Banking Awareness Questions for RBI Grade B PDF

Banking Awareness Questions for RBI Grade B PDF
Banking Awareness Questions for RBI Grade B PDF

Banking Awareness Questions for RBI Grade B PDF

Download Very important RBI Grade-B Banking Awareness Questions with solutions PDF. This PDF covers Top-15 Banking Awareness questions and answers for RBI Grade-B exam based on previous year asked questions from RBI and other Banking exams.

Download Banking Awareness Questions for RBI Grade B PDF

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Question 1: Many a times, we read about Special Drawing Right (SDR) in newspapers. As per its definition, SDR is a monetary unit of the reserve assets of which of the following organizations / agencies?

a) World Bank

b) International Monetary Fund (IMF)

c) Asian Development Bank

d) Reserve Bank of India

e) None of these

Question 2: Which of the following is/are the highlights of the Union Budget 2010-11 ?
(A) Number of new steps taken to simplify the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regime.
(B) Rs. 16,500 crore provided to ensure that the Public Sector Banks are able to attain a minimum 8% capital (Tier I) by March 2011.
(C) More than Rs. 1,74,000 crore provided for the development of the infrastructure in the country.

a) Only A

b) Only B

c) Only C

d) All A, B & C

e) None of these

Question 3: As per the news published in various newspapers, the RBI is considering the grant of licence to some new companies, particularly NBFCs to act as full-fledged banks. Which of the following will be considered NBFC ?


b) Life Insurance Corporation of India

c) Reliance Capital


e) None of these

Question 4: CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is?

a) Apre-sales activity

b) A tool for lead generation

c) An ongoing daily activity

d) The task of a DSA

e) All of the above

Question 5: The target group for SME loans is ____

a) All Businessmen

b) All Professionals

c) All SSIs

d) All of the above

e) None of these

Question 6: Home Loans can be best canvassed among ____

a) Builders

b) Flat owners

c) Land developers

d) Agriculturists

e) Individuals wanting to buy a flat or house

Question 7: Government, as part of the recapitalisation plan, infused capital in State Bank of India recently. Indicate the approximate capital infusion.

a) Rs.500 Cr.

b) Rs.1,000 Cr.

c) Rs.1,500 Cr.

d) Rs.2,000 cr.

e) Rs.3,000 Cr.

Question 8: Prof. Muhammad Yunus, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2006, is the exponent of which of the following concepts in the filed of banking?

a) Core Banking

b) Micro Credit

c) Retail Banking

d) Real Time Gross Settlement

e) Internet Banking

Question 9: Banks in India are required to maintain a portion on of their demand and time liabilities with the Reserve Bank of India. This portion is called

a) Reverse Repo

b) Cash Reserve Ratio

c) Bank Deposit

d) Statutory Liquidity Ratio

e) Government Securities

Question 10: Pre-shipment finance is provided by the banks only to

a) Credit Card Holders

b) Students aspiring for further studies

c) Brokers in equity market

d) Village Artisans

e) Exporters

3 Free Mocks for RBI Grade-B (latest pattern with solutions)

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Question 11: Banking Ombudsman is appointed by

a) Government of India

b) State Governments

c) RBI


e) Exim Bank

Question 12: The Holidays for the Banks are declared as per

a) Reserve Bank Act

b) Banking Regulation Act

c) Negotiable Instruments Act

d) Securities and Exchange Board of India Act

e) Companies Act

Question 13: Interest on Savings deposit nowadays is

a) Fixed by the RBI

b) Fixed by the respective Banks

c) Fixed by the depositors

d) Fixed as per the contract between Bank and the Consumer Court

e) Not paid by he Bank

Question 14: Interest below which a bank is not expected to lend to customers is known as

a) Deposit Rate

b) Base Rate

c) Bank Rate

d) Prime Lending Rate

e) Discount Rate

Question 15: The customers by opening and investing in the Tax Saver Deposit Account Scheme in a Bank would get benefit under

a) Sales Tax

b) Customs Duty

c) Excise Duty

d) Professional Tax

e) Income Tax

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Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer (B)

2) Answer (D)

3) Answer (C)

4) Answer (E)

5) Answer (C)

6) Answer (E)

7) Answer (E)

8) Answer (B)

9) Answer (B)

10) Answer (E)

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11) Answer (C)

12) Answer (C)

13) Answer (B)

14) Answer (B)

15) Answer (E)

3 Free Mocks for RBI Grade-B (latest pattern with solutions)

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