How to prepare for IIFT 2019 ?

How to prepare for IIFT 2019?
A detailed blog on how to prepare for IIFT 2019

IIFT exam has been scheduled for 2nd December. With less than a week to go for the IIFT entrance exam, aspirants face many questions on how to leverage their CAT preparation to score well in the IIFT exam. In this article, let us have a look at how to prepare for IIFT 2019 and the additional topics that one should prepare for apart from the topics one would have prepared for CAT.

The overlap between the syllabus of CAT and IIFT is huge. CAT online preparation will help a great deal in improving the scores in quants, verbal and LRDI sections. Going through previous year papers of IIFT can help to know how the exam has evolved over the years.

Last year, IIFT increased the number of sections from 4 to 6. IIFT is known to throw surprises on the day of the exam. Let us see how to prepare for IIFT 2019 such that all the sections are adequately prepared for.

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How to prepare for IIFT 2019 ?

The sections that are tested in IIFT are English grammar, vocabulary and comprehension, general knowledge and current affairs, logical reasoning, data interpretation, and quantitative analysis. Also, IIFT has clarified on its website that the duration of the exam will be 2 hours.

The basic concepts tested by the exam is the same as that of CAT. However, the style of the questions is entirely different in IIFT. Apart from the topics tested in CAT, one must prepare for grammar and general knowledge sections. Let us have a look at the differences between CAT and IIFT.

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Difference between CAT and IIFT:

Reading comprehension questions are often verbose and factual in nature. Though CAT has stopped asking questions on grammar, IIFT places a huge emphasis on the section. In IIFT 2018, grammar was a separate section with a sectional cut off. Therefore, aspirants must allocate at least 2 hours every week to revise basic grammar. Vocabulary questions also formed a part of the section last year.

Since the RC passages run to several pages, aspirants should try to improve their reading speed. Skimming through the passage and looking at the questions first can be of some help in IIFT. However, aspirants should bear it in mind that such strategies can backfire in other management exams like CAT and XAT.

The DI questions are often calculation intensive. Last year, the sectional cut off of the DI section was less than a mark. Unlike CAT, most of the aspirants can easily crack the logic behind the sets. The speed of calculation will be the major differentiating factor in this section. Also, aspirants should be extremely careful while rounding off the digits as the options are close to each other.

LR section is easier as compared to CAT. As a result, the cut off of the LR section is usually high. Therefore, aspirants must try to maximize their scores in this section.

The level of difficulty of the quants section is a notch above that of CAT. Preparing for the quants section of CAT will be sufficient to do well in this section.

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IIFT Exam pattern & Details

GK section:

The cut off for GK section last year was less than a mark. Last year, IIFT introduced some changes in the type of questions. There were some questions in which a passage was given and the candidates were asked to find out the statements that were factually incorrect. Such questions require extensive knowledge not just of facts, but also the whys and hows of the happenings. Keeping abreast of the latest happenings will help not only in the exam but also in the GDPI process that follows.

IIFT has a proclivity for asking questions related to business. Reading a business daily will easily help the aspirants to keep their head above water.

In short, improve your reading speed, revise the basics of grammar, keep yourself abreast of the latest happenings and solve questions without a calculator to score well in the IIFT exam.

Daily Current Affairs for IIFT

We hope that this article would have helped you to know how to prepare for IIFT 2019. For more useful articles, try reading how to prepare for CAT in 100 days and how to improve your mock CAT scores.



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