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best online test series for IBPS PO
A detailed blog on how to choose and utilize the best IBPS PO test series

IBPS PO exam is just a few days away. Most of the aspirants would have completed the syllabus by now and will be searching for the best online test series for IBPS PO to test their clarity on topics. In this article, we try to help aspirants choose the best online test series for IBPS PO.

Take a free IBPS PO mock test to sample the product and make an informed decision. If you are running short on time, try IBPS PO online preparation to speed up the process. Also, solve previous year papers of IBPS PO to know how the test has evolved over the years.

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Tricks to crack CWE using the best online test series for IBPS PO:

Cracku provides one of the best online test series for IBPS PO. We recognise that calling ourselves as one among the best online test series for IBPS PO is indeed a tall order. Hence, we strive to do justice to our claims and ensure that only the best of the questions reach you.
The questions are designed so that they mimic the test. The mocks are of varying difficulty levels so that you do not get caught off guard on the D-day. After you take each test, you get in-depth analysis and detailed solutions. Let us see how to take the mock tests and how to analyse them.

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How to take the IBPS PO mock test?

Take the mock test in an environment that emulates the actual test centre. Also, devise a strategy to attempt the questions. Try various combinations and choose what suits you the best. Always start with your area of strength. Getting a few questions right within the first few minutes of taking the test will boost your confidence by manifolds.

Take enough mock tests to acclimatise yourself with the test-taking environment. The test is more of your temperament than your knowledge. Taking more mock tests will ensure that you do not panic on the D-day if things don’t go your way.

Give every mock with the seriousness with which you will give the actual exam. After taking the mock, spend some time analysing it. Let us see how to analyse the mock tests in detail.

IBPS PO Previous Solved Papers

Analyzing the IBPS PO mock test:

Analysing the mock test is as important as taking the mock test itself, if not more. Spend an equal amount of time analysing the mock test as taking it.

After taking the mock test, check whether you have chosen the right questions to attempt. Also, check whether you have left the tough ones. There is no reward for choosing a tough question over an easier one. The priority must be to maximise the attempts, not to prove your knowledge.

Identify the questions that you should not have attempted and also, identify the questions that you must have chosen over them. Check how well you have executed the strategy you had in your mind while attempting the paper.
Make sure that you attempt enough questions to clear the cut off and never trade accuracy for attempts. Ensure that your accuracy in the quant section and the reasoning section is close to 100% and at least 80% in the English section.

Bear in mind that you should clear the sectional cut off in English, Quant and reasoning sections. Make a note of the questions you thought you were right but turned out to be wrong. Notice the place where you went wrong. Make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake again. Among the questions you solved correctly, check with the solutions whether you have employed the best possible method. If not, note down the method so that you can revise them later.

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What to do post-analysis?

After analysing the mock tests, give yourself enough time to work on the mistakes. Do not go on a mock taking spree. If the mistakes were of conceptual nature, reinforce the concepts by going back to the basics. Solve enough questions to ingrain the concept in your mind.
If the errors were due to silly mistakes, make sure that you are not rushing through the calculation part. Do not let your efforts go in vain due to carelessness. Don’t let silly mistakes creep in in the actual PO CWE.

Stop giving mock tests a one or two days before the exam. Revise the concepts once and then avoid studying. Also, avoid revising everything just before going into the exam hall. Believe in your abilities and give the test with a calm mind. Even if the paper turns out to be tough, avoid panicking. As the test is all about relative performance, try to give your best even if the number of attempts takes a dip.

To know how to prepare for various sections, try reading 8 tips to improve English for IBPS PO and 6 tricks to crack IBPS PO quantitative aptitude.

IBPS PO Free Mock Test

IBPS PO Previous papers

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