How to improve English for SBI exams

English For SBI PO

English is a very important component of SBI PO exam and is hence very crucial to success. Every stage in the recruitment process for banks like the preliminary exam, the mains objective exam, the mains descriptive exam, the interview and the group discussion, all test the candidate’s knowledge of English language. So can students who studied in Hindi and other language boards compete with English medium educated candidates in these banking exams? The answer is a resounding YES. Read about English preparation tips for IBPS PO. So, let’s discuss the ways to improve your English for SBI PO:

1) English for SBI Preliminary Exam: English generally comprises of around 30% marks in the preliminary exam. There is a minimum cutoff for individual sections in almost every banking exam. So, it’s important to spend adequate time on every section including English. To score well in English in the prelims,it is important to crack reading comprehension. To do well in Reading comprehension in general, practice reading aloud from books and newspapers. Keep a dictionary by the side and take notes of meanings of difficult words, a short precise of the writer’s opinion, etc. This helps you in predicting the meanings of difficult words. Practice multiple parajumbles and sentence corrections questions from reputed websites and resources. The more you read, the better you will perform in this section.


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2) English for State Bank Mains exam: The preparation for the objective paper of the mains exam is similar to the preliminary exam. English carries 25 to 30% weightage in the Main exam objective paper as well. The descriptive paper has essay writing and letter writing questions. To improve those skills, practice writing essays and letters on expected topics. For example: the most common letters include formal letters to employers, municipal corporation, school teachers, etc and informal letters to friends and relatives. Take note of punctuation and grammatical sentences. The tense of the letter should consistently be the same throughout the letter. The more you write, the better you will perform in this section.


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3) Spoken English for Interviews and Group discussion: Interviews and GD carry 25 to 30% weightage in the final recruitment. Spoken English is essential in these rounds. The best way to improve speaking skills is to speak in front of a mirror. Choose a topic and speak continuously for 10 mins or so. Make a list of interesting words that you want to use in your interview. Refer to a dictionary for pronunciation. Also practicing debates with friends and family can help improve spoken English skills. The more you speak, the better you will perform in this section.


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Thus, I want to conclude saying that English can be a scoring area in banking exams with strategic preparation for students of diverse backgrounds.


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