TOP-50 Geography questions || SSC-CPO

TOP-50 Geography questions || SSC-CPO
TOP-50 Geography questions || SSC-CPO

TOP-50 Geography questions for SSC-CPO

Download SSC-CPO Geography Questions with answers PDF based on previous papers which is useful for SSC-CPO exams. 50 Very important Geography Questions for SSC exams.

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Question 1: National Handicrafts and Handloom Museum is located in which of the following cities?

a) Guwahati

b) Cuttack

c) Lucknow

d) Dehradun

e) New Delhi

Question 2: Which is the longest irrigation canal in India?

a) Sirhind Canal

b) Yamuna Canal

c) Indira Gandhi Canal

d) East Kosi Canal

Question 3: Cairo is the capital of which country?

a) Egypt

b) Namibia

c) Zimbabwe

d) None of the above

Question 4: The biggest delta in the world is the

a) Nippon Delta

b) Sicily Delta

c) Ganges Delta

d) Caspian Delta

Question 5: Where is Rail Coach Factory located?

a) Kapurtala

b) Chhapra

c) Patiala

d) Bangalore

Question 6: Headquarters of North-Eastern Railways is located at  ?

a) Guwahati

b) Gorakhpur

c) Kolkata

d) Bhubaneshwar

Question 7: What is the name of the white salt which covers the land in some areas during dry season?

a) usar

b) reh

c) erg

d) reg

Question 8: Raniganj Coalfield is primarily situated in which district of West Bengal?

a) Dhanbad

b) Malda

c) Murshidabad

d) Paschim Bardhaman

Question 9: National Emblem of India is adopted in which year?

a) 1945

b) 1950

c) 1947

d) 1949

Question 10: Malabar civet which is listed in the critically endangered species list is found in which part of India?

a) Western Ghats

b) Northern Ghats

c) Eastern Ghats

d) All the above

Question 11: World’s longest land border is between which two countries?

a) Australia and New Zealand

b) India and China

c) Switzerland and Italy

d) Canada and USA

Question 12: In which state of India are the Sanchi Stupas located?

a) Uttar Pradesh

b) Bihar

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Odisha

e) Rajasthan

Question 13: Diamond Mines are located in ?

a) Rajastan

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Karnataka

d) Gujarat

Question 14: Typhoon ‘Rammasun’ is

a) China

b) Singapore

c) India

d) Japan

e) Myanmar

Question 15: In which continent is the world’ longest river located?

a) Asia

b) Africa

c) Australia

d) Antarctica

Question 16: A volcano that is not expected to erupt again is called_____________

a) Cinder cone

b) Moraine

c) Lava

d) Extinct volcano

Question 17: Headquarters of South-Western Railway are located in–

a) Bengaluru

b) Hubli

c) Belgaum

d) Secunderabad

Question 18: Which location does not have an oil refinery ?

a) Numaligarh

b) Kochi

c) Panipat

d) Agra

Question 19: ’Thumba’ India’s Rocket Launching Centre is located in

a) Haryana

b) Maharashtra

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Gujarat

e) Odihsa

Question 20: The atomic power station in Rajasthan is situated at:

a) Pokhran

b) Suratgarh

c) Rawatbhata

d) Chittorgarh

Question 21: Shivalik hills are mountain ranges of outer Himalayas located in?

a) Nepal

b) India

c) Bhutan

d) China

Question 22: Black soil is not found in

a) Tamil Nadu

b) Maharashtra

c) West Bengal

d) Andhra Pradesh

Question 23: ‘Malegaon’ which was in news recently is a town in –

a) Bihar

b) Gujarat

c) Madhya Pradesh

d) Chhattisgarh

e) Maharashtra

Question 24: Which two cities are going to be connected by the India’s first bullet train?

a) Mumbai & Bhopal

b) Chennai & Bangalore

c) Mumbai & New Delhi

d) Mumbai & Ahmedabad

Question 25: Which channel separates Andaman & Nicobar islands?

a) 9 degree channel

b) 18 degree channel

c) 10 degree channel

d) 8 degree channel


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Question 26: Kuroishio & Oyashio currents are formed in which ocean?

a) Indian ocean

b) Arctic ocean

c) Atlantic ocean

d) Pacific ocean

Question 27: Which mineral is extracted from the Naharkatiya mine in Assam ?

a) Mineral oil

b) Manganese

c) Copper

d) Iron ore

Question 28: The Largest port is

a) Kolkata

b) Mumbai

c) Haldia

d) Kandla

Question 29: What is the percentage of Nitrogen on Earth?

