How to prepare for Verbal Ability for CAT ?

How to prepare for Verbal Ability for CAT ?
How to prepare for Verbal Ability for CAT ?

VARC is one of the most dreaded sections in CAT. Verbal ability accounts for about 8 questions in the VARC section (CAT 2021 had a total of 24 Questions in VARC). Topics such as para jumbles, out of context para jumbles, para summary, sentence correction and FIJs can be classified as verbal ability topics. In this article, let us see how to prepare for verbal ability for CAT exam in detail.

Unlike the other 2 sections, it takes time to become proficient in the VARC section. Try to go through the VARC questions from the previous year papers of CAT. These questions will help you to gauge the level and type of questions that appear in the exam and can help you to plan your preparation accordingly. With around few months left for CAT 2022, preparing for CAT online can help you to accelerate the pace of your preparation.

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How to prepare for verbal ability for CAT ?

The method to prepare for the verbal ability section is not much different from the method one should adopt to prepare for RCs. Before moving on to how to prepare for verbal ability for CAT, let us have a look at how reading can help to improve your scores in this section.

  • Most of the questions that appear in the verbal ability section such as PJs and OOCs (Out of context) check your ability to comprehend the matter given and connect the dots.
  • The more you read, the more you become adept at understanding how paragraphs are built.
  • Therefore, allocate at least an hour a day to read.
  • Avoid speed reading. While reading articles, try to analyze why a particular paragraph was written by the author.
  • Also, analyze how the author makes a transition from one point to another.
  • Understanding how sentences are put together into a coherent paragraph will help a great deal while solving PJs.
  • Try to analyze the articles you read thoroughly. As you read a large number of articles, you’ll pick up the ability to spot the chain of thought in the paragraph.
  • Each sentence in a paragraph will serve a particular purpose.
  • Try to identify why a particular point has been made at a particular juncture.
  • Critically analyzing a passage will help you imbibe how a paragraph or passage is usually constructed.

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How to prepare Para jumbles for CAT:

  • Look for mandatory pairs while solving para jumbles.
  • If the author refutes a point, he would have introduced the point earlier.
  • Try to spot transition words in the sentences. Connectors provide a vital clue about how a particular paragraph is going to proceed.
  • If the paragraph is historical, there will be a chronological order in which the events should have happened.
  • In certain paragraphs, the author will use words that denote enumeration such as firstly, both of them, etc. Look for such vital clues while solving para jumbles.
  • After figuring out the order, do a sanity check by reading the sentences in the order you have put together. Check whether the transitions are smooth. If there is an abrupt change at any point in the paragraph, check your order again.

How to prepare Odd one out for CAT:

  • It is necessary to figure out the order of the sentences to solve out of the context PJs as well.
  • A sentence introducing a concept completely alien as compared to the other 4 sentences has a very good probability of being the odd sentence.
  • Also, after eliminating the odd sentence, try to make a paragraph with the remaining 4 sentences.
  • If you cannot make a paragraph using the remaining 4 sentences, there is a good possibility that you have eliminated a vital part of the paragraph.
  • Always use this method to ensure that your answer is correct.

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How to prepare Para summary for CAT:

  • Para summary questions are similar to RCs.
  • While solving PS questions, eliminate the options that put too much emphasis on examples unless the example happens to be the main theme of the paragraph.
  • Also, check the language of the options thoroughly.
  • Using option elimination techniques can help you arrive at the right answer in para summary questions.
  • You can eliminate options that leave out vital pieces of information, disregard the stance adopted by the author, generalize an isolated occurrence and make unwarranted assumptions.

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Take CAT online mock tests and analyze them thoroughly. While reviewing the VA questions in a mock, check where your line of reasoning differed from that of question setter. Also, note down what makes his line of reasoning better than yours. Analyze the reason why you thought the answer you marked to be correct. This will help you to refine your approach and thought process.

We hope that this article would have helped you to know how to prepare for verbal ability for CAT. For more such articles, try reading how to prepare for reading comprehension for CAT and watching how to approach reading comprehension questions.



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