English Grammar Questions for SBI PO

English Grammar Questions for SBI PO
English Grammar Questions for SBI PO

English Grammar Questions for SBI PO:

Download English grammar Exercises questions and answers for Bank PO exams.

Download English Grammar Questions for SBI PO

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Which phrase should replace the phrase given in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct ? If the sentence is correct as it is given, then mark ‘No correction required’ as your answer.

Question 1:

We asked her that how she got time to write all these books.

a) that how she got
b) that how she was getting
c) how did she get
d) how she got
e)No correction required

Question 2:

Studies in the past have shown that those who limit their activity span during the day in winters are more likely to suffer from depression.

a) more likely for
b) mostly likely to
c) most likely for
d) most likeliest for
e)No correction required

Question 3:

In some cases, factors like low salary, lack of growth prospects and lack of motivation compel all employee to look for a change.

a) compel those employees
b) compelling all employes
c) compelling the employee
d) compel employees
e)No correction requires

Question 4:

Living with compassion and contributing to other lives would helping us add happiness to our lives as well.

a) will helping us
b) will help us
c) would helped them
d) will helped them
e)No correction required

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Question 5:

The easiest way for prevent stress caused by work or home pressures is to indulge in high levels of physical activity.

a) easily way to
b) easier ways for
c) easiest way to
d) easier way from
e)No correction required

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Solutions (1 to 5)

1) Answer (d)

“Asked” is never followed by “that”.
Hence, “how she got” is the correct phrase to be used.

2) Answer (e)

The sentence is correct grammatically.

3) Answer (d)

Compel employees is the correct word to address the paralllism present in the sentence.

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4) Answer (b)

“will help” is the correct tense here as the sentence is talking about something in the future.

Inaugurated, specified, succumbed and kicked off are not appropriate to be used in the given scenario.

5) Answer (c)

“Way to” is the correct idiom.

“Easily” is wrong construction. Hence, “easiest way” is the answer.

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