How to crack IIFT 2017 – Last minute tips

Last minute tips on how to crack IIFT 2017
Last minute tips to crack IIFT 2017

IIFT is a bit different from CAT. Though the concepts tested are the same, the two tests demand entirely different approaches to crack them. IIFT, unlike CAT, is a speed based test. Let us see how to crack IIFT 2017 by leveraging the preparation one has done so far.

Take a look at the IIFT previous year papers to know about the pattern of the exam. Though the number of questions has varied over the years, the essence of the exam has more or less remained the same. Take free IIFT mock test to fine tune your test-taking strategies to suit this exam.

Free Mock Test for IIFT 2017

Previous Year Papers for IIFT

Last minute tips on how to crack IIFT 2017 exam:

The number of questions has varied from 115 to 135 in the past years. But the total marks has remained the same (100 marks). Not all questions are equal. IIFT follows differential marking scheme.

The exam usually contains 4 sections. The four sections further contain certain subsections. The 4 major sections are RC and EU, DILR, Quantitative Aptitude and General knowledge.

Download latest IIFT GK sample questions 2017 PDF.

RC and EU:

The RC section has lengthy passages followed by factual questions. The subject matter is usually not dense, and hence, the passages are generally easy to comprehend. One has to read fast in this section, unlike CAT where in-depth reading is required.

The questions often require aspirants to refer the passage again. Each question carries 1 mark.

The English usage subsection contains questions on the origin of words, vocabulary, crosswords, word usage and other such topics. An aspirant with a decent amount of preparation can attempt this subsection in 10 minutes. The marks per question are usually less than the RCs. However, the speed with which one can move through the questions is sufficiently high to offset the mark differential.

In EU section, a lot depends on where the aspirant stands as of now. A few match the following questions can prove to be low hanging fruits and hence, aspirants must attempt such questions.

Improving one’s vocabulary in the last 3 days before the exam can be a daunting. Refer to the previous year papers and base your preparation accordingly.

DILR section:

The LR subsection has caselets. The caselets are simpler than those that appear in the CAT and can be easily solved. Aspirants must shoot to attempt as much as they can in this subsection.

The DI subsection usually contains calculation intensive sets. Since aspirants do not have access to a calculator, they must avoid extremely hectic sets. These questions are usually time-consuming and hence, aspirants must be extremely selective in choosing the sets to attempt.

Quants section:

This section usually has 20 questions, and the marks per question are high. The level of the questions is more or less similar to CAT (slightly tougher than CAT 2017). Since all the questions are of MCQ type, aspirants can be sure of their answers in this section.

Aspirants must try to attempt nearly all the questions in this section.

GK section:

The GK section is usually allotted the least mark per question (0.5 marks per question). The sectional cut off is also very low for this section. The IIFT 2017 expected cut off for GK section will also remain close to those of the previous year (2-3 marks).

Experts Tips for IIFT GK Preparation

IIFT GK Questions material PDF

How to crack IIFT 2017?

The exam does not have sectional time limits, but there are sectional cut offs. Therefore, attempt enough in all the sections to clear the cut offs. Then return to your section of choice and do as many questions as possible.

Mark the OMR sheet now and then. Do not keep postponing the task and miss out marking some questions.

While allocating time for various questions, take the time for marking into consideration too. Also, do not mark an option you are unsure of. Unlike Computer-based tests, you do not have the option of taking your choice back in the future. Therefore, do not mark an option and regret it. Only mark questions that you are completely confident of getting right.

Though IIFT has not mentioned any sub-sectional cut offs, attempt at least six questions from every subsection to be on the safer side. Also, do not take GK lightly and miss out on the call. Make sure that you at least clear the cut off in the GK section.

We hope that this article would have helped you have some idea about how to crack IIFT 2017. Try reading our other blog on how to prepare for IIFT GK 2017 and download GK compendiums to prepare for the GK section.

Important GK PDFs for IIFT

Free Mock Test for IIFT 2017


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