Cloze Test Questions For SBI Clerk Set-2 PDF

cloze test questions for sbi clerk set-2 pdf
cloze test questions for sbi clerk set-2 pdf

Cloze Test Questions For SBI Clerk Set-2 PDF

Download SBI Clerk Cloze Test Questions & Answers PDF for SBI Clerk Prelims and Mains exam. Very Important SBI Clerk Cloze Test questions on with solutions.

Download Cloze Test Questions For SBI Clerk Set-2 PDF

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By actual count, the __(1)__ struck at my establishment seven hundred and sixty-four times in forty minutes, but __(2)__ on one of those faithful rods every time, and __(3)__ down the spiral-twist and shot into the earth before it probably had time to be __(4)__ at the way the thing was done. And through all that bombardment only one patch of slates was ripped up, and that was because, for a single instant, the rods in the __(5)__ were transporting all the lightning they could possibly accommodate.

Question 1: __(5)__

a) vicinity

b) time

c) moment

d) past

e) crevice

Question 2: __(4)__

a) complacent

b) surprised

c) stubborn

d) determined

e) intrepid

Question 3: __(3)__

a) cornered

b) shut

c) slim

d) slid

e) shoot

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Question 4: __(2)__

a) killed

b) destroyed

c) tripped

d) energized

e) tired

Question 5: __(1)__

a) rain

b) lightning

c) snow fall

d) hail storm

e) fog


Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words:

It was far ______(1)_______ the night now, and the lone watcher felt too uneasy to retire. The moon shone with great brilliancy, and she sat without a light, busying herself with some coarse sewing. The children were peacefully sleeping, and not a sound was to be heard ______(2)______ their breathing, and the whisper of the wind outside. The silence was painful to her, and she arose and _______(3)______ out of the window again. Everything looked weird and ghastly. What a _______(4)_______! For miles over the smooth prairie not a human habitation was to be seen. In the other direction stood the mysterious forest. How black and dismal seemed the trunks of the trees in the shimmering moonbeams! She gazed timidly at their _______(5)_______ outlines, with strained eye.

Question 6: (5)

a) stunning

b) sharp

c) beautiful

d) dark

e) indistinct

Question 7: (4)

a) peace

b) moment

c) solitude

d) place

e) scenery

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Question 8: (3)

a) peered

b) fell

c) went

d) leered

e) gazed

Question 9: (2)

a) because

b) save

c) apart

d) for

e) than

Question 10: (1)

a) after

b) about

c) from

d) into

e) dark

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Select the option that contains the word that can be used to fill the blank given in the passage:

Lord Henry ___(1)___ his pointed brown beard and tapped the toe of his patent-leather boot with a tasselled ebony cane. “How English you are Basil! That is the second time you have made that ___(2)___. If one puts ___(3)___ an idea to a true Englishman—always a rash thing to do—he never dreams of ___(4)___ whether the idea is right or wrong. The only thing he considers of any importance is whether one believes it ___(5)___. Now, the value of an idea has nothing whatsoever to do with the sincerity of the man who expresses it.

Question 11: (5)

a) herself

b) themself

c) himself

d) oneself

e) itself

Question 12: (4)

a) considering

b) classification

c) effective

d) speculation

e) worthwhile

Question 13: (3)

a) new

b) backward

c) forward

d) innovative

e) worst

Question 14: (2)

a) peculiar

b) specialist

c) brotherhood

d) clarify

e) observation

Question 15: (1)

a) strike

b) stroked

c) stricken

d) cut

e) moved


Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words.
Although both China and India are labour-abundant and ___(1)___ on manufacturing, their export mixes are very different. Only one product-refined petroleum-appears in the ___(2)___ 25 products for both countries and services exports are roughly twice as important for India as for China, which is much better ___(3)___ into global production networks. Assuming India also begins to integrate into global production chains and expands exports of manufactured products, there seems to be opportunity for ___(4)___ growth in both countries. Accelerated growth through ___(5)___ improvements in China and India, especially in their high-tech industries, will intensify competition in global markets leading to contraction of the manufacturing sectors in many countries.

