Biology PDF Notes 2 Capsule for SSC & Railways Exams – Important one liners

biology notes set-2 for railways exams
biology notes set-2 for railways exams

General Science is an Important section in any competitive exam and in SSC & Railways exams it plays a crucial role. It is not difficult to learn basic general Science if we plan wisely. Cracku brings to you daily General Science Twenty-20 updates covering one subject, starting from 20-03-2018. Learn and try to remember only so much that is provided in our capsule every day and we are sure, you will master General Science Section before the exam.

Biology Study Material PDF Set-2

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Biology 20 Important One Liners

Long Polymer Chains of Amino Acids Proteins
The gland in Human Body which controls Blood Pressure Adrenal Gland
Mode of Transmission of Malaria to Human Body, a disease caused by Protozoan Female Anopheles Mosquito
Sleep Wake Cycle in the Human Body is regulated by Pineal Gland
Glands also known as Ductless Glands Endocrine Glands
Kidney in a human body is made up of about a million narrow tube-like structures called as Nephrons
Veins carrying Oxygenated Blood from Lungs to Heart in the Human Body Pulmonary Vein
The Blood Cells which carry the Respiratory Gases in the Human Body Red Blood Cells
German Microbiologist credited as the founder of modern bacteriology Robert Koch
Estonian scientist considered as the founding father of embryology Karl Ernst von Baer

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Cell was first discovered and Coined by Robert Hooke
The process of engulfing matter by a living cell to be utilized for the energy-using process Endocytosis
Also known as the waste disposal system of the cell Lysosome
Also known as the Energy Currency of them Cell Adenosine-tri-Phosphate (ATP)
Most abundant and widely distributed tissues in the animal body Connective Tissue
Smallest Bone in the Human Body Stapes( in the ear)
Organ that helps in preventing entering of swallowed food into lungs Epiglottis
Largest Internal Organ in the Human Body Liver
Organ that Primarily regulates the Electrolytes in Blood in the human Body Kindey
Disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin B1 Beriberi

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