English Questions For RBI Assistant

English Questions For RBI Assistant
English Questions For RBI Assistant

We are Providing the English Questions For RBI Assistant: Previous model question papers with answers to those prelims and mains Exams for RBI Assistant Tips and Tricks

English Questions For RBI Assistant:

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In each question below a sentence with four words printed in bold type is given. These are numbered as (A), (B), (C) and (D). One of these four words printed in bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence: Find out the word, which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate, if any. The number of that world is your answer. If all the words printed in bold are correctly spelt and- also appropriate in the context of the sentence mark, (E) i.e: ‘All Correct’ as your answer.

Question 1:

The income of many people in rural India is not adequate to satisfy their basic needs. All Correct.

a) Income

b) rural

c) adequate

d) satisfy

e) All Correct


Question 2:

He is always prompt in caring out instructions. All Correct

a) always

b) prompt

c) caring

d) instructions

e) All Correct

Question 3:

The revized rates of interest will be effective Immediately. All Correct

a) revized

b) rates

c) effective

d) Immediately

e) All Correct

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Question 4:

Such transactions are quiet expensive and time consuming for customers. All Correct

a) transactions

b) quiet

c) expensive

d) consuming

e) All Correct

Question 5:

The guidelines of the new scheme are expected to be finally soon.’All Correct

a) guidelines

b) scheme

c) expected

d) finally

e) All Correct

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Solutions: (1 to 5)

1) Answer (d)

Word ‘satisfied’ is incorrectly used. It should be ‘meet’ instead of ‘satisfied’.

2) Answer (c)

The word carrying should be used instead of caring. Hence, option C is the correct answer.

3) Answer (a)

The word ‘revised’ is wrongly spelt as ‘revized’. Hence, option A is correct.

4) Answer (b)

The word to be used is ‘quite’ instead of quiet. Hence, option B is the correct answer.

5) Answer (d)


The finally is inappropriately used as it does not provide any meaning to the given sentence. Hence, D is the correct answer.


In each of the following question four words are given of which two words are most nearly the same or opposite in the meaning Find the two words which are most nearly the same or opposite in meaning and indicate the number of the correct letter combination by darkening the appropriate oval in your answer sheet

Question 6:

(A)instigate (B) enquire (C)construe (D)interpret

a) A-C

b) A-B

c) C-D

d) B-D

e) A-D

Question 7:

(A)superficial (B)superfluos (C)enlightened (D)surplus

a) A-C

b) A-B

c) B-C

d) B-D

e) A-D

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Question 8:

(A)appalling (B)sinister (C)perturbed (D)astonishing

a) A-B

b) B-D

c) A-C

d) A-D

e) D-C

Question 9:

(A)imprison (B)torture (C)excruciate (D)extract

a) B-D

b) B-C

c) A-B

d) C-D

e) A-C

Question 10:

(A)pertinent (B)impolite (C)irrelevant (D)insecure

a) A-C

b) B-D

c) C-D

d) A-D

e) B-C

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Solutions (6 to 10)

6) Answer (c)

Instigate – to provoke
Enquire – to investigate
Construe – to interpret

7) Answer (d)

Superficial – Shallow
Superfluous – More than necessart
Surplus – More than necessssary
Superfluous and surplus means the same.

8) Answer (d)

Appalling means horrifying and shocking which is similar to astonishing.

9) Answer (b)

Torture means to inflict severe pain on somebody.
Excruciate means to torture someone physically or mentally.
Imprison means to keep someone in prison.
Extract means to take out something by using effort.
Tortue and Excruciate means the same.

10) Answer (a)

Pertinent means to be relevant.
Impolite means to be rude
Irrelevant is opposite to pertinent
Insecure means the person or a thing which is not safe.

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