Blood Relationship Questions For Railway Group-D PDF

Blood Relation Questions For Railway Group-D PDF
Blood Relation Questions For Railway Group-D PDF

Blood Relation Questions For Railway Group-D PDF:

Download Blood Relation Questions For Railway Group-D PDF with detailed solutions. Important Practice Blood relationship reasoning questions based on previous year railway exam papers.

Download Blood Relation Questions for Group-D PDF

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Instructions: Mr. and Mrs. Sharma have three children- Asha,Suresh and Shashi. Shashi married Radha who is daughter of Mrs. Mahajan. Suresh married Rita. Suresh and Rita have two children- Sonu and Rocky. Shashi and Radha have two daughters- Uma and Sudha.

Question 1: What is Sonu’s lineage-name ?

a) Mahajan
b) Sharma
c) Shashi
d) None of these

Question 2: How is Suresh related to Sudha ?

a) Brother
b) Paternal uncle
c) Maternal uncle
d) Nephew

Question 3: How is Asha related to Sudha ?

a) Sister
b) Nephew
c) Aunt
d) Daughter

Question 4: How is Mahajan related to Sonu ?

a) Sister in-law
b) Grandfather /Grandmother
c) Son
d) None of these

Question 5: A man gave $\frac{1}{4}th$ part of his property to his daughter $\frac{1}{2}$ part to his son and then donated $\frac{1}{5}th$ part. Thus how much portion of his property did he give away ?

a) $ \frac {1}{20} $
b) $ \frac {19}{20} $
c) $ \frac {1}{10} $
d) $ \frac {9}{10} $

Question 6: If “A+B’ stands for ‘A is the father of B’. ‘A-B’ stands for ‘A is the wife of B’ and ‘$A \div B$’ stands for ‘A is the sister of B’ then ‘$P+Q \div R$’ means

a) P may be father of R
b) R is sister of P
c) R may be father of P
d) P is sister of R

Question 7: Preeti has a son, named Arun. Ram is Preeti’s brother. Neeta too has a daughter named Reema. Neeta is Ram’s sister. What is Arun’s relationship to Reema ?

a) Brother
b) Nephew
c) Cousin
d) Uncle

Question 8: Pointing to a woman a man said, ‘’Her mother is the only daughter of my mother.’’ How is the man related to the woman ?

a) Father
b) Brother
c) Paternal Uncle
d) Maternal Uncle

Question 9: A is the father of X. B is the mother of Y. The sister of X and Z is Y. Which of the following statements is not true ?

a) B is wife of A
b) B has one daughter
c) Y is son of A
d) X is the sister of Z

Question 10: X told Y, ‘’It is true that I am your real brother, but you are not my sister’’. How would Y be possibly related to X ?

a) Cousin
b) Friend
c) Brother
d) Cannot be determined

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)
Sonu is Suresh’s son. Suresh’s lineage-name is Sharma. So, Sonu’s lineage-name is Sharma.

2) Answer (B)
Suresh is the paternal uncle of Sudha as he is Sudha’s dad’s brother

3) Answer (C)
Asha is the paternal aunt of Sudha as she is Sudha’s dad’s sister.

4) Answer (D)
Mrs. Mahajan is Radha’s mother whereas Ritu is Sonu’s mother. So, none of these is the correct answer.

5) Answer (B)
1/4 + 1/2 + 1/5 = 19/20

6) Answer (A)
The given equation means P is the father of Q and Q is the sister of R. So, P maybe the father of R.

7) Answer (C)
Preeti, Ram and Neeta are siblings. So Arun and Reema are cousins.

8) Answer (D)
The man has a sister whose daughter he pointed at. So, he is her paternal uncle.

9) Answer (C)
Y is female and hence can’t be the son.

10) Answer (C)
Y is not a sister, so he probably the brother as X is Y’s brother.

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