Expected English Questions For SBI Clerk 2019

expected english questions for sbi clerk
expected english questions for sbi clerk

Expected English Questions For SBI Clerk 2019

Download SBI Clerk Expected English Questions & Answers PDF for SBI Clerk Prelims and Mains exam. Very Important SBI Clerk Expected English questions with solutions.

Download Expected English Questions For SBI Clerk

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Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words.

Besides the old shepherd at Lingwold whose habits __(1)__ him unreliable, I am probably the only person that has ever seen the city on Mallington plateau. I had __(2)__ one year to not go to London; partly because of the ugliness of the things in the shops, partly because of the unresisted invasions of German bands, partly perhaps because some pet parrots in the oblong where I lived had __(3)__ to imitate cab-whistles; but __(4)__ because of late there had seized me in London a quite unreasonable longing for large woods and waste spaces, while the very thought of little valleys underneath copses full of bracken and plants was a __(5)__ to me and every summer in London the longing grew worse till the thing was becoming intolerable. So I took a stick and a knapsack and began walking northwards, starting at Tetherington and sleeping at inns, where one could get real salt, and the waiter spoke English and where one had a name instead of a number; and though the tablecloth might be dirty the windows opened so that the air was clean, where one had the excellent __(6)__ of farmers and men of the wold, who could not be thoroughly vulgar, because they had not the money to be so even if they had __(7)__ it. At first the novelty was delightful, and then one day in a queer old inn up Uthering way, beyond Lingwold, I __(8)__ for the first time the rumour of the city said to be on Mallington plateau. They spoke of it quite casually over their glasses of beer, two farmers at the inn. “They say the queer folk be at Mallington with their city,” one farmer said. “Travelling they seem to be,” said the other. And more came in then and the rumour spread. And then, such are the __(9)__ of our little likes and dislikes and all the whims that drive us, that I, who had come so far to avoid cities, had a great longing all of a sudden for throngs again and the great hives of Man, and then and there __(10)__ on that bright Sunday morning to come to Mallington and there search for the city that rumour spoke of so strangely.

Question 1: (5)

a) torment

b) invigorate

c) encourage

d) promising

e) extract

Question 2: (6)

a) auxiliary

b) company

c) fallback

d) complement

e) challenge


Select the phrase/connector from the given three options which can be used to form a single sentence from the two sentences given below, implying the same meaning as expressed in the statement sentences.

Question 3: Roopam was hungry. So he ate an apple. a) Being hungry
b) Roopam ate an apple
c) Roopam was hungryPick out the option which when used to start a sentence combines both the above sentences in one.

a) Only A

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) Both A and B

e) None of the above

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Question 4: Students were not allowed to use a conjunction to begin a sentence. This forced the students to think about their writings and not simply string together a series of simple clauses.
A) Students were not
B) By not allowing
C) Forcing the students
Pick out the option which when used to start a sentence combines both the above sentences in one.

a) Only A

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) Both A and B

e) Both B and C

Question 5: Read the following information carefully and answer the question that follows.

It is possible to have the Constitution drafted by the second Constituent Assembly if honest attempts are made.

Which of the following is the assumption implicit in the above statement?

a) Honest attempts may not be made.

b) Honest attempts can be made.

c) Honest attempts will be made.

d) Honest attempts will not be made.

e) Honest attempts were not made during the first Constituent Assembly.

Question 6: Read the following information carefully and answer the question that follows.

The search and rescue operation for landslide survivors is abandoned after two days of effort as the houses are buried under meters of mud.

Which of the following is a possible reason for such a decision?

a) It is difficult to remove such huge quantity of mud.

b) the houses under the mud were evacuated before the land slide.

c) No one can survive for more than two days while buried under so much mud.

d) Landslides will not occur again.

e) People cannot survive a land slide.


Select the option that contains the most appropriate word that can be used to fill the blank in the sentence given below:

Question 7: Till very recent times, writing has been an _____________ of few except professional scribes.

a) privilege

b) accomplishment

c) territory

d) forte

e) sport

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Question 8: Fill in the blank with an appropriate word.
After the war of the Bunmakers, all the kings and princes and nobles, for hundreds of miles around, came to ___________ the two mighty Giants.

a) hate

b) congratulate

c) beat

d) win

e) lose


4 statements are given below in options A, B, C, and D. Select the sentence with error (contextual or grammatical) as your answer. If the meaning implied by one of the four sentences is different from the ones implied by others, select the sentence as your answer. If all the sentences are error-free, select option E- All sentences are correct as your answer.

