Data Interpretation Questions for SSC CGL


Data Interpretation questions, will be asked in numerical ability section of SSC CGL. The questions will be appeared both in prelims and mains exam. There will be around 2-3 Sets having total of 6-10 questions on DI (Data Interpretation). Hence we have given some sample DI Questions from previous asked papers.

Data Interpretation Questions for SSC CGL:

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Study the table carefully to answer the questions that follow. maximum and Minimum temperature (in degree Celsius) recorded on 1st day of each month of five different cities

Question 1:

What is the difference between the maximum temperature of Ontario on 1st November and the minimum temperature of Bhuj on 1st January?

a) 3 °C
b) 18 ° C
c) 15 °C
d) 9 ° C
e)11 ° C

Question 2:

In which month respectively is the maximum temperature of Kabul the second highest and the minimum temperature of Sydney the lowest?

a) 1st October and 1st January
b) 1st October and 1st November
c) 1st December and 1st January
d) 1st September and 1st January
e)1st December and 1st September

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Question 3:

In which month (on 1st day) is the difference between maximum temperature and minimum temperature of Bhuj the second highest?

a) 1st September
b) 1st October
c) 1st November
d) 1st December
e)1st January

Question 4:

What is the average maximum temperature of Beijing over all the months together?

a) 8.4 °C
b) 9.6 ° C
c) 7.6 °C
d) 9.2 ° C
e)8.6 ° C

Question 5:

What is the ratio of the minimum temperature of Beijing on 1st September to the maximum temperature of Ontario on 1st October?

a) 3 : 4
b) 3 : 5
c) 4 : 5
d) 1 : 5
e)1 : 4

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Solutions (1 to 5)

1) Answer (e)

Max. temperature in Ontario on 1st November = 4
Min. temperature in Bhuj on 1st January = -7
So, difference = 11

2) Answer (a)

Kabul has the second highest maximum temperature on 1st October.
The minimum temperature in Sydney is the lowest on 1st January.
So, option a) is the correct answer.

3) Answer (c)

The differences between the maximum and minimum temperatures in Bhuj are as follows:
1st September – 10
1st October – 14
1st November – 11
1st December – 7
1st January – 3
So, the second highest difference is on 1st November.

4) Answer (e)

Required average temperature = (12+9+15+2+5)/5 = 43/5 = 8.6

5) Answer (b)

Min. temperature in Beijing on 1st September = 9
Max. temperature in Ontario on 1st October = 15
So, required ratio = 9:15 = 3:5

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