CAT Vocabulary Word List PDF

CAT Vocabulary PDF
CAT Vocabulary PDF

CAT Vocabulary Word List PDF consists of the important English Vocabulary for CAT with questions and answers. This PDF will be very useful as CAT vocabulary builder.

Many questions are being asked in CAT previous papers on English Vocabulary. Though directly at present questions are not being asked on Vocabulary, but the this CAT vocabulary word list PDF will be very useful while solving Reading Comprehension questions in the section of Verbal ability for CAT. This Vocabulary for CAT list PDF will be also useful for XAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT, NMAT, SNAP, IIFT etc.,

English root words will be very helpful for learning vocabulary for CAT. If you doesn’t know the exact meaning of give word while solving RC’s it is better to assume a meaning that goes will in the context of the given passage.

Please download this CAT Vocabulary word list PDF and also share it with other CAT aspirants.

Download CAT Vocabulary Word List PDF

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Question and Answers on English Vocabulary for CAT:

Question 1:

The __________, those cellular bodies which contain the __________ particles, the genes, provide us with basic facts of genetic transmission.
A.protoplasm, microscopic

B.globules, fat

C.cytoplasm, minute

D.chromosomes, hereditary

Question 2:

The insurance claim was __________ by the relevant documents

B.backed out

C.backed up


Question 3:

I should not have __________ to talk in such a __________ strain especially when I had not studied the man to whom I was talking.
A.daring, commanding

B.try, bold

C.ventured, peremptory

D.emboldened, reckless

Question 4:

High prices are often the __________ of __________ of goods
A.accompaniment, dearth

B.concomitant, scarcity

C.cause, destitution

D.result, glut

Question 5:

The recent disturbances in the country will __________ and peace will be restored.
A.blow past

B.blow over

C.pass through

D.come to pass

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Answers of CAT vocabulary tests

1) Answer (D)
Among the options, the only word that is applicable in the second blank is ‘hereditary’, because that is what ‘genes’ are associated with. Option d) is the correct answer.

2) Answer (C)
A claim should be supported by relevant documents. The phrasal verb to be used in this context is ‘backed up’, which means ‘supported’. Option c) is the correct answer.

3) Answer (C)
The word in the first blank should be a verb in the past tense. This rules out options a) and b). The meaning of ‘peremptory’ is ‘insisting on immediate obedience or attention’. This is a better fit in the second blank compared to ‘reckless’. Option c) is the correct answer.

4) Answer (A)
The sentence is trying to convey the idea that high prices often accompany a scarcity of goods. From the options, the best combination of words in this context is ‘accompaniment’ and ‘dearth’, which means ‘scarcity’. Option a) is the correct answer.

5) Answer (B)
The correct phrasal verb that should be used in this context is ‘blow over’, which means ‘fade away without any serious consequences’. Option b) is the correct answer.

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