English Grammar for CAT – Solved Questions Set 1 (Download PDF)

English grammar for CAT PDF - Practice questions for CAT
English grammar for CAT PDF - Practice questions for CAT

This is the first question set for English Grammar for CAT. You will find 5 solved questions in the question set which will improve your English Grammar.

If you analyse CAT previous papers, grammar and sentence correction is a very key topic to answer questions from Parajumbles for CAT and Reading Comprehension for CAT. English Grammar is a very important topic for all MBA exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP and CMAT.

All the questions in this grammar test are from previous CAT papers and you can download the CAT Grammar for CAT set as a pdf and share it with your friends. As the many more sets will be added please visit CAT Verbal Ability Questions PDF. The emphasis should be made on parallel construction and some other rules as these rules might be very much useful while solving para jumbles and Odd one out questions.

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Questions from Previous CAT Papers on English Grammar:

In each question, there are five sentences or parts of sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage. Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Question 1

[CAT 2007]

A. When I returned to home, I began to read
B. everything I could get my hand on about Israel.
C. That same year Israel’s Jewish Agency sent
D. a Shaliach a sort of recruiter to Minneapolis.
E. I became one of his most active devotees.

a) C & E
b) C only
c) E only
d) B, C & E
e) C, D & E

Question 2

[CAT 2007]
A. So once an economy is actually in recession,
B. The authorities can, in principle, move the economy
C. Out of slump – assuming hypothetically
D. That they know how to – by a temporary stimuli.
E. In the longer term, however, such policies have no affect on the overall behaviour of the economy.

a) A, B & E
b) B, C & E
c) C & D
d) E only
e) B only

Question 3

[CAT 2007]

A. It is sometimes told that democratic
B. government originated in the city-states
C. of ancient Greece. Democratic ideals have been handed to us from that time.
D. In truth, however, this is an unhelpful assertion.
E. The Greeks gave us the word, hence did not provide us with a model.

a) A, B & D
b) B, C & D
c) B & D
d) B only
e) D only

Question 4

[CAT 2008]

A. In 1849, a poor Bavarian imigrant named Levi Strauss
B. landed in San Francisco, California,
C. at the invitation of his brother-in-law David Stern
D. owner of dry goods business.
E. This dry goods business would later became known as Levi Strauss & Company.

a) B only
b) B and C
c) A and B
d) A only
e) A, B and D

Question 5

[CAT 2008]

A. In response to the allegations and condemnation pouring in,
B. Nike implemented comprehensive changes in their labour policy.
C. Perhaps sensing the rising tide of global labour concerns,
D. from the public would become a prominent media issue,
E. Nike sought to be a industry leader in employee relations.

a) D and E
b) D only
c) A and E
d) A and D
e) B, C and E

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Answers and Explanations

Question 1: Option (a)

Statements C and E are correct.
There is no need of the word ‘to’ between ‘returned’ and ‘home’ in sentence A.
In statement B, the correct use of the phrase is ‘hands on’ and not ‘hand on’.
In statement D, there should be a hyphen or comma after the word Shaliach ( a Shaliach – a sort of recruiter to Minneapolis.).

Question 2: Option (e)

The usage of the word “so” is inappropriate => A is wrong
“Assuming hypothetically” is redundant => Only one of the words can be used here.=> C is wrong.
“a temporary stimulus” is the correct phrase => D is wrong.
“long term” is the correct phrase and not “longer term” => E is wrong.
Hence, only B is correct

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Question 3: Option (c)

In sentence A, the word “said” must be used instead of “told”. Sentence B is correct.
In sentence C, ‘handed to us’ should be replaced with ‘handed down to us’. Sentence D is correct.
In sentence E, ‘hence’ should be replaced with ‘but’ or some other conjunction that is similar in meaning to ‘but’.
So, only B and D are correct.

Question 4: Option (a)

Statement A is incorrect because of the wrong spelling ‘imigrant’. The correct spelling is ‘immigrant’.
Statement B is correct.
Statement C is incorrect because of the absence of commas after brother-in-law and David Stern.
Statement D is incorrect because of the absence of the article ‘a’ before ‘dry goods business’.
The error in statement E is ‘would later became’. It should be ‘would later become’.

Question 5: Option (d)

Statement A is correct. Statement B is wrong because of the use of the word ‘their’. It should have been ‘its’. Statement C is wrong because of the presence of a comma after the word concerns. There is no need of a comma there. Statement D is correct. Statement E is wrong because of the wrong article before the word ‘industry’. It should have been ‘an industry leader’.

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