Question 9: 

a) Friday the 13th is assumed to be someone’s unlucky day always.

b) It is assumed that on Friday the 13th, there is always someone who has an unlucky day.

c) Someone is always unlucky on Friday the 13th

d) Friday the 13th is presumably always someone’s unlucky day.

e) All sentences are correct

Question 10: 

a) To understand the world is not possible practically for animals or men.

b) The theoretical understanding of the world is not a matter of great practical importance to animals, or to savages, or even to most civilised men.

c) To understand the world theoretically has no practical importance for men.

d) It is not practically important to understand the world theoretically.

e) All sentences are correct

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Which of the phrases (a) (b) (c) (d) given below each statement should be placed in the blank space provided so as to make a meaningful and grammatically correct sentence ? If none of the sentence is appropriate mark (e) as the answer

Question 11: …………… experts proposed the idea of a common school system

a) Overlooking the fundamental right of quality education of every Child in India

b) Since the curricular requirement of a rural child different from urban child

c) Based on the fact that difference in the quality of schools acts as a ground for discrimination

d) Since a large percentage of Indian children are getting free education

e) None of these

Question 12: …….the soil today is nowhere as rich in native minerals as it used to be centuries ago

a) As there is a growing concern among farmers regarding limiting the use of chemical fertilizers

b) As the chemical inputs in agriculture improved the yield many folds

c) Owing to the uninhibited use of chemical inputs in agriculture

d) Awareness among farmers regarding the side effects of chemical farming grwe

e) None of these


Rearrange the given six sentences so as to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the given questions.

A. Fifty years ago we could not have understood the ancient religions of India.
B. It was coeval with the religion of Egypt in the time of Abraham, and perhaps at a still earlier date.
C. Brahmanism is one of the oldest religions of the world.
D. But of its earliest form and extent we know nothing, except from the sacred poems of the Hindus called the Vedas, written in Sanskrit probably fifteen hundred years before Christ, – for even the date of the earliest of the Vedas is unknown.
E. But Sir William Jones in the latter part of the last century, a man of immense erudition and genius for the acquisition of languages, at that time an English judge in India, prepared the way for the study of Sanskrit, the literary language of ancient India, by the translation and publication of the laws of Menu.
F. It was flourishing in India at a period before history was written.

Question 13: Which of the following is the LAST sentence of the paragraph after rearrangement?

a) A

b) F

c) C

d) D

e) E


Rearrange the given six sentences so as to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the given questions.

A. Unity and law tempered freedom and change.
B. It rose in the path of the nations; it built the walls of its empire, guarded by the camps of its legions, right across it.
C. The hush of this peace did not last, but the memory of it remained in the life of every nation that felt it.
D. It is not a spirit of adventure and daring alone that makes a nation.
E. For four hundred years the wandering of nations ceased; the nations stopped—and they began to till the ground, to live in cities, to form states.
F. Rome rose to say that it must have the spirit of order and law too.

Question 14: Which of the following is the FIRST sentence of the paragraph after rearrangement?

