Number systems formulas & Tricks for Banking Exams – IBPS & SBI pdf


    Number Systems is one of the important topic in the quantitative section for Banking exams like IBPS and SBI PO & Clerk. The time taken to solve questions from this topic may be more without knowing the formulas and tricks. Learning simple tricks like divisibility rules, HCF and LCM and factors can help you to solve questions from this topic easily.

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    Outline of things covered in number systems pdf:

    • Natural numbers, whole numbers and Integers
    • Even numbers, odd numbers
    • Fractions (Proper, Improper and mixed fractions)
    • Rational and Irrational numbers
    • Prime and composite numbers
    • Properties of prime numbers
    • H.C.F (Highest common factor) and L.C.M (Lowest common Multiple)
    • Divisibility and its properties
    • Number of factors, sum of factors, number of even and odd factors
    • Highest power of a number in a factorial of another number
    • VBODMAS rule
    • Sum of first 'n' odd numbers and sum of first 'n' even numbers
    • Base conversions
    • Cyclicity
    • and some more important tips, tricks, formulas and shortcuts related to number systems

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