RBI Policies Questions for SSC MTS

RBI Policies Questions PDF
RBI Policies Questions PDF

RBI Policies Questions for SSC MTS

Here you can download the RBI Questions for SSC MTS PDF with solutions by Cracku. These are the most important RBI questions PDF prepared by various sources also based on previous year’s papers. Utilize this PDF to RBI for SSC MTS. You can find a list of RBI in this PDF which help you to test yourself and practice. So you can click on the below link to download the PDF for reference and do more practice.

Download RBI Policies Questions for SSC MTS

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Question 1: Who is the 25th Governor of Reserve Bank of India(RBI)?

1) Answer: Shaktikant Das

Question 2: Who was the governor of RBI(Reserve bank of India ) who has recently resigned?

2) Answer: Urjit Patel

Question 3: RBI does not transact the business of which state government?

a) Nagaland

b) Assam

c) Sikkim

d) Rajasthan

3) Answer (C)

Question 4: The list of persons not containing an RBI governor is:

a) Raghuram Rajan, D. Subbarao, I.G Patel, R.N Malhotra

b) Y.V Reddy, Bimal Jalan, C. Rangarjari, S. Venkitaraman

c) Manamohan Singh, A. Ghosh, D. Subbarao, K.R Puri

d) Raghuram Rajan, D. Subbarao, Y.V Reddy, James Taylor

e) None of the above

4) Answer (E)

Question 5: Who amongst the following was never a Governor of the RBI?

a) Bimal Jalan

b) Y.V. Reddy

c) Arup Roy Choudhury

d) c: Rangarajan

e) d: Subbarao

5) Answer (C)

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Question 6: As per present norms the Mergers and Acquisitions in the corporate sector need a clearance from which of the following in addition to RBI etc. ?
(A) High Courts of the Respective states
(B) Union Cabinet
(C) Cabinet of respective states

a) A & B both

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) Only A

e) None of these

6) Answer (A)

Question 7: The term of an RBI Governor is supposed to be 3 years, but none of the RBI Governors so far held the position for exactly 3 years, except …

a) C. Rangarajan

b) Bimal Jalan

c) Y. V. Reddy

d) Raghuram Rajan

7) Answer (D)

Question 8: As per the budget 2009-10 the Govt has made an the RBI in which of the following organisation ?

a) National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD)

b) State Bank of India (SBI)

c) Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC)

d) Life Insurance Corporation of India

e) All the above

8) Answer (A)

Question 9: Which of the following statements correctly reflects the decision taken by the Reserve Bank of India pertaining to the number of branches of a foreign bank in India ?
I. The foreign banks are asked to restrict the number of their branches upto ten only. They have to shut down their branches in excess to this number.
II. The foreign banks are asked not to close their branches without informing the RBI well in advance.
III. Foreign banks are required to submit a well chalked out plan of their shutdowns, if any, to RBI for approval.

a) Only I

b) Only II

c) Only III

d) Only I and II

e) None of these

9) Answer (C)

Question 10: Which of the following was put into orbit by the ISRO for the first time in the microwave band ?

a) Edusat





10) Answer (B)

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