7 Tips To Prepare for CAT 2019 [That Actually Work]

How to prepare for CAT 2019
How to prepare for CAT 2019

How to prepare for CAT 2019

We are hardly left with 5 months for CAT. In this video we’re going to discuss 7 tips for your CAT 2019 Preparation.

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1. Plan Smart(Realistic):

This The beauty of exams like CAT is that you can crack it in no time. We can see a lot of stories on Internet that IIT’ans who are in their final year cracked CAT and secured 99.5% with less than 3 months of preparation. This is because of the very reason that they’re able to plan the stuff so well that they’re able to generate results in a very less time. An hour of proper planning can save you hours of doing. So prepare your plan realistically for your next 5 months based on your strengths. Try to cover basics initially. Use 80 20 rule, where you need to spend 80% of your time on Basics & 20% on Practise. As you approach towards CAT you need to reduce your time spent on Basics to 20% and you need to spend 80% of your time on Practise. Remember, Failing to plan is Planning to Fail.

2. Achieve your targets in time:

Once you set up a realistic plan for yourself you need to start achieving your day to day as well as weekly/monthly Targets. Many aspirants keep procrastinating, and keep pushing their targets beyond the deadlines. This leads to unnecessary pressure in the end followed by poor results. So start working on a consistent basis and fulfil your targets in the stipulated time.

3. Proper Utilisation of Resources:

Resources!! Both Under utilization and over utilisation of resources leads to dismal outcomes. Proper utilisation of resources pays dividends like how Dhoni was able to manage his resources and win the 2007 T20 Worldcup. There are a lot of courses and Materials available from different courses and publications. As the time is short and you cannot scatter your energies on multiple things, finding the right ones that suit you will pay rich dividends.

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4. Strategy

Next coming to Strategy. I would like to tell you the example of an aspirant who missed it out on getting into top 3 IIMs. He consistently used to score 98+ in mocks. But his Verbal scores used to fluctuate in between 70% to 95%. On the D day he tweaked his strategy by attempting VA questions first and then solving RC questions against his usual strategy of doing it the other way around. It happened to be that RCs were easy and the VA part being tough, which led to 79.89% in VA section and 99.67 overall. Even though he scored a very good overall %, that didn’t fetch him any calls as he didn’t clear VA cutoffs.
So aspirants should fine tune their test taking strategy in the due course of their preparation by attempting enough number of Mock tests.

5. Smart Work(Create Differences)

The parameter that differentiates hard work & smart work is TIME. To make Hard work count as sm’ART’ work you need to achieve more in a less amount of time. Especially in exams like CAT where candidates toil hard, aspirants who are smart will finish the race first. For example, Working on areas which fetch you more marks with less amount of time like Geometry, Algebra topic in Quants, learning faster calculation techniques, improving your reading speed and comprehension all fall under Smart work.

6. Study Groups/Peer Groups

Studying with like minded people who have common goals will always pay dividends. Finding partners will improve your efficiency, conceptual clarity, doubts clarification, different ways of approaching problems,etc. Aspirants can also join facebook groups online for their preparation.

7. Staying Motivated & Balance is the Key

Five months is a long time, where aspirants run through different emotions while taking mocks. If you’re not scoring well in mocks or if your scores are not improving much, you shouldn’t lose your heart. Around 2 lakh candidates apply for CAT every year. Every aspirant starts his preparation with a goal of getting into IIM Ahmedabad or Bangalore or Calcutta. But over the course of time many aspirants give up. A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for. Only the ones who stays motivated throughout and crosses these uncertainties with grit & confidence can get into their dream colleges.

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