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Question 4: TRUE is related to ERUT just like FACT is related to:





e) None of the above

Question 5: At what time between 4 O’Clock and 5 O’Clock, will the minute hand and hour hand of the clock make right angles?

a) $04:36$

b) $04:38\dfrac{2}{11}$

c) $04:42\dfrac{4}{11}$

d) $04:39$

Question 6: Bimal is older than Chand but younger to Anil Dipak is younger to Emon but older than Chand.If Anil is younger to Emon then which of the following can definitely be concluded ?

a) Emon is the eldest and Bimal is the youngest

b) Dipak is the youngest of all

c) Bimal is younger than Dipak

d) Chand is the youngest and Emon is the eldest

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Question 7: What comes in the place of ?

a) 48

b) 50

c) 49

d) 51

Question 8: Choose the option which has the same relationship with the second set of letters as displayed by the first pair.
CF : I :: GK : ?

a) T

b) R

c) S

d) Q

Question 9: How is my father’s sister’s only son’s sister related to me?

a) Niece

b) Cousin

c) Sister

d) Aunt

Question 10: A family consists of only 4 persons. A and B are couple. B has only one son. C is sister-in-law of A. A is not mother of D. C is unmarried.
How is D related to C?

a) Niece

b) Son

c) Nephew

d) Grandson

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Question 11: If today is a Thursday, then which day is it after 196 days?

a) Thursday

b) Friday

c) Saturday

d) Sunday

Question 12: If 7 & 2 $ 5 = 19 and 12 & 3 $ 2 = 38, then find the value of 6 & 2 $ 1.

a) 9

b) 37

c) 13

d) 17

Question 13: If ‘ARMY’ is coded as ‘ZNSB’ and ‘POLICE’ is coded as ‘FDJMPQ’. What is the code for ‘NAVY’?





Question 14: If BREAD is coded as AQFBC, what will be EDUCATION coded as?





Question 15: Instructions: Observe the arrangement and answer the question below
7 4 A @ B $ 9 2 M 6 # L Z % Y C 4 8 E *
How many even numbers are there in the above series?

a) 4

b) 3

c) 5

d) 6

General Science Notes for RRB Exams (PDF)

Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (D)

The first two and the last two letters are interchanged keeping other letters the same.

2) Answer (A)

K is brother of T and M is mother of K, => M is mother of T.

Also, W is brother of M.

Thus, W is the maternal uncle of T.

=> Ans – (A)

3) Answer (C)

In the given code word, the letters at the odd positions are being replaced by the letter which follows them in English alphabets and the letters at the even positions are replaced by the letters which precede them in the English alphabets. Using the same logic, we can get the code word for DEFEAT which comes out to be EDGDBS. Thus, option C is the correct answer.

4) Answer (C)

The first and last letter of the word are interchanged keeping all other letters the same.

5) Answer (B)

Angle between two hands $= \dfrac{11}{2}M – 30H$ where H is hours and M is Minutes
Here, H = 4 and Angle = $90^\circ$
$90^\circ = \dfrac{11}{2}M – 30\times4$
⇒ $\dfrac{11}{2}M = 210$
⇒ $M = \dfrac{420}{11} = 38\dfrac{2}{11}$
Hence, the required time = $04:38\dfrac{2}{11}$

6) Answer (D)

A>B>C and C<D<E and A<E,

So, C is the youngest and E is the oldest.

7) Answer (C)

Square of the sum of the digits 3 and 4 is 7*7=49
Similarly square of the sum of the digits 2 and 5 is 7*7=49

8) Answer (B)

In the first pair of letters, the second letter is obtained by adding the numerical positions of the first letter. For example, C + F = 3 + 6 = 9
I is the ninth letter.
Using the same logic, the required word will be G + K = 7 + 11 = 18
18th letter in english alphabets is R
Hence, option B is the correct answer.

9) Answer (B)

My father’s sister → My Aunt
My Aunt’s only son → My cousin
My cousin’s sister → My cousin
Hence, Option B is correct answer.

10) Answer (C)

The below diagram can be drawn using given statements.

Here, Circle represents Female, Square represents Male, Double line represents Couple.

Since D is son of C’s sister, D is nephew of C.

11) Answer (A)

After every 7 seven days, the cycle repeats.
196 when divided by 7 gives a remainder of 0.
=> After 196 days, the day is Thursday.
=> Option A is the answer.

12) Answer (C)

7*2+5 = 14+5 = 19
12*3+2 = 36+2 = 38
6 & 2 $ 1 = 6*2+1 = 12+1 = 13

13) Answer (C)

In each of the following words, the next alphabet to the corresponding alphabet is written and the word is reversed:

Reverse: ZNSB

Reverse – FDJMPQ

Reverse – ZWOB

Option C is the correct answer.

14) Answer (C)

B is replaced by A.
R is replaced by Q.
E is replaced by F.
A is replaced by B.
D is replaced by C.

Consonants are replaced by the letter preceding them and vowels are replaced by the letters succeeding them in the alphabetical series. Following similar logic,

E will be coded as F.
D will be coded as C.
U will be coded as V.
C will be coded as B.
A will be coded as B.
T will be coded as S.
I will be coded as J.
O will be coded as P.
N will be coded as M.

Therefore, option C is the right answer.

15) Answer (C)

There are 5 even numbers which are 4, 2, 6, 4 and 8.


We hope this General Intelligence Questions for RRB JE Exam will be highly useful for your preparation.


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