Question 16: ___(5)___

a) measly

b) varied

c) efficiency

d) pristine

e) virtual

Question 17: ___(4)___

a) uncertain

b) tedious

c) vicious

d) rapid

e) mistaken

Question 18: ___(3)___

a) delegated

b) refined

c) studded

d) ruminated

e) integrated

Question 19: ___(2)___

a) top

b) common

c) beyond

d) young

e) rich

Question 20: ___(1)___

a) agreeable

b) dependent

c) close

d) uncertain

e) behind

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

Among the given options ‘vicinity’ which means surrounding area completes the sentence meaningfully. Hence, option A.

2) Answer (B)

‘complacent’ means self-satisfied. ‘stubborn’ means ‘adamant’. ‘intrepid’ means ‘fearless’. Clearly, option b fits best. Hence, option B is the correct choice.

3) Answer (D)

Option d is the best substitution here as rest of the options does not form meaningful sentences. Hence, D.

4) Answer (C)

In (2), we cannot use destroyed since, the event is a recurring one and uses the phrase ‘every time’. ‘killed’ cannot be used for an inanimate object. Option c fits best. Hence, option C is the answer.

5) Answer (B)

In (1), lightning struck makes a suitable pair. Rest of the options does not go well. Hence, B.

6) Answer (E)

It has been mentioned in the passage that the person looked with a strained eye. Had the outlines been clearly visible, the person would not have the need to strain herself. Therefore, the outlines of the trees should have appeared indistinct and hence, option E is the right answer.

7) Answer (C)

In the line after the blank, the author describes how the house was the only one in miles. He describes how the house is isolated in the expanse of the Prairie. Therefore, among the given words, ‘solitude’ is the most appropriate one to fill the blank and hence, option C is the right answer.

8) Answer (A)

From the sentences that follow the blank, we can infer that the person looked out with great difficulty. She did not stand there admiring the view. Among the given words, ‘peered’ is the word that captures the difficulty with which the person watched out of the window and hence, option A is the right answer.

9) Answer (B)

Apart from the sound due to the breathing of children, there was no other sound. ‘Because’ and ‘apart’ cannot be used since there is no preposition after the blank. ‘Save their breathing’ captures the fact that the sound due to their breathing was the only noise. Therefore, option B is the right answer.

10) Answer (D)

On reading the passage, we can infer that the passage describes happenings in the middle of the night in an isolated house located in the Prairie. ‘Far into the night’ captures the time at which the incidents occur perfectly and hence, option D is the right answer.

11) Answer (D)

For ‘One’ oneself is used.
Hence, option D is the correct answer.

12) Answer (A)

‘Considering’ is the best word as per the context.
Hence, option A is the correct answer.

13) Answer (C)

Ideas are always put forward.
Hence, option C is the correct answer.

14) Answer (E)

Basil has been complimented for making something. Only ‘observation’ can fit in the context.
Hence, option E is the correct answer.

15) Answer (B)

‘Stroke’ means to caress which is the appropriate word as per the context.
Hence, option B is the correct answer.

16) Answer (C)

The word must describe something which causes accelerated growth. Only efficiency would make sense to use here, so Option C is correct.

17) Answer (D)

The sentence must use a positive adjective for growth. “Rapid” is the only positive option. Hence, Option D is the correct answer.

18) Answer (E)

The sentence wants to explain China’s situation in comparison to India-globally. Integrated networks make the most sense since this is discussed even later in the paragraph.

19) Answer (A)

The sentence wants to describe the countries product mixes, comparing the top 25 product mixes makes sense. The other options are out of context.

20) Answer (B)

The word we are looking for must describe China and India’s situation on manufacturing. Since later in the passage it speaks of their reliance on manufacturing Option B is most accurate.

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