How to prepare for IBPS Clerk exam at home

How to prepare for IBPS Clerk exam at home
How to prepare for IBPS Clerk exam at home

IBPS Clerk prelims exam is less than a month away. Some aspirants might prefer to prepare for the exam on their own without attending coaching classes. In this article, let us see how to prepare for IBPS Clerk exam at home.

If you are preparing on your own, IBPS Clerk online preparation will be of great help. Solve previous year papers of IBPS Clerk to know about the various types of questions that appear in the exam. Also, intersperse your preparation with free IBPS Clerk mock tests to assess yourself now and then.

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How to prepare for IBPS Clerk exam at home?

To start with, coaching is not a prerequisite to clear bank exam, or any exam for that matter. Though there are a few benefits of joining coaching classes, not opting for a classroom program will not be a handicap.

First, let us start with the disadvantages of not attending coaching classes before seeing how to prepare for IBPS Clerk exam at home.

Lack of peer group:

A highly competitive peer group can be a good motivator. Though a lot depends on the type of the peer group you get, a good peer group can undoubtedly boost one’s performance.

A Rigid Schedule:

Usually, coaching institutes put up a schedule and stick to it. Therefore, aspirants can feel the lack of a framework while preparing on their own. We will see how this can be a blessing in disguise later in this article.

As we can see, none of these things can be a make or break factor. One can easily compensate these with a bit of self-discipline.

Now, let us move on to how to start your preparation on your own.

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IBPS Clerk Study Plan 2018

Know the exam:

The first thing to do is to know the exam well. IBPS Clerk exam is conducted in 2 tiers. Go through IBPS Clerk 2017 syllabus to know about the exam. Be thorough with the pattern of the exam, weightages given to various topics, and the sectional timings.

Make a preparation plan for IBPS Clerk:

Try to frame a preparation plan on your own. This is where you can use the lack of coaching classes to your advantage. Make a schedule on the basis of your strengths and weaknesses. Allocate timings accordingly. Tailor the plan according to your needs.

Also, try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. Make sure that you avoid procrastinating at all costs. The most important characteristic to possess while preparing on own is self-discipline. Procrastinating will lead to the collapse of the entire schedule. Hence, try to stick to your plan at all costs.

While preparing the plan include some buffer time to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances. Avoid tightly packing your schedule. Also, make sure to leave some time for revision every once in a while.

Take mock tests:

Take free IBPS Clerk mock tests to keep track of your progress. Alter your timetable by making sure you allocate enough time to the areas that you are weak at. Also, do not completely ignore your strengths. Remember to revise the basics of the topics you are strong in too.

Take free IBPS Clerk mock test

After taking a mock test, analyse it to find out the pitfalls. If you come across some interesting questions, make a note of them. Revise these questions finally before the exam. Also, note down the type of questions in which you frequently err. Be cautious while attempting such questions in the actual exam.

Taking mock tests will help you identify where you are falling short of your target. Start working on them. Solve more problems in areas you are weak so that they no longer remain as weakness. Also, do not have strong preferences.

At least have some basic idea about all the topics. Do not leave topics entirely as it can prove detrimental in the exam.

Form a group of serious aspirants:

If you can form a group of serious aspirants, form one. Try to discuss the method each one uses while taking tests. Learn from each other. However, make sure that the group contains only serious aspirants.

Revise the basics:

In the last week to the clerk exam, revise the basics once again. You might have forgotten some simple trick or formula. Revising all the concepts, at last, will make sure that you are at your best while taking the test. Download IBPS Clerk Quant Tips and formulas PDF.

We hope that this article on how to prepare for IBPS Clerk exam at home would have given you some idea about how to start your preparation. To know more details about IBPS Clerk 2017, try reading how to crack IBPS Clerk in first attemptIBPS Clerk expected cut off 2017 – state wise and IBPS Clerk 2017 vacancy – state wise.

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