a) 14%

b) 43%

c) 78%

d) 21%

Question 30: Which are the landlocked states in India that donot have international boundary ?

a) Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Telangana, Haryana

b) Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Telangana, Punjab

c) Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana

d) Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharshtra, Haryana

Question 31: Which is the only South American country to be larger than India?

a) Argentina

b) Brazil

c) Chile

d) Venezula

Question 32: Where does the eastern syntaxial bend of Himalayas occur?

a) Nag tibba

b) Khasi hills

c) Nanga Parbat

d) Namcha Barwa

Question 33: Zoji La Pass is located in which state?

a) Jammu & Kashmir

b) Himachal Pradesh

c) Uttarakhand

d) Sikkim

Question 34: At which place will you find maximum sunlight in December Month?

a) Leh

b) Pune

c) Chennai

d) Kolkatta

Question 35: Which are the oldest range of mountains in India?

a) Himalayas

b) Aravalis

c) Nilgiri mountains

d) Purvanchal hills

Question 36: Mettur dam is situated on which river?

a) Brahmaputra river

b) Godavari river

c) Krishna river

d) Cauvery river

Question 37: In the aftermath of which cyclone does the New Moore island appear in the Bay of Bengal?

a) Nilophar cyclone

b) Phyan cyclone

c) Bhola cyclone

d) Vardah cyclone

Question 38: In which year was the Indus Water Treaty signed between India and Pakistan?

a) 1980

b) 1950

c) 1970

d) 1960

Question 39: Pravara, Pranahita & Manjira are the tributaries of which river?

a) Cauvery river

b) Godavari river

c) Krishna river

d) Mahanadi river

Question 40: According to Koeppen, how many climatic regions was India divided into?

a) 10

b) 6

c) 9

d) 7

Question 41: Which state receives its main rainfall in the october-november months?

a) Tamil Nadu

b) Kerala

c) Karnataka

d) Gujarat

Question 42: Alluvial soils are deficient of which substances?

a) Lime

b) Potash

c) Nitrogen & Humus

d) All of the above

Question 43: Which place in mainland India experiences the onset of the south west monsoon first?

a) Kerala

b) Karnataka

c) Tamil Nadu

d) Andhra Pradesh

Question 44: Which type of forests cover the maximum area in India?

a) Alpine forests

b) Tropical Evergreen forests

c) Tropical Moist Deciduous forests

d) Montane forests

Question 45: From where does the Western Disturbances originate?

a) Bay of Bengal

b) Arabian sea

c) Mediterranean region

d) Pacific ocean

Question 46: Which kind of rock is Limestone?

a) Metamorphic

b) Sedimentary

c) Igneous

d) None of the above

Question 47: Which crops are grown in winter season?

a) Terai

b) Zaid

c) Kharif

d) Rabi

Question 48: Which National Highway connects Jalandhar to Uri?

a) NH-1A

b) NH-2

c) NH-4

d) NH-5

Question 49: Ajanta and Ellora caves are situated in which state of India?

a) Kerala

b) Odisha

c) Maharashtra

d) Jammu & Kashmir

Question 50: Sasan Ultra mega power project which is a subsidiary of Reliance power is located at?

a) Uttarakhand

b) Maharashtra

c) Gujarat

d) Madhya Pradesh

e) Kerala

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (E)

2) Answer (C)

3) Answer (A)

4) Answer (C)

5) Answer (A)

6) Answer (B)

7) Answer (B)

8) Answer (D)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (A)

11) Answer (D)

12) Answer (C)

13) Answer (B)

14) Answer (A)

15) Answer (B)

16) Answer (D)

17) Answer (B)

18) Answer (D)

19) Answer (A)

20) Answer (C)

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21) Answer (A)

22) Answer (C)

23) Answer (E)

24) Answer (D)

25) Answer (C)

26) Answer (D)

27) Answer (A)

28) Answer (B)

29) Answer (C)

30) Answer (A)

31) Answer (B)

32) Answer (D)

33) Answer (A)

34) Answer (C)

35) Answer (B)

36) Answer (D)

37) Answer (C)

38) Answer (D)

39) Answer (B)

40) Answer (C)

41) Answer (A)

42) Answer (C)

43) Answer (A)

44) Answer (C)

45) Answer (C)

46) Answer (B)

47) Answer (D)

48) Answer (A)

49) Answer (C)

50) Answer (D)

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