Agriculture and Rural Development Questions and Answers Notes PDF – Set-12

agri and rural dev for nabard
agri and rural dev for nabard

Agriculture and Rural Development Questions and Answers Notes for NABARD and UPSC Set-12

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Question 1: Who among the following is the current executive director of United Nations Environment Programme, which is head quartered at Nairobi, Kenya?

a: Antonio Guterres
b: Erik Solheim
c: Irina Bokova
d: Ban-ki-moon
e: Achim Steiner

Question 2: A grant agreement of how much amount has been signed by Government of India with Global Environment Facility of World Bank?

a: USD 38.72 Million
b: USD 450.19 Million
c: USD 11.2 Million
d: USD 58.91 Million
e: USD 24.64 Million

Question 3: What does “A” stand for NAPCC a mission for addressing the climate change in India?

a: Augment
b: Action
c: Aided
d: Annual
e: Association

Question 4: Which of the following is not one of the missions of NAPCC?

a: National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency
b: National Solar Mission
c: National Mission for Green India
d: National Mission for development of MSME
e: National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture

Question 5: What is the rank of India out of 180 Countries in the recently published Environment Performance Index by Yale and Columbia Universities in collaboration with World Economic Forum?

a: 177th
b: 56th
c: 109th
d: 72nd
e: 84th

Question 6: How many Indicators are taken into consideration for arriving at the environment performance index by publishing Organizations?

a: 24 Indicators
b: 32 Indicators
c: 11 Indicators
d: 05 Indicators
e: 56 Indicators

Question 7: The 24th conference of parties to the united nations framework convention on climate change will be organized by which of the following countries?

a: France
b: Poland
c: Germany
d: India
e: Russia

Question 8: Which of the following country represents “B” in BASIC countries which is a bloc of four newly industrialized countries which is formed by an agreement in the year 2009?

a: Belgium
b: Bangladesh
c: Bulgaria
d: Brazil
e: Bolivia

Question 9: Which of the following countries has been award certificate of commendation from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) for its effort in combating illegal wildlife trade?

a: Srilanka
b: India
c: Australia
d: USA
e: Japan

Question 10: What is the name of the six-year project launched by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change in collaboration with UNDP for conservation of locally and globally significant bio-diversity, land and forest resources in High Himalayan eco-system?

a: SECURE Himalaya
b: PROTECT Himalaya
c: SWACHH Himalaya
d: SAVE Himalaya
e: CORE Himalaya


Question 01: B
Question 02: E
Question 03: B
Question 04: D
Question 05: A
Question 06: A
Question 07: B
Question 08: D
Question 09: B
Question 10: A

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