Analogy Questions For Railway Group-D PDF

Analogy Questions For Railway Group-D PDF
Analogy Questions For Railway Group-D PDF

Analogy Questions For Railway Group-D PDF:

Download Analogy Questions For Railway Group-D PDF with detailed solutions. Important Practice Analogy questions based on previous year railway/RRB exam papers.

Download Analogy Questions For Railway Group-D PDF

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Question 1: In one side of the sign:: two words are given and in other side one word is given. From the given options, choose the word that may maintain this relationship.
Bacteria: Disease:: War: ?

a) Military
b) Defeat
c) Arms
d) Destructions

Question 2: P and Q are two examination halls. If 10 examinees are sent from P into Q, the number of examinees becomes equal in both the halls. If 20 examinees are transferred from Q into the number of examinees becomes double in P in comparison with Q. What is the number of examinees in each P and Q separately ?

a) 60, 40
b) 70, 50
c) 80, 60
d) 100, 80

Question 3: Natural:Artificial:Spontaneous: ?

a) calculated
b) impromptu
c) instinctive
d) free of all

Question 4: Grass:Lawn::Tree: ?

a) Field
b) Forest
c) Pasture
d) Farm

Question 5: If ‘dog’ is ‘cat’ is ‘rat’ ‘rat’ is ‘mat’ ‘mat’ is ‘cow’ then which one of the following is not an animal ?

a) mat
b) dog
c) cow
d) rat

Question 6: MOLLIFY is to APPEASE as APPURTENANCE is to

a) Gratify
b) Avarice
c) Accessory
d) Amend

Instructions: In the following question there are two words to the left of sign (::) which are connected in same way. The same relationship obtains between the third word and one of the four alter-natives under it. Find the correct alternative in each case.

Question 7: River : Dam : : Traffic : ?

a) Signal
b) Vehicle
c) Motion
d) lane

Question 8: Session : Concludes : : ? : Lapses

a) Leave
b) Permit
c) Agency
d) Policy

Question 9: KEATS=25, SHELLEY=35, BROWNING=?

a) 45
b) 37
c) 50
d) 40

Question 10: 3251 + 587 + 369 – ? = 3007

a) 1250
b) 1300
c) 1375
d) 1200

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (D)

Just like bacteria brings disease, war brings destructions. Hence (d) is the right answer.

2) Answer (D)

Since by sending 10 candidates from P into Q, they become equal, the difference between P and Q is 20. Let P have x and Q have “x-20” candidates. But 2*( “x-20” -20) = x+20

So, x = 100 candidates.

3) Answer (A)

The opposite of Natural is artificial. The opposite of spontaneous is calculated.

4) Answer (B)

There is a lot of grass in the lawn and a lot of trees in the forest.

5) Answer (A)

Mat is not an animal and it is coded as cow. So, cow is the only non-animal in the list.

6) Answer (C)

Mollify and appease, both means to ease the anger of someone.Thus, they are synonyms. Similarly, accessory is the synonym of appurtenance

7) Answer (A)

Dam controls the flow of water in a river. Similarly, signal controls the traffic of vehicles

8) Answer (D)

When sessions are over, they are said to conclude.Likewise, when a policy is expired it is said to lapse.

9) Answer (D)

each word given is equal to the number of letters in the word multiplied by 5.
Thus, BROWNING = 8 x 5 = 40

10) Answer (D)

Here ? = 3251 + 587 + 369 – 3007
= 1200

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