Important update on CAT 2021 Eligibility criteria

CAT Eligibility Criteria
CAT Eligibility Criteria

Important update on CAT 2021 Eligibility criteria

This is an important update about the CAT 2021 Eligibility Criteria. As per the notification on the official website of the CAT examination: The CAT Centre has made an important announcement regarding the eligibility criteria for CAT 2021 exam. Based on several queries received from candidates about their candidature due to the “promotion/pass certificate awarded instead of the marks certificates in the last two years (due to the ongoing pandemic) of their bachelor’s program, the following exceptions have been made for the CAT 2021 exam.
As per the official notification on the official CAT website:

1. Candidates in the final year: Candidates with “promotion/pass” instead of “award of
marks” certificates in any of the last two years of the bachelor’s program can enter the
Promotion or Pass” option in the application form. This will allow the candidate to
complete & submit the CAT2021 application form despite the requirements of minimum
eligibility criteria (45% and 50% [or equivalent CGPA] respectively). This eligibility
relaxation is also applicable to those final year students with an “award of marks.

This exception is available only to candidates who are completing the bachelor’s degree
this year or are in the final year bachelor’s program (graduation years 2021 and

2. Candidates graduated in 2020 and 2021: Due to the implementation of points 1, and
considering that there could be different evaluation patterns adopted by different
universities across the country due to the covid19 pandemic, the CAT Committee has
decided to remove the minimum percentage of marks (45% and 50% [or equivalent
CGPA] respectively) for appearing for the CAT2021 exam.

This exception is made to ensure parity to candidates who have completed the
bachelor’s degree in 2020 and 2021.

Also, as per the official notification:  “This announcement is only applicable to the eligibility criteria for writing the CAT2021. Candidates are advised to look at and follow respective institution-specific admission policies.”
Candidates are also advised to follow the official CAT website for any changes in this regard. We will also be updating here if there are any further changes regarding the same.


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