What is a Good Score in SNAP 2021?

What is a good score in SNAP 2021
What is a good score in SNAP 2021

What is a Good Score in SNAP 2021?

With so many changes to the exam design, aspirants are asking what is a good score in SNAP 2021.

Symbiosis International Deemed University (SIU) administers the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP 2021) for admission to its Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs. It will be held in three slots: the first slot on December 19, the second slot on January 8, and the third slot on January 16, 2022. On February 1, 2022, the SNAP 2021 Result will be published on the official website. To receive the result, applicants must input their SNAP ID and Password.

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The Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) is a required exam for all candidates seeking MBA admission to Symbiosis. Because no other MBA entry exam except SNAP is approved by SIU, a high SNAP 2021 score is critical. In this post, we will look at ‘what is a good SNAP 2021 score?’ In addition, we explain what SNAP score is, how the SNAP percentile is determined, and how to acquire a good SNAP 2021 score.

What is SNAP Score? 

The SNAP Score is the sum of the marks scored by the candidate while answering questions in the exam. It is a metric used to calculate merit in the SNAP Selection Process, which SIU uses to determine admissions. The SNAP exam pattern and marking scheme are considered when computing the SNAP score. The factors that influence a candidate’s SNAP score are listed below.

  • No. of Correct Answers in SNAP
  • No. of Wrong Answers in SNAP
  • SNAP Marking Scheme¬†

SNAP 2021 Section-Wise Scoring Pattern

Given below is the section-wise scoring pattern of SNAP 2021.

Section No. of Questions Marks Allocated
General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 15 15
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 25 25
Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 20 20
Total 60 60


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What is SNAP Percentile?

The Percentile of a candidate is the percentage of candidates who scored lower than a candidate in SNAP 2021. The SNAP 2021 Percentile represents the candidate’s place in relation to other candidates who took the exam. A candidate’s rank is used to calculate their percentage. The following formula is used to calculate a candidate’s SNAP percentile.

SNAP 2021 Percentile = [(Total No. of Candidates Who Appeared – SNAP 2021 Rank)/Total No. of Candidates Who Appeared]*100

SNAP percentile is utilized by many universities to choose candidates for MBA programs. There is no simple way to determine a candidate’s percentile simply by looking at their score.

Good Score in SNAP 2021

A SNAP score of 25 – 30 out of 60 might help you gain admission to the best institutions. This is in accordance with the revised SNAP exam pattern. A good SNAP score is simply the score that allows you to gain admission to your desired college. This may vary depending on the candidate taking the exam.

Candidates aiming for premier universities such as SIBM Pune should aim for a SNAP 2021 score of 45 or higher. Candidates seeking MBA admission to SIBM Hyderabad, on the other hand, should have a score of 22 or above. To define their goals, candidates should research the cutoff scores for their various universities.

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How To Get a Good Score in SNAP 2021?

Candidates who want to do well in SNAP 2021 must have a plan of action in place. Candidates must be familiar with the SNAP 2021 Syllabus as well as the SNAP 2021 Exam Pattern. In order to achieve a good score, it is also necessary to refer to the Best Books for SNAP 2021, and there are numerous coaching schools for SNAP 2021 that may help you prepare for the exam.

SNAP 2021 Cut Off

According to the previous year’s pattern, the cut off for SIBM Pune is projected to be around 98.5 percentile, and the cut off for SIBM Bangalore is expected to be around 90 percentile. The SNAP 2021 cutoff is determined by a variety of criteria, including the number of individuals who apply, the difficulty level of the SNAP exam, applicable reservations, and more.

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SNAP Cut Offs 2021

The overall SNAP predicted cutoff percentiles of SNAP 2021 for admission to the MBA class of 2022 are listed below:

Institute Expected SNAP 2021 cut off (percentile)
SIBM, Pune 97-98
SCMHRD, Pune 94-96
SIIB, Pune 95-93
SIBM, Bangalore 90
SIOM, Nashik 85-87
SICSR, Pune 82-84
SITM, Pune 83
SIMS, Pune 77-80
SCIT, Pune 76-79
SSMC, Bangalore 75
SIMC, Pune 73
SSBF, Pune 60
SIHS, Pune 58


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