When To Start Preparing For CAT 2023? [Month-wise Study Plan]

When To Start Preparing For CAT 2023?
When To Start Preparing For CAT 2023?

CAT(Common Admission test) is one of the most popular and competitive MBA entrance tests in the country. As we all know, every year, nearly 2 lakhs of students are appearing for the CAT examination to grab a seat in the top b-schools in India. As we all know, CAT 2022 is over; Now it is time to think about the CAT 2023 exam. In this article, we give you a clarification about when to start preparing for CAT 2023 with a well-structured monthly study plan to prepare for the CAT 2023 examination.

What Is The Perfect Time To Start Preparing For CAT 2023 Exam?

Preparing for CAT requires a lot of dedication, hard work and planning. It is advised to start preparing earlier to get a high chance of scoring well. Most of the CAT experts recommend starting your CAT preparation at least 8 to 9 months before the CAT examination date. It is good enough to cover the entire CAT 2023 syllabus, practice, and revise. If you start your preparation early, you can also take your time and study at your own pace. This can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with the examination.

Check out the below well-structured monthly plan for CAT 2023 preparation that can help you to prepare for the CAT exam in a systematic manner.

Month-wise Study Plan For CAT 2023

Our target is to cover the basics and concepts of all the sections within 3-4 months. The candidates must start revising the concepts and start taking mocks. It is advised to follow the below month-wise study plan that can help the aspirants to prepare well in a month-wise schedule.

March-May/July 2023: Cover All The Basic Concepts

It is better to start by familiarizing yourself with the basics. Firstly, it is better to go thorough with the CAT 2023 syllabus and understand the exam pattern. You can also start by revising all the fundamentals and basic concepts in Quantitative Aptitude. One can download this CAT Quant Formulas PDF to cover all the fundamentals, formulas, tips and shortcuts to solve the tricky question in the Quant section of CAT. You can also purchase the quant formula handbook provided by Cracku. You can purchase this handbook online for just Rs.99/-.

CAT quant formula Handbook
CAT quant formula Handbook

Buy it For Just Rs.99/-

June 2023: Revise the concepts, Practice, and Take one mock per week

Once you have a firm grasp of the basic concepts, the immediate step is to strengthen the concepts that you have learned. So one must have to start solving questions and taking practice tests. Take a CAT mock test to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on strengthening your weak areas and practice regularly. You can utilize a free CAT mock test which is provided by Cracku, to get an idea about your strengths and weaknesses. Click on the given below link to take a free CAT mock test.

Take Free CAT Mock Test

Take CAT 2023 Daily Targets

July 2023: Take Section Tests and One Mock Per Week

As mentioned before, try taking at least one mock per week. Mocks play a crucial role in CAT preparation. They help you understand the exam pattern, improve time management, and assess your strengths and weaknesses. Analyse your performance, identify the area where you need to improve and work on them. You can also take the sectional tests which are provided by Crakcu. Taking these sectional tests will help you to improve your weak areas within the sections of the CAT exam.

August 2023: Take Two Mocks Per Week

Now you can increase the frequency of taking mock tests. Try to take atleast two CAT Mock Tests per week. Taking a good number of mock tests is not enough one must have to analyze your mock and assess your performance. Find out in which areas you are getting weak and try to improve for the next mock test. Revise the concept that you find challenging.

September 2023: Improve Your Question Selection Skills While Taking A Mock

As we all know, the CAT exam consists of a total of 66 questions. Among those, you can target at least 75% of the questions to attempt to score 99+ percentile in CAT. Selecting the best question is one of the most imperative skills in the CAT exam. Choosing a time-consuming question while taking the actual CAT exam can make you stuck and also cause you to lose confidence. So try to improve your question selection skills while taking a mock test.

October 2023: Practice CAT Previous Question Papers

One of the cheap and best resources for CAT preparation are the previous question papers. Solving the previous CAT question papers will help you to understand the level of questions that appears in the actual CAT examination. Cracku provides you with free CAT previous question papers PDFs with detailed video solutions. Try to experiment with various exam-taking strategies on these CAT previous question papers. Having an exam-taking strategy is very important for CAT aspirants to get the desired percentile.

November 2023: Finalize Your Exam-taking Strategy

As this is the month of the CAT exam, it is better to find the best exam-taking strategy that suits you. Revise all the basics and take a good number of mock tests. And also, remember that avoid learning any new concepts in these last days because you can lose your confidence if you look into the new concepts. Stay motivated and avoid a pessimistic attitude.

Free CAT 2023 Daily Preparation Schedule

A well-structured preparation schedule is very crucial for the aspirants who are preparing for the CAT examination. It is a challenging task to make a schedule for CAT preparation. If you are searching for a CAT preparation schedule. We provide you with an effective CAT 2023 preparation plan which is flexible for any type of aspirant, whether you are a beginner, working professional, CAT repeater, or whatever. You can also download this CAT 2023 preparation schedule PDF. The link to download the PDF is given below. Also, have a look at the sample image from the CAT 2023 preparation schedule PDF below.

CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF Sample Image
CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF Sample Image

Downlaod CAT 2023 Preparation Schedule

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