Biology Questions for SSC CGL PDF

Biology Questions for SSC CGL PDF
Biology Questions for SSC CGL PDF

Biology Questions for SSC CGL PDF:

Download Biology questions and answers for SSC CGL exam based on previous year asked papers .

Biology Questions for SSC CGL PDF

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Question 1: A vitamin requires cobalt for its activity. The vitamin is

a) Vitamin B12
b) Vitamin D
c) Vitamin B2
d) Vitamin A

Question 2: Which one of the following is also called the ‘power plants’ of the cell ?

a) Golgi body
b) Mitochondrion
c) Ribosome
d) Lysosome

Question 3: Animals living in the three trunks are known as

a) Arboreal
b) Volant
c) Amphibious
d) Aquatic

Question 4: Ringworm is a….disease.

a) Bacterial
b) Protozoan
c) Viral
d) Fungal

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Question 5: Pituitary gland is situated in

a) the base of the heart
b) the base of the brain
c) the neck
d) the abdomen


Question 6: The tissue in man where no cell division occurs after birth is

a) skeletal
b) nerves
c) connective
d) germinal

Question 7: The normal cholesterol level in human blood is

a) 80 – 120 mg%
b) 120 – 140 mg%
c) 140 – 180 mg%
d) 180 – 200 mg%

Question 8: Which of the following are warm-blooded animals?

a) Whales
b) Whale Sharks
c) Alytes
d) Draco

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Question 9: In a food chain, the solar energy utilized by plants is only

a) 10 per cent
b) 1 per cent
c) 0.1 per cent
d) 0.01 per cent

Question 10: In coriander, the useful parts are

a) roots & leaves
b) leaves & flower
c) leaves & dried fruits
d) flowers & dried fruits

Answers & Solutions for Biology Questions for SSC CGL PDF:

Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (A)
2) Answer (B)
3) Answer (A)
4) Answer (D)
5) Answer (B)
6) Answer (B)
7) Answer (D)
8) Answer (A)
9) Answer (C)
10) Answer (C)

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