Study Material For SBI Clerk 2018 PDF

Study Material For SBI Clerk 2018 PDF
Study Material For SBI Clerk 2018 PDF

Study Material For SBI Clerk 2018 PDF

Download SBI Clerk study material for english, quantitative aptitude and reasoning. We have provided some sample questions for the SBI clerk prelims and mains exam.

Study Material For SBI Clerk 2018 PDF

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Question 1:

A and B together can complete a particular task in 4 days. If A alone can complete the same task in 12 days, how many days will B take to complete the task if he works alone ?

a) 9 days
b) 7 days
c) 5 days
d) 3 days
e) None of these

Question 2:

32 Men can complete a job in 16 days. In how many days will 16 men complete that job ?

a) 14
b) 12
c) 16
d) 9
e)None of these

Question 3:

Each odd digit in the number 5263187 is substituted by the next higher digit and each even digit is substituted by the previous lower digit and the digits so obtained are rearranged in ascending order, which of the following will be the, third digit from the left end after the rearrangement ?

a) 2
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
e)None of these

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SBI Clerk prelims free mock test


In the following passage, there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case.
There is a considerable amount of research about the factors that make a company innovate. So is it possible to create an environment (186) to innovation. This is particularly pertinent (187) for India today .Massive problems in health, education etc.(188) be solved using a conventional approach but (189) creative an innovative solution that can ensure radical change and (190) there are several factors in India’s(191) few countries have the rich diversity that India or its large young population(192) while these (193) innovation policy interventions certain additional steps are also required. These include (194) investment in research and development by (195) the government and the private sector east transfer of technology from the academic world etc.,To fulfil the promise of being prosperous and to be at the forefront, India must be innovative.

Question 4:


a) stimuli
b) conducive
c) incentive
d) facilitated

Question 5:


a) objective
b) controversy
c) doubt
d) question

Question 6:


a) cannot
b) possibly
c) should
d) never
e) must

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Question 7:


a) necessary
b) apply
c) need
d) consider
e) requires

Question 8:


a) quantity
b) advantages
c) increase
d) chaos
e) growth

Question 9:


a) challenges
b) praises
c) favour
d) leverage
e) esteem

Question 10:


a) blessed
b) enjoys
c) endows
d) prevails

SBI Clerk Free Practice Questions


Observe the arrangement below and answer the questions that follow:

T H U 0 $ & G # 3 M 1 % A 5 W 7 < @ 9 Q P 8

Question 11:

Of the five options below, only one of them is different from the pattern of the other four. Select that option.

a) 3A1
b) H&amp;0
c) @8Q
d) AW&lt;

Question 12:

Select the element that’s sixth to the left of the seventh element from the right.

a) 1
b) M
c) %
d) 3
e)None of the above

Question 13:

How many times in the arrangement does a number, alphabet and symbol (in any order) are next to each other?

a) 8
b) 9
c) 10
d) 11
e)None of the above

Question 14:

Are there more vowels or consonants in the list?

a) More vowels
b) More consonants
c) Equal
d) Can’t be determined.
e)None of the above

Question 15:

If the 10 elements from the right are reversed, what will the fifteenth element from the left be?

a) W
b) Q
c) A
d) 5
e)None of the above.

SBI Clerk Daily practice tests

Solutions (1 to 3)

1) Answer (e)

Let the speed of A and B be x and y respectively to complete W work.
x+y = (W/4)
Now, x = (W/12)
Therefore, y = W/6
Hence, y can complete piece of work in 6 days.

2) Answer (e)

32 men complete a job in 16 days.
The number of days it takes 1 man to complete the job is 32*16 = 512 days.
Hence, the number of days it takes 16 men to complete the job is 512/16 = 32 days.
As none of the options is 32 days, the correct answer is option (e)

3) Answer (b)

5263187 will change to 6154278 after the modifications done as mentioned in the question.
Now arranging them in ascending order => 1245678
=> Third digit from left = 4

Solutions (4 to 10)

4) Answer (b)

The logic of the previous sentence states that there are certain factors which effect a company’s innovation.The following sentence is raising a question doubting the possibility of favorable environment for innovation. Hence. ‘Conducive’ meaning favorable fits in correctly.To stimulate means to boost. Incentive means an add on package and cannot precede ‘environment ‘. Impetus means momentum’ favorable impetus environment seems awkward’ . Facilitated means made someone comfortable and doesnt fit in the context. B, conducive meaning favorable is correct.

5) Answer (d)

The previous sentence is a question raising doubts on innovation. Hence ‘ this particularly a pertinent question for India today’ is right. Objective means purpose,controversy means arguable. Doubt means not very clear. Inference means conclusion. Reread the entire sentence with options,’ question’ fits correct. Hence,D

6) Answer (a)

The passage states that the author is favoring innovation and is against to other methods which are not going to give outputs . Hence, in the author’s point of view, conventional approach cannot solve medical and health problems. Hence,’must should,possibly’ can be eliminated.Although, ‘never’ can be used wrt context, it should be preceded by can to give proper meaning. Hence, A.c

7) Answer (c)

8) Answer (e)

The main idea of the passage is that India should not implement conventional approach to solve problems. It should think innovative to ensure that changes occur and growth follows. Hence, E is correct. All other options dont find relevance to the given context.

9) Answer (c)

Leverage can be eliminated as it means borrowed capital. Esteem can be eliminated as it means self respect and doesnt fit into the context. C, favor is correct as it reads ‘there are several factors in India’s favor.’ which means there are a lot of factors supporting India’s diversity and the passage too replicates the same. Hence, C.

10) Answer (b)

Solutions (11 to 15)

11) Answer (d)

The options have an element, the element four positions to it’s right and then the element two positions to it’s right.

12) Answer (b)

The element required is 13th from the right.

13) Answer (a)

There are 8 such combinations.

U 0 $
G # 3
# 3 M
M 1 %
1 % A
% A 5
W 7 <
@ 9 Q

14) Answer (b)

There are more consonants in the list and only 3 vowels.

15) Answer (b)

The letters from A will be reversed, so counting will continue from the right side.

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