a) F

b) C

c) D

d) E

e) A


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain parts are given in bold to answer some of the questions based on the passage.
“There is no real ending, it’s just the place where you stop the story.”  Iconic American Science fiction writer Frank Herbert’s comment is probably the best justification for the veritable deluge of web series that have inundated the web space now.
The author of Dune, the best-selling science fiction novel of all time could not have foreseen the current boom time for this genre in its sheer variety. The series in its current form is a departure from the superhero and trope laden storylines of the past. It is neither inspired by the iconic popularity of the superheroes nor the muscle of franchisees. It is driven by the holy grail of filmmaking, the script, the design of content flowing in its purest form.
This is a sign of the times and not an era of the paradigm. It would be fallacious to assume that the audience has suddenly woken up to the magic of the engaging script. The demand for newness, novelty and unpredictability force a vicarious quality in the ebb and flow of the script. The audience is drawn to the fortunes of the characters as they also look for inspiration to deal with the multiple circumstances that they need to negotiate in their own lives, and so the players need to change and convincingly so.
What the makers have realized is that a single character can only change within plausible limits for quality and reality and hence the introduction of new engaging personalities to ensure that the eyeballs continue. This is essentially a need that is generated by the audience more than the logical flow of the plot. Consequently the need to eliminate certain characters to transform in the storyline is just what the spin doctor would recommend. (A) Move over sequels, welcome to the era of the 2nd season.
The web series Mirzapur is a case in point. The first season ends with quite a significant number of the main characters being liquidated to ensure a fresh and clean beginning for the sequel. This has also been necessitated by the all too familiar internecine storyline (B) with its moorings in the cow belt which demand the fresh injection of vitality with a more radical bout of intrigue… This is not entirely original but the disappearance of the characters from the previous season is a step that is not without its perils as one has discarded the raison d’etre of the sequel in the first place, the popularity of the characters, in which a lot of time and capital have been invested.
The crowded webspace demands just a little more in terms of the thrills and spills and one simply cannot afford to slacken the pace as this rollercoaster has to negotiate the sharp spins with a deftness not evidenced earlier. A Sacred Games despite the presence of a star like Saif saw due importance being accorded to the other characters. Afforded the luxury of time, the persona are imbued with shades and hues that make for an engrossing tale as the audience find themselves hooked on to the vicissitudes of the ensemble cast. (C)
Similarly Delhi Crime based on the Nirbhaya case devotes a sizeable length of time to reveal a little more about the lives and attitudes of the investigating team. Mobility and flexibility are the precepts by which the web series work and the makers tread this path with unimaginable diligence. (D) Sets and locales are scaling new heights of authenticity as the handsomely compensated art director is investing greater effort to add to the look and feel of the creation. Made in Heaven based on the lives of two wedding planners features the lives of the Delhi elite and the luxury and the elegance have been suitably depicted in the episodes.
The depiction of one of the leads, a girl from a lower middle class background who attends a finishing school as she attempts to infiltrate the ranks of the uber rich serves as an appropriate reminder of the effort that is required to acquire the ersatz appeal. (E) This fact that this representation of the swish set is being held up as an example of verisimilitude itself speaks volumes about the newly acquired capacity of the medium to perfect the pitch.

Source : http://clamorworld.com/

Question 15: What does statement (C) mean ?

a) Given enough time, the development of characters and plotlines make for a very engaging show which audience members get hooked on.

b) The changes in the situations of the characters in a ensemble make for an engaging script.

c) Most shows usually start off with an ensemble cast to keep the audience entertained and busy with the plethora of characters.

d) The makers do not usually believe in taking things slow as the demand of the webspace is for fast paced shows.

e) None of these

Question 16: What does statement (D) mean ?

a) The free movement of the camera and the direction lends a greater quality to the produced content which then helps with the engagement of the audiences to the shows.

b) The free movement of stories and characters are the pillars on which web series work and the makers work on it with incredible effort and attention.

c) The importance of free movement of plotlines and storylines in webseries is the only reason behind their commensurate success.

d) The show makers take the free movement of storylines very carefully and work on it with extra attention.

e) None of these


In each of the following sentence, an idiomatic expression or a proverb is highlighted. Select the alternative which best describes its use in the sentence.

Question 17: In all likelihood the missing boy has run away to the forest.

a) With good intentions

b) There’s no chance

c) Without doubt

d) In most probability

e) None of these

Question 18: The parents were completely in the dark concerning their daughter’s plans

a) Ignorant about

b) Ashamed of

c) Pretending to be unaware

d) Unhappy about

e) None of these


In each of the questions given below a sentence is given in which a/an phrase/idiom has been used in BOLD. Five options are given below each such sentence. Choose the option which best describes the meaning of the phrase/idiom.

Question 19: Post the financial crisis of 2008, many of the major stock’s values plummeted like greased lightning.

a) extraordinarily

b) astonishingly

c) very rapidly

d) surprisingly

e) predictably

Question 20: Selecting the best candidate among the top performers was a difficult task as all the candidates were much of a muchness.

a) similar looking

b) brilliant

c) very similar

d) contrasting

e) complementary

General Knowledge Questions & Answers PDF

Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)

In the sentence after the blank, the author states how summer in London became intolerable. Thus the blank must be a negative work showing author’s dislike. Of the given options only ‘torment’, which means suffering, fits in perfectly.
Hence, option A is the correct option.

2) Answer (B)

A person enjoys the company or companionship of the farmers and others. Fallback is used for a plan or project. Thus only ‘company’ fits in perfectly and logically.
Hence, option B is the correct option.

3) Answer (D)

A and B both can be used to form a single sentence.
A) Being hungry Roopam ate an apple.
B) Roopam ate an apple because he was hungry
Hence Option D.

4) Answer (B)

Only B can be used to form a single sentence.
The usage would be “By not allowing the use of a conjunction at the beginning of a sentence, students were forced to think about their writing and not simply string together a series of simple clauses.”
Hence Option B.

