How to prepare Number System for CAT

Number system for CAT

Number System for CAT:

Number system for CAT is one of the most important topics of the Quant sections. Every year around five to six questions are asked from this topic. The number system questions for CAT are challenging and require a better application of the concepts. Hence, one is expected to be well versed with the concepts of Number system for CAT. We will take a look at the few points to be considered while preparing for CAT.

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1. Cover the Basics of Number system:

The CAT number system questions requires one to have clear basic concepts. So before commencing your practice, make sure you go through all the basics of the topic. These basics include irrational numbers, HCF and LCM and cyclicity.

Out of the total questions from Number Systems, at least 50% of them can be asked from these topics. The questions from HCF & LCM and cyclicity are the most common in CAT among the basic topics. All the theorems and formulas should be remembered to solve the questions quickly.

2. Cover the advanced topics of the Number system:

Many questions on Number systems are based on advanced topics such as Remainder Theorems, Highest power of a number in a factorial, Base Systems, etc. These topics are extensive and one is required to be thorough with these topics and the theorems used in these topics. Many times the questions from number systems are the direct applications of these theorems.

Many of these theorems are from Remainders section of the number system. For eg. Euler’s Theorem, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Fermat’s little theorem. So you are required to know the application of these theorems in order to solve the questions quickly and save your time.

You can find the Cheatsheet of all the Number Systems concepts and theorems here.

3. Take a lot of sectional tests:

The number system questions for CAT involves a lot of variety of questions. In order to be well versed with all the basics and types of question, you should solve as many sectional tests as possible. These sectional tests should be time-oriented so that you can also improve your speed while solving these tests.

After every test, you should analyse all the questions and make notes of approach to different questions, question types and important questions which you were not able to solve. These sectional tests will help you to improve your understanding of the topics and make you aware of the different type of number system questions for CAT.

4. Take mock tests and analyse them:

The mock tests are the most relevant tool in the CAT exam preparation. The mock tests usually emulate the proper test taking environment and can gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a proper manner. Always take a mock test in one- sitting. Firstly attempt all the questions which you can solve at one – go. You should not waste your time on a single question. After you have completed one round, go back to the questions which you did not attempt and try to solve them.

After you are done taking your mock, start analyzing them and take a look at all questions from the topic number-system. Firstly try to solve the unsolved questions. If you are unable to solve it, then take a look at the solution. Try to solve more question from this topic. Also, take a look at the solutions of the questions which you have solved. There might be a trick or a shortcut which can be used to solve the particular questions.

These steps can be helpful while preparing for the number-system topic. This topic forms one of the backbones of the quant section of the CAT. It will give you the major edge over other students if you are thorough with the topic.

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