Indian History Questions for SSC MTS

Indian History Questions PDF
Indian History Questions PDF

Indian History Questions for SSC MTS

Here you can download the Indian History Questions for SSC MTS PDF with solutions by Cracku. These are the most important Indian History questions PDF prepared by various sources also based on previous year’s papers. Utilize this PDF to Indian History for SSC MTS. You can find a list of Indian History in this PDF which help you to test yourself and practice. So you can click on the below link to download the PDF for reference and do more practice.

Download Indian History Questions for SSC MTS

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Question 1: The foundation of Mughal rule in India was laid by?

a) Akbar

b) Babur

c) Humayun

d) Jahangir

1) Answer (B)

Question 2: Who is known as “Maharajadhiraja”?

a) Chandragupta-1

b) Vikramaditya

c) Gautamiputra satakarni

d) Skandagupta

2) Answer (A)



Question 3: Which of the following is one of the sacred books of Buddhism?

a) Torah

b) The Avesta

c) Kalpa Sutra

d) Tripitaka

3) Answer (D)

Question 4: Which of the following sites of Indus valley civilization is not on the bank of river Indus?

a) Chanhudaro

b) Mohenjodaro

c) Ropar

d) Kot-Diji

4) Answer (C)

Question 5: In which year was the Second Anglo-Mysore war fought between the Kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company?

a) 1766-1769

b) 1785-1789

c) 1780-1784

d) 1769-1775

5) Answer (C)

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Question 6: In which year was the Harappan civilization first discovered?

a) 1926

b) 1932

c) 1921

d) 1905

6) Answer (C)

Question 7: During ancient times, lands that now constitute which country were known as Mesopotamia?

a) India

b) Pakistan

c) Iraq

d) Srilanka

7) Answer (C)

Question 8: When was the Treaty of Amritsar signed?

a) 1809

b) 1824

c) 1819

d) 1825

8) Answer (A)

Question 9: In which year did the battle of Plassey take place?

a) 1757

b) 1790

c) 1788

d) 1723

9) Answer (A)

Question 10: Arya Samaj was founded by which of the following Social reformers?

a) Swami Vivekananda

b) Raja Ram mohan roy

c) Savitri bhai phule

d) Dayanand Saraswati

10) Answer (D)

Question 11: In which year did the first world war start?

a) 1920

b) 1914

c) 1925

d) 1923

11) Answer (B)

Question 12: Goa was captured by Portugeese in which year?

a) 1523

b) 1510

c) 1490

d) 1645

12) Answer (B)

Question 13: “Ali gurushasp” was the real name of which king?

a) Alauddin Khalji

b) Ituminish

c) Qutubuddin-aibak

d) Badayuni

13) Answer (A)

Question 14: Which sultan of delhi had died while playing Chaugan(polo)?

a) Ghiyasuddin Balban

b) Nasirudhin Mahmud

c) Shamshuddin Ituminish

d) Qutubuddin Aibak

14) Answer (D)

Question 15: The battle of Buxar was fought in which year?

a) 1764

b) 1721

c) 1780

d) 1799

15) Answer (A)

Question 16: In Mauryan administration, Akshapatala designation means?

a) Accountant General

b) Supervisor of agriculture

c) Superintendent of iron

d) Collector of tolls

16) Answer (A)

Question 17: The earliest Chinese civilization is ?

a) Shang

b) Zhou

c) Qin

d) None of these

17) Answer (A)

Question 18: Who passed the famous press law, which liberated the press in India?

a) Lord Auckland

b) Lord William Bentick

c) Sir Charles Metcalfe

d) LOrd Dalhousie

18) Answer (C)

Question 19: Kalinga war took place in which year?

a) 326BC

b) 319BC

c) 260BC

d) 100BC

19) Answer (C)

Question 20: Blood and iron policy was introduced by?

a) Bismark

b) Karl Marx

c) Nelson Mandela

d) Bhagat Singh

20) Answer (A)

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