How To Prepare For CAT While Working In An IT Company?

How To Prepare For CAT While Working In IT Company?
How To Prepare For CAT While Working In IT Company?

Preparing for CAT Common Admission Test while working in an IT Company is a challenging task. But it is not an impossible thing. One can definitely ace the exam with the right approach and strategies. It is possible to balance your work and CAT preparation. In this article, we will provide you with some helpful tips to prepare for CAT while working in an IT Company such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys and so on.

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Tips To Prepare For CAT While Working In An IT Company

Plan Your Time Effectively

Time management is very crucial when you preparing for the CAT exam while working. Since you are working in an IT company, you need to find the right balance between your work and CAT preparation. You need to create a timetable that allocates specific time slots for work and CAT preparation. However, if you are unable to create a daily schedule for CAT preparation, we can help you by providing you with an effective well-structured daily preparation schedule for CAT preparation specially made for working professionals. This preparation schedule will help you stay focused and avoid wasting time.

Here you can download the CAT 2023 preparation schedule for working professionals PDF. The sample image from the schedule is given below. Have a look at it. Click on the link below to download the CAT 2023 preparation schedule.

CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF Sample Image
CAT 2023 Study Plan PDF Sample Image

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Use Your Breaks Wisely

As an IT professional, you are likely to have a busy schedule, and it might be challenging to find time for CAT preparation. To overcome this difficulty, one can utilize the breaks wisely. You can use your lunch break or any other breaks to study or practice for the CAT exam. Plan your preparation in accordance with the breaks that are available while working in the IT company. This will help you to utilize your time effectively and also enhances your productivity.

Choose The Right Study Material

As an IT professional, you can prefer digital resources over physical books. Choose the right resources for your preparation. One can utilize online resources such as Youtube Videos, practice tests, or online coaching classes. You can also download a CAT preparation app that offers daily practice tests, mock tests and other study materials.

All these resources are provided on the Cracku official website. To manage your time for CAT preparation in your busy schedule, enrolling on Cracku’s CAT 2023 online course will help you to ace the examination. You can also check out the resources that you will get from this CAT 2023 Online Course below.

List Of CAT Preparation Resources In Cracku Online Course:
  • 1000+ Videos covering the entire CAT Syllabus (from Basics to Advanced)
  • 17,500 Excellent Questions with detailed solutions
  • 30 Live Interactive CAT classes
  • 20 CAT Mocks and 45 Sectional Tests
  • 100 Concept Notes and Solved Example sets
  • Day-wise schedule and weekly revision
  • Daily Targets tests with Video solutions
  • Doubt-solving by exam experts
  • Around 30 Previous CAT-solved papers
  • Take the test in the actual exam interface
  • Get detailed solutions & analysis for each mock

Maintain Consistency In Your Preparation

Many CAT aspirants will neglect in maintaining consistency while preparing for the CAT preparation. This is one of the most common mistakes that many aspirants make. One must need to set realistic goals and work towards achieving them consistently. You can utilize the study plan which we have discussed before that allows you to cover all the topics and concepts required for CAT. Make sure you stick with the preparation schedule and make adjustments if necessary.

Take Mock Tests

Taking CAT mock tests is very crucial in preparation. Mock tests will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. As soon as you find your weak areas, you must focus more on those areas to improve for the next mock test. This will enable you to focus on the areas that need improvement.

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Stay Motivated

It is imperative to stay motivated and focused on your goals. You can set short-term and also long-term goals that align with your career aspiration. During the CAT preparation, celebrate your small achievements, and don’t give up if you fail. You can also join some online CAT preparation communities or can also Online preparation telegram groups where you can share your experience and learn from others who are preparing for CAT. Remember, consistent effort and dedication will pay off in the long run.

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