Fillers Questions for SBI Clerk PDF

Fillers Questions for SBI Clerk PDF
Fillers Questions for SBI Clerk PDF

Fillers Questions for SBI Clerk PDF

Download SBI Clerk Fillers Questions & Answers PDF for SBI Clerk Prelims and Mains exam. Very Important SBI Clerk Fillers Questions with solutions.

Download Fillers Questions for SBI Clerk PDF

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Direction: Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Question 1: Drawing attention to the pitfalls of ____ solely on Uranium as a fuel for nuclear reactors, Indian scientists warned that Uranium will not last for long and thus research on Thorium as its ____ must be revived.

a) using, substitute

b) believing, replacement

c) depending, reserve

d) reckoning, option

e) relying, alternative

Question 2: In an effort to provide ____ for higher education to all, most of the universities have been providing education without adequate infrastructure, thus churning out ____ graduates every year.

a) chances, fresh

b) platform, capable

c) opportunities, unemployable

d) prospects, eligible

e) policy, incompetent

Question 3: The move to allow dumping of mercury ____ an outcry from residents of the area who ____ that high levels of mercury will affect their health and destroy ecologically sensitive forest area.

a) resulted, insist

b) provoked, fear

c) incited, determined

d) activated, accept

e) angered, believe

Question 4: ____ has been taken against some wholesale drug dealers for dealing in surgical items without a valid license and maintaining a stock of ____ drugs.

a) Note, overwhelming

b) Step, impressive

c) Execution, outdated

d) Action, expired

e) Lawsuit, invalid

Question 5: Even as the ____ else where in the world are struggling to come out of recession, Indian consumers are splurging on consumer goods and to ____ this growth, companies are investing heavily in various sectors.

a) economies, meet

b) countries, inhibit

c) governments, measure

d) nations, inflict

e) companies, counter


In each of these questions, two sentences I and II are given. Each sentence has a blank in it. Five words (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) are suggested. Out of these, only one fits at both the places in the context of each sentence. Number of that word is the following.

Question 6: I. Boats take more time going against the ……of the river.
II. She keeps herself abreast of ……….. events

a) flow

b) latest

c) water

d) all

e) current

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Question 7: I. While trying to open the door, the ………… broke
II. It is not difficult to ………….. tricky situations.

a) handle

b) knob

c) bracket

d) overcome

e) win

Question 8: I. This course teaches you not to …….. to temptations.
II. We hope to increase our ………. of rice this year.

a) succumb

b) produce

c) yield

d) share

e) submit

Question 9: I. When you play your radio at high ……… it disturbs others.
II. We have just received a latest ……. of this encyclopaedia.

a) edition

b) volume

c) channel

d) frequency

e) pitch

Question 10: I. It helps to rinse one’s mouth early morning with a ….. of salt and water.
II. You can always refer to this reference material to find the …………. to these problems.

a) mixture

b) answers

c) liquid

d) fix

e) solution


Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences/s meaningfully complete.

Question 11: When interpersonal problems… but are not dealt with the organization’s productivity inevitably….

a) Surface, develops

b) Focus, increases

c) Establish, projects

d) Develop, exhibits

e) Exist, diminishes

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Question 12: Participative management, in which everyone has….. into a decision that a leader then makes, is a mechanism for …… employees.

a) Share, protecting

b) Value, thwarting

c) Motivation, involving

d) Reward, stimulating

e) Input, empowering

Question 13: Lack of ……. is basic good teamwork but over ability to work with others depends on our ….

a) Rigidity, compatibility

b) Dogmatism, motivation

c) Professionalism, vulnerability

d) Positivism, flexibility

e) Consideration, acumen

Question 14: Complete and constant openness is a nation that can be ….. to absurdity. Am I… to stop everyone on the street and tell them my reaction to their appearance?

a) Consigned, communicated

b) Reduced, required

c) Attributed, requested

d) Projected, destined

e) Subjected, confined

Question 15: When organizations …. creativity and risk taking, the usual method of maintaining order and ….. are indeed shaken.

a) Encourage, decorum

b) Exhibit, durability

c) Propose, humility

d) Enhance, supply

e) Propagate, production

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (E)

Thorium should be used as a substitute or alternative to Uranium. So, options a) and e) are relevant. Because of the use of the words ‘solely on’ in the first part of the sentence, we can pick option e) over option a).

2) Answer (C)

The word in the second blank should have a negative connotation because the sentence says the universities are churning out graduates without providing them with proper education. So, options c) and e) are relevant. Between the two, only option c) makes sense in the first blank. So, option c) is the correct answer.

3) Answer (B)

Only fear and believe are applicable in the second blank. Between ‘provoked’ and ‘angered’, provoked is more suitable in the first blank. So, option b) is the correct answer.

4) Answer (D)

Only ‘outdated’, ‘expired’ and ‘invalid’ are applicable in the second blank. Among the three options, only ‘action’ is suitable in the first blank because of the use of the words ‘has been taken’ after the blank. So, option d) is the best answer.

5) Answer (A)

Except option e), all the other words are suitable in the first blank. But, only option a) is applicable in the second blank because companies don’t try to reduce the growth.

6) Answer (E)

Here, current will be most appropriate word .
Current in the first statement means ‘flow’ of the water while in the second statements it means ‘latest’.
Option E is correct.
7) Answer (A)

Here, ‘handle’ matches the context in both the statements.
In the first statement it is used as noun while in the secomnd statement it is used as verb.
In the first statement, the context is about the door ‘handle’. In the second statement, ‘handle’ means to ‘manage’ the situation.

8) Answer (C)

Here, ‘yield’ is the word matching both the context of the sentences. In the first statement it is used  as verb while in the second statement it is used as noun. In the first statement, yield means to give in or succumb. In the second statement, yield means ‘produce’. Option C is the correct option.
9) Answer (B)

Here, ‘volume’ is the word which matches the context in both the statements. In the first sentence  it refers to the magnitude of the sound and in the second it refers to the issues of periodical.
10) Answer (E)

Here, ‘solution’ is the most appropriate word which suits the context. In the first statement it refers to the ‘liquid mixture’ and in the second statement it refers to the  ‘answers’. Option E is the correct option.

11) Answer (E)

12) Answer (A)

13) Answer (A)

14) Answer (B)

15) Answer (D)

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