Fillers Questions For IBPS PO PDF

fillers questions for ibps po pdf
fillers questions for ibps po pdf

Fillers Questions For IBPS PO PDF

Download important Inequality Questions PDF based on previously asked questions in IBPS PO and other MBA exams. Practice Inequality questions and answers for IBPS PO exam

Download Fillers Questions For IBPS PO PDF


Question 1: My grandfather was a terrible ………… – he would walk in lashing rain rather than pay a bus fare.

a) enthusiast

b) miser

c) individual

d) aficionado

e) devotee

Question 2: Henry was still a/an …………… sailor, though he now had covered more sea miles than many inexperienced yachtsmen.

a) seasoned

b) amateurish

c) novice

d) veteran

e) obtuse

Question 3: Jonty watched the horror movie with some ……………, but Ricky and Royce were doubling over with laughter.

a) apprehension

b) emotion

c) discussion

d) regression

e) sympathy

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Question 4: Prayer was the only ……….. left for the hardships endured by his subjects.

a) solitude

b) misery

c) Exhilaration

d) solace

e) appease

Question 5: Dealing with applications from customers all day can become extremely …………. .

a) prosaic

b) provocative

c) usual

d) tiresome

e) insipid


Select the option that contains the most appropriate word that can be used to fill the blank in the sentence given below:

Question 6: Sometimes the whale shakes _____ tremendous tail in the air.

a) the

b) her

c) his

d) it’s

e) its

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Question 7: At last some four or five of us were ______ to our meal in an adjoining room.

a) forced

b) called for

c) summoned

d) given

e) ordered

Question 8: I _____ some time on the seriousness of the issue without fully comprehending the reason for this.

a) pondered

b) thinking

c) contemplated

d) More than one of the above

e) None of these

Question 9: The _____ of a woman’s dress was heard in the next room.

a) echo

b) rustle

c) ringing

d) pealing

e) clanging

Question 10: I value your friendship and wish you to have as good an ______ of me.

a) opinion

b) attribute

c) objection

d) painting

e) none of these


Select the option that contains the most appropriate word that can be used to fill the blank in the sentence given below:

Question 11: Our system of popular education is the _______________ of our country, and well may it be, for it has been making steady advances during all the years of our national existence.

a) bane

b) pain

c) stamp

d) boast

e) burden

Question 12: There should be no ___________________ on the part of the members of the profession to serve the public in the capacity of disseminators of information concerning important subjects.

a) pride

b) reluctance

c) acceptance

d) adherence

e) prejudice

Question 13: The tannic acid in coffee is in such _______________ combination with the caffeine and other valuable constituents of the bean that it would be absolutely impossible to remove it without destroying the properties of the coffee so that it would be unrecognizable.

a) mild

b) unnatural

c) intimate

d) gross

e) low

Question 14: The work of cutting through the Isthmus of Suez is certainly ____________, more than any other, to contribute to the preservation of the Ottoman Empire.

a) destined

b) created

c) pertinent

d) bad

e) vulnerable

Question 15: Nile’s waters at the time of the _____________ are distinguished by their colour for more than ten leagues into the sea.

a) exploration

b) evaporation

c) condensation

d) precipitation

e) inundation

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

A miser is someone who hoards wealth and spends as little as possible.
Aficionado is a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiast.

2) Answer (C)

Novice: a person new to and inexperienced in a job or situation.
Seasoned and veteran means experienced person. Obtuse is a dull person.
So c is the correct answer.

3) Answer (A)

Apprehension: anxiety or fear sf something bad is going to happen.
Regression: return again to a former state
Hence option A is correct.

4) Answer (D)

1.Solitude: State of being alone, loneliness.
2.Misery: State of mental or physical distress
3.Exhilaration: a feeling of happiness, excitement, elation e.t.c
4.Solace: comfort at a time of great distress.
Option D is correct.

5) Answer (D)

Prosaic: ordinary, lacking imaginativeness or originality.
Insipid: weak, lacking vigour and interest
Tiresome: Causing one to feel bored and annoyed.
Hence option d is correct.

6) Answer (E)

‘tremendous tail’ needs to be preceded by a pronoun. Since, whale is a neuter gender. So, it is best to use ‘it’ rather than his/her. Since, the tail is of the whale so, ‘it’ has to be used in the possessive form i.e ‘its’. The form “it’s” should not be mistaken to be in the possessive form. “it’s” stands for “it is”. Hence, option E is the correct choice.

7) Answer (C)

Only option c fits well in the blank. Option b could have been a fit if there was no ‘to’ after the blank. Hence, option C is the answer.

8) Answer (D)

Among the given options, both a and c fit in the blank both grammatically and contextually. Both of words mean ‘to think about carefully on some matter/issue”. But, in option b the problem is the ‘-ing’ form of the verb. ‘thought’ would have been perfect. Hence, option D is the correct choice.

9) Answer (B)

‘ringing’, ‘pealing’ & ‘clanging’ are synonymous and are usually used to refer to ringing of bells or any such sound associated with metal objects like iron, utensils etc. Option a does not make any sense. Only ‘rustle’ fits best. Hence, option B is correct.

10) Answer (A)

Due to the article ‘an’, we cannot use option d. ‘objection’ in c contradicts the tone of the sentence. Among a and b, a is a better option. Hence, option A is correct.

11) Answer (D)

Towards the end of the line, the author mentions that that the field has been making strady advances recently. Therefore, the author terms the education system to be the pride of the country and hence, ‘boast’ is the correct term to be used. Therefore, option D is the right answer.

12) Answer (B)

On reading the sentence, we can infer that the practitioners should not hesitate to share important information with the public. Therefore, ‘reluctance’ is the correct term to be used and hence, option B is the right answer.

13) Answer (C)

On reading the sentence, we can infer that the tannic acid is inseperable from coffee without spoiling its taste. Therefore, the missing word should stress how interlinked the 2 components are. Therefore, intimate is the correct word to be used and hence, option C is the right answer.

14) Answer (A)

The author intends to convey that the Suez canal will contribute to the preservation of the Ottoman empire. Therefore, ‘destined’ is the correct term to be used and hence, option A is the right answer.

15) Answer (E)

At some time, Nile’s water appears distinct from the Sea it mixes with. Logically, this is likely to happen at times of increased water flow. Among the given options, ‘inundation’ is the most appropriate word to fill the blank and hence, option E is the right answer.

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