Sentence Correction Questions for Bank Exams

Sentence Correction Questions for Bank Exams
Sentence Correction Questions for Bank Exams

Sentence correction questions are a part of grammar questions that will be asked in SBI Clerk bank exams. You need to identify grammatical errors in english sentences. Spotting errors involves reading the given sentence and find out the sentence/phrase that have grammatical mistake, (The sentence that is not following english grammar rule).

Sentence Correction Questions for Bank Exams:

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Which of the phrases a), b), c) and d) given below each statement should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct ?
If the sentence is correct as it is given and ‘No correction is required’, mark e) as the answer.

Question 1:

Soon after the Tsunami had killed thousands of people along the coasts of southern India, parliament passes a bill that proposed to set up an institutional mechanism to respond promptly to natural disasters.

a) passed a bill that proposed
b) passes a bill with purpose
c) pass a bill proposing
d) passed a bill which propose
e) No correction required

Question 2:

Denial of wages forced scientists and teachers at the agriculture universities throughout the country to go on strike, crippling crucial research that could help the state of agriculture in the country.

a) from going on strike
b) which went on strike
c) on going for a strike
d) for going to strike
e)No correction required

Question 3:

In an attempt to boost their profits many edible oil producing companies have been engaging themselves in propaganda against commonly used oils and promoting exotic and expensive varieties of oils as more healthier options.

a) as most healthiest options
b) as less healthy option
c) as a healthier option
d) as much healthiest option
e)No correction required

Question 4:
Thanks to numerous government initiatives, rural masses which was earlier unaware of the luxuries of urban ways of living are now connected to the same lifestyle.

a) who was earlier unaware
b) which were earlier aware
c) who were earlier conversant
d) who were earlier unaware
e) No correction required

Question 5:

Over the last few months, while most industries are busy in restructuring operations, cutting costs and firing, the Indian pharmaceutical and healthcare industry was adding manpower and giving salary hikes.

a) as many industries are
b) while most industries were
c) while many industries is
d) where many industries were
e) No correction required

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Question 6: 

US Secretary of State made it clear that time running out for diplomacy over Iran’s nuclear programme and said that talks aimed at preventing Tehran from acquiring a nuclear weapon would resume in April.

a) runs out
b) was running out
c) ran out
d) run
e)No correction required

Question 7:

While the war of the generals rage on, somewhere in small town India, Wonderful things are happeing, quetly and minus fanfare.

a) rage
b) raging
c) rages on
d) raged on
e) No correcton required

Question 8:

According to WWF, the small island nation of Samoa was the first in switch off its lights for Earth Hour

a) first ot switch of
b) the first to switch off
c) the first of switch off
d) first in switch of
e)No correction required

Question 9:

The campaign is significant because not just the youths are directly appealing to the world but because thier efforts challenge the chimera of normalcy in the area.

a) not just because
b) just not because
c) not just
d) because just
e)No Correction required

Question 10:

The doctor’s association has threatened to go on indefinite strike support of their teachers.

a) on supporting to
b) to supporting
c) for support
d) in support of
e)No correction required

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Solutions: (1 to 10)

1) Answer (a)

The sentence is in the simple past tense. So, the correct construction of the sentence should be “…passed a bill that proposed…”. So, option a) is the correct answer.

2) Answer (e)

The sentence is grammatically correct. There is no correction required.

3) Answer (e)

The sentence is comparing commonly used oils and exotic oils. So, ‘more’ should be used and not ‘most’. There is more than one option besides commonly used oil – exotic and expensive varieties of oils. So, it should be options. So, the sentence is grammatically correct and no correction is needed.

4) Answer (d)

Masses is plural, so it should be ‘were’ instead of ‘was’. Also, the use of the word ‘which’ is incorrect. The correct word is ‘who’. So, option d) is the correct answer.

5) Answer (b)

The sentence is in past tense. So, ‘were’ should be used instead of ‘are’. ‘Where’ is used for a place whereas ‘while’ is used to refer to a period of time. So, option b) is the correct answer.

6) Answer (b)

was is missing in the sentence as the usage is of past continuous tense.

7) Answer (c)

Subject verb agreement is absent.War is singular. It should be rages on.

8) Answer (b)

There is incorrect preposition usage.The correct one is “to switch off”

9) Answer (a)

The error is the incorrect placement. It should be A.
The 2nd part of the sentence following this line “because not just the youth are directly appealing to the world” should be some category of people.
For eg “because not just the youth are directly appealing to the world but also the children”

10) Answer (d)

This case is of missing preposition and the correct usage is “in support of”

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