IBPS is a very important examination as it’s score is used by quite a few banks in their entrance process. There are quite a few articles on the must-dos for IBPS preparation. This blog focuses on the DON’Ts of IBPS preparation.

1) DON’T overlook the IBPS PO and clerk notification. The preliminary exams for IBPS PO and clerk are generally held in October – November of every year and the notification is generally released around July. Read the IBPS notification carefully. It contains important updates often including changes to the exam pattern, exam dates, etc. Just because the last year’s IBPS notification looks similar doesn’t imply that it carries the same information.

2) DON’T limit yourself to your online mock scores. Online mocks are one of the keystone elements to successful exam preparation. But don’t let them dictate your chances of succeeding in the actual exam. Go to the exam with a free mind and give your best. The actual exam is always different and has an element of surprise. There is no way that the mocks can take this into account.

3) DON’T miss out on IBPS previous years’ papers. IBPS previous years papers are a reflection of the examination trends. They help in gaining the initial traction when you just start the preparation. No amount of other modes of preparation should stop you from reviewing the previous years’ IBPS papers.

4) DON’T underestimate the importance of time management. IBPS preliminary exams, for both PO and clerk has 100 questions with duration of 1 hour while the main exam has 200 questions with duration of 2 hours. There is no faster way to demolish your score and ruin the exam than by poor time management. There is no miracle cure to poor time management. Practicing by attempting mock exams is a slow but certain way to improve time management.

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5) DON’T prepare just from books. Preparing just from books and without any online material is like building a house of cards, that falls at the slightest wind. Online study material which generally includes dozens of simulated mock exams, concept notes and previous years’ papers is available at just a few hundred Rupees by various institutes.

The fortunate aspect about IBPS is that it is a level playing field. So anyone can apply the basics and succeed.

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