5) Answer (B)

The author states the circumference under which the Constitution can be drafted. It does not indicate the author’s opinion regarding whether honest attempts will be made or not. Hence, none a, c and d is the assumption behind the statement. The statement does not reflect the author’s opinion regarding the first Constituent Assembly. Hence, e is not implicit. Since the author says that honest attempts can lead to drafting the Constitution, it can be said that he/she is under the belief that it is possible to make honest attempts. Hence, b is the implicit assumption. Choice b

6) Answer (C)

Difficulty cannot be the reason for abandoning search for survivors because one’s life is invaluable. Had the houses been evacuated search operation would not have been initiated. Hence, b is not a possible reason. Since those who are trapped under mud cannot survive for more than two days there will not be any chance of finding survivors. Hence, c is a possible reason. Non recurrence of landslides cannot be the reason for stopping the present search operation. Hence, d is not a possible reason. When people cannot survive land slide the search operation would not have been initiated. Hence, e is not a possible reason. Thus c is a possible reason for abandoning the search operation. Choice c

7) Answer (B)

The sentence conveys that very few people apart from professional scribes could write. ‘An’ is the article before the blank and hence, the blank should be filled by a word that starts with a vowel. Therefore, option B is the right answer.

8) Answer (B)

All the people must have come to congratulate the two mighty giants after the war.
Hence, option B is the correct answer.

9) Answer (C)

All the sentences, other than option C, state there is always someone who has an unlucky day on Friday the 13th. However, option C implies that there is a particular person who always has an unlucky day on Friday the 13th.
Hence, option C is the correct answer.

10) Answer (A)

All the sentences, except option A, state that theoretical understanding of the world has no practical importance. Option A states that it is impractical to understand the world theoretically.
Hence, option A is the correct answer.

11) Answer (C)

There might be discrimination based on the quality of education received during formative years. In order to eradicate this discrimination, the experts suggested to have a common school system.
Hence, the correct option is C.
12) Answer (C)

Excessive use of chemical fertilizers has reduced nutritive value of soil.
Only statement corresponding to option C puts this in correct perspective and is gramatically correct.
Hence, the correct option is C.

13) Answer (E)

On carefully reading the sentences, we see that ‘Brahmanism’ is the subject of the paragraph. Sentence C, which introduces the subject, should be the opening sentence of the paragraph. Sentences F and B both talk about the ancient origins of Brahmanism. The order should be FB as they form a continuous pair. Sentence D should follow B as it mentions the void in our knowledge of the form and extent of Brahmanism. Sentences A and E form a pair as A mentions that we could not have understood the ancient religions of India if not for William Jones’ effort to prepare a way for the study of Sanskrit, as mentioned in E. Thus, CFBDAE forms a coherent and cogent paragraph.

14) Answer (C)

On carefully reading the sentences, we see that Rome is the topic of the paragraph. Sentences D and F form a pair. D says that adventure and daring alone do not make a nation. F adds that the rise of Rome showed that it must have the order and law too. Also, this pair introduces the subject of the paragraph. Hence, DF should be opening sentences of the paragraph. Sentence B should follow sentence F as ‘it’ in B refers to ‘Rome’ in F. Further, sentences E and C also form a pair. E mentions that for four hundred years the nations ceased to wander and C mentions that this period of peace did not last long. Sentence A concludes the paragraph. DFBECA forms a meaningful paragraph.

15) Answer (A)

Statement in option A is logically correct and can be inferred. Statement in option B is partly true but is not appropriate as the meaning for statement (C). Statement in option C cannot be inferred from the given passage. Statement in option D cannot be inferred from the passage as the passage never talks about the pacing of a storylines or the plot. Thus option A is the correct answer.

16) Answer (B)

Statement in option A is not correct as the passage never discusses aspects like direction and camerawork. Statement in option B is logical and inferred from statement (D). Statement in option C is partly true as the reasons for success are the ones given but these are not the only reasons, thus this option is also incorrect. Statement in optino D is true but explains only the second half of statement (D) and is therefore incomplete. Thus option B is the correct answer.

17) Answer (D)

Here, in all likelihood refers to the probability of boy having run to the forest.

Hence, the correct option is option D.

18) Answer (A)

Here, the phrase, ‘in the dark’ refers to being ignorant.

The parents were ignorant about the daughter’s plan.

Hence, the correct option is A.

19) Answer (C)

Lightning is known for being very quick. Machines are greased to run smoother than usual. So, this phrase conveys the notion that if you were to grease up lightning, it would be even faster. Hence, option C is the correct answer.

20) Answer (C)

The phrase ‘much of a muchness’ is used to refer to very similar things having very minute differences if any. The task of selecting the best candidate from the top contenders becomes all the more difficult because, of the degree of similarity among them say in skills. Option C is the correct option.

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