Current Affairs 17th April 2019 Today Quiz

Current Affairs 17th April 2019 Today Quiz
Current Affairs 17th April 2019 Today Quiz

Take today’s Quiz of current affairs of 17th April 2019 covering all important happenings in India and the world. Daily GK Update Free Quiz on Top 10 current affairs of 17th April 2019 useful for UPSC, SSC, RPF, Banking & other competitive exams.

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1.Which book has won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in the category of fiction?

1.The Italian teacher

2.The Echomaker


4.The Overstory

Ans: 4 – The Overstory

2.In which constituency was the 2019 loksabha poll rescinded over the use of money power?

1.Lucknow constituency

2.Vellore constituency

3.Kozhikode constituency

4.Tirucharapalli constituency

Ans: 2 – Vellore constituency

3.Who has won the 2019 Badminton Singapore Open Men’s Singles title?

1.Kento Momoto

2.Kidambi Srikanth

3.Lin Dan

4.Anthony Ginting

Ans: 1 – Kento Momoto

4.Which day is celebrated as the State Day of Himachal Pradesh?

1.12th April

2.15th April

3.13th April

4.17th April

Ans: 2 – 15th April

5.Which Space Corporation is going to launch the NASA’s (DART) Double Asteroid Redirection Test?





Ans: 4 – SpaceX

6.Which state has celebrated its new year with the Rongali Bihu festival recently?


2.Arunachal Pradesh



Ans: 1 – Assam

7.Which is the world’s first armed amphibious drone boat successfully tested by China recently?

1.Marine Seahorse

2.Marine Crocodile

3.Marine Lizard

4.Marine Whale

Ans: 3 – Marine Lizard

8.Who is the current Seychelles President?

1.Danny Faure

2.James Michel

3.Vincent Meriton

4.James Mancham

Ans: 1 – Danny Faure

9.Which is the new wing setup by the Ministry of External Affairs recently?

1.Indo-Africa wing

2.Indo-pacific wing

3.Indo-Australian wing

4.Indo-European wing

Ans: 2 – Indo-pacific wing

10.Which parliament has approved the constitutional ammendments recently that would extend the country’s president term till 2030?



3.South Africa

4. Mozambique

Ans: 1 – Egypt

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